In recent times, the pandemic situation worldwide transformed the global business environment. Today, businesses are finding solutions for different activities and functions remotely to conduct operations. A fundamental challenge experienced by start-ups during the pandemic is related to bookkeeping and tax filling activities. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revised the prospects for health insurance, tax filing provisions, and related administrative policies, which influenced the households in Mississauga. Mississauga is a reputed state in the Canada for start-ups. Today, most start-ups in Mississauga are looking for solutions for accounting, cash management, and bookkeeping activities. Unfortunately, start-ups and households lack knowledge about the CRA policies and practices that revise at regular intervals.

BG Accounting & Business Solutions is a reputed accounting service provider that serves start-ups from different industries, particularly the service-based sector, to manage routine accounting functions. BG Accounting & Business Solutions are experts in taxation, book keeping, and a 360-degree financial functions for start-ups in the state of Mississauga.

How BG Accounting & Business Solutions are Serving Start-Ups?

First, BG Accounting & Business Solutions would assist start-ups under CRA guidelines. CRA is a revenue administration domain managed by the federal and territorial government in Canada. CRA collects taxes, impose laws pertaining to tax collection and utilization, and announces benefit programs for start-ups and households, particularly in Mississauga.

Through the core functions, BG Accounting & Business Solutions would integrate CRA policies and administrative standards to guide start-ups for managing inventory and cash cycles within a fiscal period. Start-ups could analyze results and determine the debt period accordingly to avoid disruptions in the working capital, particularly during the pandemic crisis. BG Accounting & Business Solutions would provide expert metrics to take necessary decisions for managing cash cycles and ensure smoothness of working capital accordingly.

Secondly, startups in Mississauga experienced immense pressure from inflationary effects caused during the pandemic. The lockdowns in Mississauga, followed by industrial disruptions caused start-ups to deal with uncontrollable economic shocks, particularly in FY2020. BG Accounting & Business Solutions are tax management experts.

BG Accounting & Business Solutions would provide guidance and assistance to businesses in Mississauga to manage cash inflows, outflows, sales, and profits, which are core components of book keeping. The company would drive the accounting books to save tax and mitigate burden on profits, particularly during the pandemic, which is uncertain situation for the start-ups in the Canada, especially Mississauga.

Main Factor:-

Lastly, BG Accounting & Business Solutions transformed accounting practices in Mississauga through different technological integrations. BG Accounting & Business Solutions would offer end-to-end services for different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage accounting activities through expert models. The ERP system revolutionized accounting in Mississauga by keeping timely tracks of CRA standards, cash inflows & outflows, and inventory burden held by start-ups, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result, most companies in Mississauga are competitive in measuring the accounting practices and respond to performance gaps immediately by identifying bottlenecks in a timely manner. BG Accounting & Business Solutions are reputed partners for start-ups to revive practices of accounting in Mississauga from the core.

Should We Partner the Experts?

My personal opinion emphasize on connecting with BG Accounting & Business Solutions. Start-ups struggle immensely with the accounting exchanges. Most start-ups in Mississauga are incompetent to manage the inflows and outflows of finances during an operational period. Guidelines and rules announced by CRA remains a mandatory prospect for start-ups to integrate in the business models and financial operations.

Hence, BG Accounting & Business Solutions are important to receive guidance and modern approach in managing accounting in Mississauga. Start-ups must acquire ERP and other services, such as tax saving elements, implementation of CRA standards, and related accounting feasibilities for a fiscal period to avoid bottlenecks and proposer during the pandemic crisis.

Unfortunately, most start-ups in Mississauga still unaware of collaborating with expert partners, such as BG Accounting & Business Solutions, to overcome lead-time in operational efficacy through financial viabilities. However, it is necessary for start-ups in Mississauga to revolutionize the accounting practices and collaborate with BG Accounting & Business Solutions to perform sustainably during the pandemic.

My advice is to consider the change and become a competing player in the respective industries while serving in a saturated state of Mississauga with a limited financial resource. The service portfolio offered by BG Accounting & Business Solutions is adequate to introduce a technological and functional viability to start-ups in Mississauga during the pandemic uncertainty.


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a fundamental importance in the country. CRA is responsible for collecting tax revenue from different holding companies across the country on behalf of federal government and different provincial bodies. Arguably, CRA has a lot of responsibility on its business model and must operate on fair grounds to benefit the national revenue stream while accomplishing financial viability for governments.

Unfortunately, the reports suggest that CRA is experiencing different challenges over the years while implementing fair and functional tax policies in Canada. The country lost billions of dollars due to destructive intervention by external forces in CRA system. However, it is important for CRA and Canadian government bodies to understand the crisis and build relevant response metric to overcome the constraint in the national system.


Key Challenges

Tax fairness is necessary for CRA to ensure financial viability within the country. However, different holding companies in Canada are intervening and misleading CRA’s auditors, investigators, and managers deliberately. The rising issues from the intervention of political bodies and holding companies gained public attention in recent times.

The country is experiencing inevitable crisis due to lack of tax fairness practices. Considering Canada as a democratic and emerging nation, CRA must acknowledge the importance of tax fairness in the system. The ignorance and lack of appropriate response measures could influence the national confidence for CRA in the long run.

Secondly, the intervention from holding companies and different political lobbies in Canada are causing indirect disruptions in different functions of national assets. Administrating and sustaining national success require fair distribution of money in different sectors. Unfortunately, reduced collections of tax revenue and influenced limitations prevented Canadian healthcare system, Food and Drug Authority (FDA) Canada, and TransCanada Highway to facilitate citizens that pay taxes at regular intervals.

Arguably, CRA could not acquire desired revenue through taxes, particularly due to influence of political lobbies and holding companies, to entertain sustainable functionality of the specified state departments. CRA must understand the rising challenge of malfunction due to lack of funds and poor distribution of budgets in the long run to prevent Canadians from accessing basic needs.


Lastly, the political lobbies and corporate holdings are influencing CRA to announce budget reductions and creating tax havens in Canada. As a result, Canada is gradually becoming a hub of tax evasion cases since CRA is operating under notable influence of political and corporate holdings. The country is under the state of flight of capital to offshore accounts held by the two specified bodies, which is damaging the economic viability in the long run. The politically-motivated audits and charitable layering in tax management are misplacing priorities for CRA.

The country is moving rapidly towards bankruptcy while delivering healthcare, education, shelter, and nutritional needs to Canadian citizens. CRA should understand the rising crisis and build strategic response measure to overcome the challenges identified from political and corporate holding perspectives.


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