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Packing and unpacking Vancouver

When you move, the packing and unpacking phases are always delicate.

When moving to Vancouver as in any large city, you must pay the utmost attention when packing and unpacking your items. If possible, moving to Vancouver can be an opportunity to get rid of obsolete objects and appliances that no longer have value or that you wanted to change.

Clearly, if you decide to move with specialized companies, the less bulky the objects are and the more the costs will be contained.

Vancouver Storage packaging

In this regard, we started by analyzing the packaging of kitchen utensils. In fact, for the packing and unpacking of kitchen items and crockery, it is necessary to look for sturdy and good-quality boxes with bubble wrap. Many glass items and objects can easily break when moving in Vancouver. So plates and saucers can stack to a similar size. It is necessary to avoid throwing everything in a box.
It is helpful to use duct tape to reinforce these items to keep all products intact.
In the past, we have already indicated the best way to pack items. But it is important to remember to avoid packing and unpacking your goods in boxes that are too large. Because they are heavier, more delicate, and difficult to transport.
Therefore, if you have to move your washing machine, dryer, or refrigerator in Vancouver. It is strictly necessary to carry out some preliminary activities before packing and unpacking and moving the appliances in Vancouver.
The refrigerator must be defrosted completely and for certain appliances, the pipes must be disconnected and drained. There are often unsightly waste liquids in the pipes.
Subsequently, if you have not decided to turn to Vancouver storage and moving companies. It is useful to pack the refrigerator in a very large box to accommodate polystyrene and bubble wrap.
The dryer and the washing machine deserve the same treatment. They must be dried and cleaned thoroughly before being packed.
In the case of stoves, ovens, or microwaves, it is important to avoid residues of grease, which collect dust and dirt.
In addition, it is important to prevent possible moisture build-up. It is necessary to avoid the packaging of the oven and the fridge with plates and trays inside. The internal components must be packed in separate boxes.

How to organize a quick and efficient move

Vancouver Storage offers a series of services designed with YOU and for YOU, tailored to every need.
Precisely for this reason, we have decided to provide you with some useful tips to be able to make the move a peaceful moment of change and not a moment of traumatic detachment.
After a careful assessment of the quality/price of the quotes, what is included, what is excluded, and the type of service offered? It is advisable to proceed with the confirmation of the estimate and the planning of the date of the move.
It will be necessary to collect as much information as possible to better manage your move.

How to organize a reliable and fast move

Here is some very important information to provide (if excluded from the quote).
Inquire at the municipality of departure/arrival or municipal police on the legislation in force for the temporary occupation of public land
Put up the appropriate signs
Possible payment of the public land occupation tax
If in a condominium
Request to the administrator to have access to the internal courtyard with a lift and/or van to load and unload household goods

Packing and unpacking Preparations

If you have not made use of the packaging service from our employees, then you will have to request a supply of packaging immediately.
You must start in advance, right away, to pack your household goods by deciding in all calm what to keep and what to eliminate. So as not to run into doubts or uncertainties.

Our Advice

Request the cartons well in advance
Let our staff help you with the quantity to request
Use the different packaging according to the type of content of the material to be transported
Mark the destination environment on each cardboard with a felt-tip pen, to facilitate the practical finding and relocation in the new environments
For the packaging of plates and glasses, follow the instructions given by our staff, to guarantee a safe service and the integrity of the content.
Use suitable packaging to ensure the integrity of the content.
  • Small Cartoons: Books
  • Big Cartons: Linen
  • Trunks: Get dressed
  • Fragile: Plates and Glasses


Gas/electricity supply request for a new apartment
Checking the supply before the move, the electricity supply must be already active on the day of the move.
If the house is to be occupied from the day of the move, it will be necessary for the gas supply to be active. So as not to be left without heating / hot water, etc.
Closing the gas/electricity supply of the old apartment in conjunction with the fixed date of the move (the supply of electricity must be still active on the day of the move)
Useful documents after moving

Change of residence request

Request for stickers to be affixed to Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration Card, Passport, Identity Card
Reporting of change of domiciliation of mail from banking/health institutions etc.
Employer change of residence notification
Research general practitioner/pediatrician, if the transfer takes place over a long distance
Enrollment in school/kindergarten
Packing and unpacking is a complex activity that requires the completion of many tasks, including bureaucratic ones, especially if the move takes place without the aid of a special specialized agency.

