Best Places to Visit in Alaska

best places to visit in Alaska
best places to visit in Alaska

Tourism in Alaska is the city, in addition to the beauty of nature. Alaska, despite its temperatures, is a tourist destination in all respects thanks to the fact that the official language is English. Among the cities not to be missed, to name but a few: Anchorage, where you land, Fairbanks famous for its events, Juneau the capital and Skagway. However, most of the territory of Alaska is managed as a national forest, national park or national wildlife refuge. And among the natural attractions, we find the woods, to be crossed with panoramic trains, the glaciers to be seen from ships and boats and then lakes and animals. Here you can meet moose, caribou, whales, killer whales, seals, otters and sea lions. If you are planning a vacation to the best places to visit in Alaska, try making your bookings using Frontier Airlines Reservations options for the best deals and discounts. 

List of Places to visit in Alaska

Witness the Northern Lights

Fear of the extreme cold causes most tourists to travel to Alaska during the summer months. Indeed, summer offers more possibilities for excursions, and it is easier to move independently. Still, only in winter, you can enjoy one of the most incredible spectacles that mother nature puts on: the Northern Lights. 

The yellow and green lights that intertwine and seem to dance in the northern skies can leave even the most experienced travellers speechless, who have seen everything and more around the world. And even those who have already experienced this emotion will realize that each aurora is different from the previous ones. Even the colouring can change considerably: in 1958, for example, the skies of Alaska turned a red and orange so bright that many mistook the dawn for a massive fire.

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Ride a Dog Sled at the Best places to Visit in Alaska

In almost all the cities of the interior, where the long winter sees snow as the protagonist, tourists are offered the opportunity to take a ride on a sledge pulled by dogs. Whether it’s a long drive through the whitewashed woods or a short drive near the town, it’s one of the most accessible yet engaging activities you can do in Alaska. 

During the summer, the lack of snow does not entirely exclude opportunities: some put the wheels on the sledges to make them travel on grass and dirt roads. Throughout the year, visiting a dog farm allows you to learn about the history and activities of the breeders, learn the potential of these unusual pets and have fun playing with the puppies.

Fish for Salmon with the Locals

Salmon has always been a critical resource for Alaskans, who have made it one of their main dishes. Smoked or roasted, the meat of this fish is worth tasting on a trip to Alaska. But why be content to order it at the restaurant, when it is possible to fish it directly? Bears besiege the wilderness streams, and challenging a grizzly to a fishing contest isn’t a wise idea, but you don’t have to go far from the cities to grab your fishing rod.

Fly over the Bush in an Airplane

75% of Alaska’s land is inaccessible by car. This means that most of the state is still untouched, and nature still offers its most pristine and wild aspect today. At the same time, it means that hiring a car is not enough to explore Alaska at your leisure fully. The north-west of Alaska is almost devoid of connections, and the only means of transport are small aeroplanes, called bush planes by the locals because they are used above all to fly over the Bush: all that vast area not accessible by land transport. Some planes make a fixed route between the most remote towns, and others are available to those who rent them. 

These are the best places to visit in Alaska and if you are planning for a fun vacation here, try making your flight bookings using Sun Country Airlines Reservations options.  


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