Best Ways To Make Money As A Ghostwriter

ways to make money as a ghostwriter

Do you believe you have the skills of decent writing? Do you want to make it a source of extra income? Try offering ghostwriting services. If you plan to do so, you’ll come across different individuals and businesses that pay for ghostwriting content. 

Before you start, you should understand what ghostwriting is. It is all about producing content for someone else. Then, your client or customer can get it published under their name. So, if you are considering it to be like freelancing, yes, it is. 

Nevertheless, in ghostwriting, you get rewarded, but you don’t get recognition for your efforts. Therefore, it is a type of freelance writing. 

Ghostwriting is lucrative. Once you successfully develop a reputation as a writer, you can easily attract clients. Thus, if you plan on turning into a ghostwriter, you must be convinced how to. Also, you must know how to make money through it. 

Topics covered in this blog are:

  • What is ghostwriting?
  • What do you need to become a ghostwriter
  • Types Of clients you will come across as a ghost writer
  • How to become a ghostwriter?
  • How to earn money as a ghostwriter?
  • Top platforms to grab ghostwriting opportunities

What is Ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter produces different types of content. It relies on what the customer needs. Most commonly, they will be required to write: 

  • Blog posts
  • Books
  • Web copy
  • Articles
  • Speeches
  • Email newsletters

Whatever you write, the credit goes to your client. In return for your ghostwriting services, you get paid. 

When writing as a ghostwriter, you must know you won’t get credit for your work. Therefore, you cannot publicly share your work. So now the question is, how can you get more clients if you cannot take credit for your work?

The answer is that along with writing for others, write for yourself too. Create a portfolio and add some work you did for yourself. It can help in showcasing your skills and capabilities. 

What Do You Need to Become a Good Ghostwriter?

To become a productive ghostwriter, you need to know the following:

  • Comprehend what ghostwriters do and how they do it. 
  • Find out the available opportunities. 
  • Try becoming a part of the network of writers. 
  • Once you have clients, you can also establish a writing platform of your own. 
  • Start off working on tasks. 

Keep working on your abilities. However, you must know that every client is different. Hence, their needs and requirements also vary. Consequently, it’s nicer to remain centered on one project at a time. 

Don’t Miss the Types of Clients You’ll Come Across as a Ghostwriter

It’s convenient to earn as a ghostwriter. Firstly, you are self-employed. Secondly, you can choose projects of your choice. 

Are you still guessing? Why would someone employ you to write for them? Some don’t possess writing skills, and others are not familiar with the do’s and don’ts. You’ll find the following types of clients:

  • First are those clients who are busy with other tasks and cannot manage writing on their own. However, they require extremely compelling and well-crafted content. 
  • Second, people who want content but do not possess the right skills. They need someone to write down their concepts and thoughts. 

You’ll come across people who prefer paying ghostwriters to write for them rather than spending hours creating a perfect post. Thus, it provides professional ghostwriters with the opportunity to earn through their skills. 

How to Become a Good Ghostwriter?

To become a good ghostwriter, you need to possess the following skills:

  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Formatting
  • Meeting requirements

Giving away your credit makes you earn higher. Hence, you can charge more for compensation. Throughout, it would help if you showed consistency in your work. Most clients seek this. Don’t miss out on even the small details shared by your client. 

Like every profession, ghostwriting also has some challenges. Some of these are:

  • Finding clients. 
  • Choosing projects. 
  • Managing projects on time. 
  • Meeting the needs of clients. 
  • The complexity of projects. 
  • Getting less paid. 

It’s essential to pay attention to overcome these challenges. Most professional ghostwriters recommend that improving skills from time to time can benefit writers in the long run. Therefore, you need to learn and grow. It will not only help in achieving success but will facilitate in earning more. 

How to Earn Money as a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters can make great money. How much they receive depends on the certain writing contracts they land. It also relies on their skills, professionalism, and capabilities. In comparison, ghostwriters get more than freelancers. 

There is another explanation why ghostwriters get rewarded more. It’s because clients in distinct sectors are eyeing writers who can convey their thoughts to a larger audience. 

In addition, they expect to develop and sustain long-term relationships with their clients. Hence, they need ghostwriters to become their voice. 

It Depends on Types of Projects 

You can say how much a ghostwriter earns varies a lot. Some have extraordinary skills that help them out. It can be around $100 to $150 for a small piece of writing for a short bit. On the contrary, for a document that requires heavy research, the price can be anywhere more than $300. 

You Need to Prove Your Skills 

To begin ghostwriting, keep in mind that you won’t get any big orders or a lot of money from the first order. The initial ones are usually for peanuts. However, once you prove your skills, you can make long-term clients. 

Choose Professional Sites for Work

If you are confused about whether you’ll get clients or not, let us help. The internet is offering a range of opportunities these days. You can conveniently find ghostwriting jobs through some international and reputable job sites. For example,, Pro Blogger, and Upwork. 

Create a LinkedIn Profile

Introduce yourself as a writer on your LinkedIn account. Add ghostwriting as a skill. It will help in finding different writing gigs. In this way, you can connect with agencies, businesses, and individuals. 

Attend Seminars and Conferences

Once you have chosen your niche, you need to make yourself accessible and noticeable. Attending related events can help in developing a network. In addition, it will aid in grabbing projects. 

Some conferences and events are related to your area of expertise. You can attend these and land work as a ghostwriter. Networking is always beneficial. 

Maintain Your Reputation

Show professionalism. 

Always focus on satisfying your clients. Remember that good word-of-mouth can help in getting more clients. 

Writing is not the only skill required to become a successful ghostwriter. If you want to earn more, you need to consider the following tips:

  1. Focus on satisfying your clients.
  2. Offer top-quality work on time.
  3. Pay attention to good communication and meeting deadlines and requirements.

Top Platforms To Grab Ghostwriting Opportunities

Freedom With Writing

In most modern businesses, new jobs are posted on the company’s website and social media accounts. Yet as a ghostwriter, you know that checking social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can take up a lot of time.
Freedom with writing is a great platform to get access to hundreds of opportunities available to passionate ghostwriters with not as much competition as on other high profile sites.


Check out this website if you are an expert in academic writing. Many ghostwriting positions are available here. We will provide you with relevant projects to work on, regardless of your background in marketing, engineering, healthcare, economics, or any other field.

Writers Work

Creating a career as a writer is possible with Writers Work. There is also career training and writing tools, as well as an online portfolio. Moreover, it provides writers with fast and easy access to ghostwriting jobs.

Writers Work scour the Web to find the best writing gigs and delivers them directly to the writer’s dashboard. Job searching becomes more efficient and effective when the process is optimized.


Would you like to work with bestselling authors and publishers? Reedsy can make your dream come true.

Create your profile today on this website: list your skills, showcase your portfolio, and showcase your previous work experience. Upon acceptance, your profile will appear on the Reedsy Marketplace.

With the service, you’ll have access to collaborative writing tools, task lists, calendars, and messenger.

Final Thoughts 

The digital era has increased the competition in the market. Millions of ghostwriters are offering ghostwriting services professionally. To become one, you need to work on your skills. If you are a good writer, polish your skills from time to time. 

It’s better to focus on creating a network of clients. Also, ask satisfied clients to refer you to others. Professionalism is the key to success. If you want to earn well as a ghostwriter, learn to meet the client’s needs. Be competitive and focus on landing writing jobs that you can handle easily. 

You can focus on the ways mentioned above to earn more as a ghostwriter. However, we suggest that rather than considering the payments for a single project, look at the whole. See how many gigs you can get and how your current clients can help in attracting more. 


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