Best Ways to deal with Negative Reviews against your Business


I am sure you are looking to get rid of bad reviews left on the internet?

Think no more, you should not get rid of them, but learn how to deal with them.

Everyone gets negative feedback, it always happens that a customer is not completely satisfied.

But it is true that most often it is this customer who expresses his opinion. It can be damaging to your business.

Indeed, 94% of consumers say they do not use a business if they read a negative review .

This should be qualified since the impact of a negative opinion depends above all on your way of handling it.

Properly managed, these negative reviews become an asset. A good balance between positive and negative reviews shows that these experiences are very real.

A site that receives only positive reviews does not inspire confidence i.e coupons sites are the best example of it. We believe these are bogus or the bad reviews have been removed.

It is mainly the response to the negative opinion that is important. It then becomes a decision criterion for your future customers.

So how do you properly manage the bad customer experiences that end up on review sites like Google Maps?

And here are these 5 tips, all of which make sense.

1. Always answer
Always respond to even negative reviews
According to ReviewTrackers , over 63% of customer reviews never receive a response from the company.

In other words, around two-thirds of consumers never hear from a brand even after a review has been posted on any affiliate site like coupons.

Too bad.

Because responding to reviews makes a real difference and not just for the person who left the review, but for all the customers who read all the reviews about your business.

In fact, 80% of consumers consider that a company cares more about its customers when management responds to customer reviews.

That’s why responding to reviews is a real way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Concretely, your answer will appear just below your customer’s comment. It is your right of reply.

And best of all: 45% of consumers say they are more likely to use a company that responds to negative reviews.

In the event of a negative comment, don’t be on the offensive.

Taking an attitude of attack does not help the relationship with this client, or the situation.

Also, your future customers may think that the issues cannot be resolved with you.

So, instead, always try to start a discussion.

You will see that when a customer receives their response, their perception immediately improves.

In addition, most review management systems offer to respond to customer reviews with one click.

My advice : ignoring a negative comment or review shows that you don’t care much about your customers. This sends the wrong message to anyone who reads your reviews online.

2. Show understanding
A customer had a bad experience.

Obviously something has not gone well or this customer is very demanding.

Obviously, you are always trying to give the best of yourself. So receiving a negative comment can make you angry.

Never respond in a state of anger, it could backfire.

Regardless, always be understanding and always be polite.

In this way, you show that you take this customer seriously and that you understand them. Understanding doesn’t necessarily mean you totally agree, either.

In many cases, an apology will reassure the customer who has expressed their dissatisfaction.

Even if you think it’s undeserved and the client is demanding too much, it never hurts to be compassionate.

That’s why you should never copy and paste pre-written answers to save time. Each response should be unique and specific to the complaint you are dealing with.

My advice : sign your answer with your name, title and phone number. It shows that you can be trusted.

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