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We, Durai Human Hair Extensions recognize the virgin hair industry better than our competitors. We took a hired hands-on approach to locate and treat our hair very carefully. All our hair-related products are obtained from Indian Temples. We retain the best quality guidelines when scrutinizing our virgin hair before it reaches our valuable customers. We make sure our Unprocessed hair retains its texture and is never treated with severe chemicals, heat, or color additives. When you purchase Durai Human Hair Extensions, you’re purchasing the best product on market, and we have a worldwide supply chain of the network who loves our product to the core.

Durai Hair Extensions is an acknowledged organization from Sivaganga (Tamil Nadu) that is engaged in the production & trade of the best virgin hair extensions.

We are counted among successful manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of premium quality Indian Remy Curly Bulk Hair, Indian Remy Straight Bulk Hair, Indian Remy Wavy Bulk Hair, Indian Weft Natural Curly Hair, Indian Weft Natural Hair as wavy and straight types.

The entire range of hair, we deal in, is the unprocessed best virgin hair extensions only from voluntary donations made in Indian Hindu Temples. We are one of the very few Indian companies that have yearly contracts with Indian Hindu Temples to collect the hair. We can supply hair products in bulk quantities and in packaging materials as desired by the buyers.

Durai Hair Extensions was incorporated in the year 2007 with a vision to provide the best virgin hair extensions in the market. The company has been professionally managed by an industry veteran i.e., Mr. Eknath Kannan M, who is the Proprietor of the company, possesses sound knowledge and vast experience in the hair makeover industry.

Check out this video of our Company and our Products – Indian unprocessed Virgin Human Hair-Natural Straight, Wavy & Curly – Single drawn Bulk and Weft Hair.


We have a spacious warehousing facility, which helps us in storing large quantities of the best virgin hair extensions. We keep each product in separate sections at our storage facility under the supervision of our warehousing experts.


Being one of the most prominent Unprocessed Bulk Natural Hair Suppliers in Karaikudi, we strive to leverage our technical experience and industry know-how to develop the most cost-effective and attractive hair products. These products are manufactured using the latest technology and are widely known for their high premium feel, reliable performance, and affordability.

Indian Untreated Hair Tresses (Natural Black Hair) is the perfect blend to your natural hair which is more trend nowadays. Hair tresses are easy to blend with natural black hair. Tresses are available in custom sizes to match the requirement of customer needs.

Are you looking for a seamless way to add volume to your hair then should try our natural black hair tresses which are carefully assembled to give the hair texture a good lightweight fix.

Here in Durai Human Hair, we will make sure that you purchase value-added world-class hair-related products at the best price on the market.

Natural Black Hair Specification:
  • Untreated or Natural Black Hair Tresses are available in custom sizes
  • Natural black tresses are packed as weft
  • Each tress are 5-6 grams each

Indian Untreated Hair Tresses (Natural white hair) is the perfect blend to your natural hair which is more trend nowadays. Hair tresses are easy to blend with the flow of hair. Tresses are available in custom sizes to match the requirement of customer needs.

This type of Natural white hair gives a salt & pepper look to the hair which will surely make heads turn. Get your Natural White Hair tresses here at Durai Human Hair Extensions which everyone is searching for at customized sizes.

Natural White Hair Tresses Specifications:
  • Untreated white Hair Tresses are available in custom sizes
  • Natural black tresses are packed as weft
  • Each tress are 5-6 grams each

Note: contains only 90% white and 10% grey hair strands

Natural curly hair looks attractive. Now you can attain this look even if you don’t have that texture in your hair. It is simple with Indian Raw Unprocessed Weft Hair Bundles (Natural Curly Hair). We are the leading supplier of Indian unprocessed hair wefts. These give the desired bounce in the hair on a temporary basis.

These are often sewn into one’s hair for a semi-permanent effect, like glued hair extensions.

Durai Human Hair Extensions are a renowned supplier of hair wefts in Tamil Nadu made from Indian Remy natural hair. We offer varied Indian Weft Unprocessed Natural hair in different lengths. Contact us for curly, straight, or naturally wavy hair wefts in different colors to match your tone, and this type of curly hair extension will naturally blend in with your original hair to flaunt the beauty of natural curly weft hair bundles book your order now.

The best thing about Indian Weft bundles is unprocessed Natural Curly Hair Bundles the wefts allow users to clip in easily to their hair. It can be bought when an extra length or extra thickness is desired. For a thick hair look, Indian Unprocessed Natural Curly Hair Bundles by Durai Hair Extensions are the wonderful solution to select.

It can act as a half-wig with clips to attach from one side of the head to the other. It can be attached to the head, under the top layer of hair with the help of several clips; it creates a fuller effect than clip-in hair extensions.

Natural Curly Hair Bundles Specification:
  • Each bundle weighs 100 grams approximately.
  • Indian Remy Single Donor Hair Extensions.
  • 100% Natural black, brown, and grey shaded Human hair.
  • The Curl patterns & Texture are 100% Natural.
  • Easy to fit and lightweight to handle and attach.
  • Remy hair sourced straightaway from south Indian temples.
  • Unprocessed natural curly hair without any processing or chemicals to give natural look.
Why choose us for Indian Raw Unprocessed Weft Hair Bundles (Natural Curly Hair)?

We are the leaders in providing proven and preferred quality Indian Remy hair extensions in bundles from Tamil Nadu. So, consider us as your one-stop shop for various hair products. Following are our salient features:

  • Timely delivery
  • State of the art facilities
  • Market-leading price for variety or hair wefts
  • Authentic quality
  • Dexterous team
  • Experienced quality controllers
  • Advanced process technology and sophisticated packaging
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. what is the durability status?
    Hair’s durability depends on the maintenance of the hair extensions, strictly don’t do chemical treatment on hair.
    2. Can you use electric hair styling?
    Yes, virgin hair is allowed to use hair straightener or hair curler to style but overdo or frequently use of heat will make the hair cause breakage.
    3. How to treat dry or tangled hair?
    Use Shampoo and conditioner to treat the hair dryness once or twice a week if used regularly.
    Comb the hair after wash and pack properly.
    4. Any suggestions to wash the hair?
    Always use a mild shampoo to wash the hair, rinse well and leave to dry.
    Comb with a proper brush after drying.
    5. Where is it sourced from?
    The raw hair is sourced from temples only.
    6. Is it Remy hair or non-Remy hair?
    The raw hair sourced from temples is 100% Remy hair, which is a single donor hair. Whereas non-Remy hair is sourced from garbage and processed using chemicals to look like Remy hair
    7. What are the colors and textures available?
    We have only natural colors like Black, Brown, White & Grey (Salt & Pepper) and Natural textures like straight, wavy, and curly.



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