Best Sports Bike Under a Budget


Every biking enthusiast has a dream- to own the best sports bike in the world. However, there are many constraints that one might face, the biggest being its budget. The sports bike falls in the expensive category, but since the market is expanding, various manufacturers have started manufacturing sports bikes under a budget. This enables every bike enthusiast to turn their dream of owning a sports bike into a reality. So, embark on your journey of finding the best sports bike in the market. 

A key fact to remember is that the best sports bike will always be well-built and come with decent suspension and brakes, that too all under the budget. 

Points to Consider While Looking for The Best Sports Bike

Consider the bike’s weight while choosing one. The lighter it is, the easier it will be for you to handle on the road; however, heavier bikes can handle any terrain easily. This depends on personal preference as well as the fitness level of a person.

It’s also important to consider how much time and money you have for maintenance. While owning the best sports bike might seem attractive, you don’t want a bike that requires heavy maintenance and is not designed for Indian roads. A good quality bike should last for decades, but if it doesn’t suit your needs, an upgrade may be necessary. Choosing the best sports bike that fits your needs is crucial. Finally, determine the purpose of buying a bike- is it just for collection, is it for daily commutation, or is it for vacations only? This will help you eliminate various other factors necessary to mull over while shopping for a bike. 

These below mentioned bikes have many features of premium sports bikes but are priced under Rs 2 lakh and are highly affordable. Hence, they make excellent choices for first-time buyers or those who want to learn how to ride a sports bike. Let’s examine some of the best sports bikes in India in more detail.

Pulsar N160

The Undefeated Aesthetic: This bike screams class and sophistication with its chic black and red finish. These superior metallized dual colors are shown to interact dynamically across the bike’s body. In addition, it draws attention to the beast’s contours by being darker up front and lighter at the back.

Torque and Engine: More than any other motorbike in the market, this bike and its wide torque band offer 85% peak power over a greater rev range than other models in the same segment. The Pulsar is one of the best sports bikes in India because it is powered by an engine that provides seamless acceleration and everyday rideability.

Avenger 160 Street

The Design that Rules the Streets: Bearing echoes of the iconic cruisers and sportster, the Avenger 160 Street is a class apart. Gliding through cityscapes and green hills is dreamy on this bike because of its low and long profile.

Hands-On Control: A relaxed riding position is provided by premium, low-slung, and broader seats coupled with street-control handlebars. Additionally, you can control the bike with incredibly quick single-channel ABS and 280 mm front disc brake with precision whenever necessary. 

Engine: Geared with a twin spark, this DTS-i fuel-injected air-cooled engine provides the ideal combination of sophistication, power, and torque. These features make the Avenger 160 Street the best sports bike under budget in India.

Avenger 220 Cruise

Image source- Bajaj

The Classy Cruiser: Even riding this bike’s low-slung seat and roomy handlebars leaves a picturesque image. One does not need to fret about the low profile since it is suitable and safe for both short and tall riders. 

For the Long Haul: Legroom, a longer front wheel shaft, and safety features like ABS and DRL are all included in this bike. The Avenger 220 Cruise also comes with a digital panel with beautiful blue LEDs for drives across starry nights. In addition, it has two trip meters, a warning for maintenance, an odometer, a speedometer, and a fuel gauge. These are expected features on one of the best sports bikes in this market segment.

Additionally, the wind visor at the front of the bike offers great defense against dirt, debris, and splashes, irrespective of the terrain. 

Pulsar NS200

Equipped to your Safety: For those riders who prefer being careful about every ride they embark on, the Pulsar NS200 comes with a sophisticated safety system, as expected from the best sports bike in India. The bike’s design includes a back gas-charged Nitrox mono-shock suspension system. Conventional up-front forks for those tricky sharp turns and speed breakers. Both the front and rear brakes employ disc brakes. The front disc brake has a 280 mm rotor with two calipers, but the rear disc brake has a 230 mm disc with a single caliper system.

Features: The bikes come with a semi-digital device that is easily visible and user-friendly. It has a speedometer, fuel gauge, trip meter, and RPM blinker as standard equipment. 

Bajaj is an iconic bike brand in India that has always been known for its high range of affordable and functional sports bikes. The bikes are built on the most advanced technology and are some of the best sports bikes in the country. You can easily invest in a Bajaj bike since it is manufactured using highly engineered, quality materials to attain perfection in every detail.


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