Best Ways to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox Emails


Office 365 is a proficient email client that offers a variety of services, including cloud storage. The user can utilize the personal data stored in Office 365 mailbox like attachments, notes, calendars, etc., on any device using the cloud. The Microsoft 365 business standard is hard to match and maintains its reach worldwide. However, some users prefer to use other ways to operate and view their email data. It gives rise to the need to migrate Office 365  mailbox emails to other platforms. We will discuss the methods to go through this migration process. Let us first get to know the reasons to migrate mailboxes to other platforms. 

Why Should We Migrate Office 365 Mailbox? 

The reasons mentioned below make it necessary for Office 365 mailbox migration.

  • You can view the Office 365 mailbox offline if you already have migrated your email data to your desktop.
  • Most users want to view all their emails of different email clients in a single place. Migrating Office 365 mailbox to the user’s email client is a solution for this.
  • Nowadays, cases of theft, virus attacks have become very common. Having a backup of your Office 365 mailbox can save you from such events.
  • If someone shifts from an organization to another or even within the organization, there can be different email clients.

These reasons make it vital to migrate Office 365 and back up its data. The Office 365 Mailbox can be migrated in different ways that are discussed below.

Different Ways to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox Emails

  1. Save Office 365 Mailbox to Desktop
  2. Export Office 365 to Gmail 
  3. Professional Third-Party Tool

You can backup Office 365 mailbox through these three methods. The Office 365 mailbox emails can be migrated to different locations as per the specific methods.

Methods for the Migration of Office 365 Mailbox

Here, I am going to explain each method in step by step manner to export Office 365 data into different file formats or import Office mailboxes into various email clients or email service providers.

1. Save Office 365 Mailbox to Desktop

You can migrate Office 365 to the desktop by following the below steps.

Step 1: Launch the MS Outlook application on your Windows-based system. 

Step 2: Click on the File button at the top of the screen.

Migrate Office 365

Step 3: Now, from the File options, choose Import and Export.  

Migrate Mailbox

Step 4: After that, in the Import and Export Wizard, choose Export to a file and click on Next.

Office 365 to PST

Step 5: Mark on Outlook Data file (.pst) and click on Next.

Migrate Archive Mailbox to Office 365

Step 6: Select the email folder that you wish to save and click on Next.

Migrate Office 365 to PST

Step 7: From the given options, check on Replace Duplicates with Items Exported and Click on Finish. Your Office 365 emails will be saved on your desktop as a new PST file.

 Office 365 IMAP Migration

By using this method, you can save and migrate Office 365 emails to your hard drive.

2. Export Office 365 to Gmail

1: Open your Web Browser and sign in to your Gmail account.

2: Click on the Settings icon present on the top-right corner of your screen.

3: Now, from the dropdown options, click on See all Settings.

4: Select the Accounts and Import tab at the top.

5: After that, click on the Import Mail and Contacts Link.

6: Enter the email credentials of your Office 365 account.

7: Fill in the POP information for Office 365 and then click on Continue.

8: Check that the Port is set correctly and tick the Use SSL option.

9: Choose the Import Mail option and click on Start Import.

10: Click on Proceed, and your Office 365 emails will start migrating to Gmail.

This method allows the user to migrate Office 365 mailbox to Gmail. All the Office 365 emails, including all their attachments, will be opened in Gmail. 

Although these methods can export Office 365 Outlook emails to their respective locations, these manual methods have some limitations in their execution. 


You can encounter the below limitations of the manual methods while migrating the Office 365 emails.

  • These manual methods are time-consuming as only a single email folder can be migrated to the desktop at a time. It can be hectic for some users to migrate different emails or folders repeatedly.
  • They are not always effective and can create some errors while opening in other email clients after the migration process.
  • The exported Office 365 emails would require additional applications to open the emails as it saves the emails to desktop only in PST format.    

If you want to overcome all these limitations, you can directly opt for the third method mentioned below through the third-party tool.

3. Professional Third-Party Tool

A professional method to migrate Office 365 Mailbox Emails to other email providers or the desktop is the best solution. Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool is third-party software that can transfer Office 365 emails, including all its attachments. You do not need to follow different methods separately for exporting Office 365 to desktop and other email clients. Besides, using this utility, you can securely save Office 365 emails to your desktop and any other email client like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, ZohoMail, etc. It can also migrate Office 365 to PST, PDF, DOC, DOCX, and many more file formats. Furthermore, this software also supports Office 365 IMAP migration.

This utility is user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise to execute the migration process. Any novice user can efficiently perform the Office 365 email backup process with ease. It is also equipped with some unique features that make it the best solution to forward Microsoft Office 365 mailbox.

The user has to select the MBOX file in this tool from the PC, and that’s all. The software guides you through the complete process fluently.  


Office 365 email client stores all the email files in the PST file format. There are a lot of reasons to migrate Office 365 email data through different mediums. You can perform both the manual as well as professional methods for this migration. The manual steps are not the priority of some users as they have some constraints that limit their use. The professional tool is the most preferred solution to backup Office 365 email items. Professional solutions like Office 365 Converter is an alternative that can easily migrate archive mailbox to Office 365. Thanks for reading this article I hope you found it helpful.


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