Vancouver Storage movers

For this reason, it is necessary to identify and plan the actions to carry out, possibly in time. Let’s start a few months earlier, packing and unpacking the things that are used less frequently. Making sure to pack the more fragile objects with the air bubble tape. While close to the activity it is advisable to consume frozen food in the freezer and food in the fridge, which must be thoroughly defrosted the day before the move.
The hardest part remains the relocation of utilities. In fact, as anticipated in a previous post. Certainly the most onerous tasks, in terms of time and obligations, are the removal of domestic users. Gas, water, electricity, telephony, landline if necessary, take a long time for changes or replacements. So get active in time by following the actions to carrying out indicated in this post.
The practices closely linked to public, municipal or territorial offices are also complex.
The registry is to be consulted for a change of residence or domicile and requires the physical presence or of a delegate as long as he is of age. The same goes for municipal taxes on waste. In this case, cancellations must be made at the competent municipal office. Last but not least is the transfer of the family doctor, if the transfer takes place in another municipality, it is sufficient to go to the territorially competent ASL and choose a doctor among those available.

Who should notify when deciding to move?


Very often it is the least of thoughts or rather we understand the usefulness of changing doctors only when it is necessary to book a visit or request a simple document.
Where is the nearest ASL?
So if we move to Vancouver or any other city, it is also necessary to change doctors.
The procedure is immediate, just go to the nearest ASL (“Local health company”) and choose a doctor from those available. It is necessary to present self-certification concerning the municipality of residence and the health booklet. As mentioned, registration in the list of the new doctor is immediate.

What do you need?

It is necessary to present yourself with a self-certification of your residence.


To fulfill the payment of the garbage tax, it is necessary to notify the tax office of the Municipality where the new house is located.
To avoid the risk of high fines, it is necessary to go in person to the tax office of the Municipality to register the change of address.


The office is very often that of the “Tax finance sector”, the personal data and tax code of the person who will pay the tax is required. Some data on the new house, to include in a form. Street and house number, floor number of rooms and square meters of the house, the number of people who will live there, finally, the indication of what use they intend to make of it (private residence, business, etc.). How much?
It costs nothing. Last but not least, it is necessary to notice that you are also moving to the office of the Municipality where you lived. Otherwise, you will be forced to pay the tax until you cancel it. The cancellation is not automatic.


The change of tax domicile begins sixty days after the office receives the letter.
Where is the tax office? The address of the tax office can found in the online Yellow Pages under “Taxes and Duties – Offices”.


With the liberalization decree, you can choose your supplier.
In any case, whether it is Telecom or another operator, it is important to notify your supplier in advance before moving to the new home to cancel or transfer the contract for the “landline” telephone.


The condominium administrator is the executive body of the condominium. So when you move you must notify both the administrator of the condominium you are leaving and the administrator of the new one where you will live.
Therefore, before signing the deed for a house in a condominium, it would be useful to ask the person who administers a declaration certifying the regular payment of the receipts. The attention that if the seller has not paid the condominium expenses. It is up to the buyer to pay them, both for the current year and for the previous year.
Also, after the deed, good advice is to notify the new administrator to send the meeting notices and payment notices to you and not to the old owner.
Finally, the same rules for the garbage tax. If the previous owner is not in rule, it’s up to you to pay it.

Other tips and precautions:

In conclusion, it would be correct to also notify the administrator of the house that you are leaving. If the new tenant does not notify him, he will continue to send the payment notices to you.
For those who go to a rented house, when both the apartment you leave and the one you enter are rented, it will be up to the owners to notify the administrators.


If you change your address and intend to keep your account at the bank counter you already use, you must notify your bank to continue receiving its communications at home and to continue using, if you have one, the bill domiciliation service.


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