Best of Manali Tourism: Things to Do & Best Places to Visit

best things to do and places to visit in manali

Manali is the most prominent hill station in Himachal Pradesh which is mainly accompanied by the heart of the state, Shimla. As part of your Shimla Manali Holidays, the Manali tourism alone has bunches of activities to offer and numerous places to pay a visit. Also, the fascinating thing about this place is that it is famous for the countless recreational activities available over here. So, one by one, let us see the main things to do in Manali and the best places to visit in Manali.

Best Thing to do in Manali

So, start our Manali tourism guide with the things to do in Manali. First, we will discuss the significant activities that you can enjoy doing in Manali.


Since Manali is famous in the entire country for its recreational activities so there are numerous recreational activities that you can do in Manali. And the first position here is for trekking. There are multiple places in Manali widely known for trekking, and among which most of them are the temples in the Manali. Hampta Pass, Chandratal lake, Bhrigu Lake, are among the most prominent trekking places in Manali. Trekking in these places will provide you with a varied experience where you will witness the natural beauty along with adventures. Some of these places take as low as 30 minutes to trek, whereas some require even 1 to 2 hours trekking.


Paragliding is one of the most demanding activities in the entire Manali. The fact states that Manali is the place in the whole of Himachal Pradesh, famous for paragliding. Especially the Kullu is the exact spot where the people are taking flights for the paragliding. The site offers two types of paragliding, i.e., solo and tandem. The ones who are experienced in paragliding and have prior experience can go solo. But for the first-timers or the beginners, Tandem is the best one where a volunteer assists you. May to October is the peak time to visit Manali for paragliding. So, visit during this time and witness the beautiful waterfalls, hills, and other natural beauty of the Manali.


Since Manali is the place subjected to snowfall, this is why it is considered prominent for skiing. Rohtang pass and Solang Valley are two significant hill stations in Manali for skiing. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will get a chance to enjoy skiing. So, if you are a skiing lover, then make sure that you visit Manali in the winter seasons when the snowfall is at its peak.


Zorbing is one of the latest recreational activities which have been added to the list in recent years. In this activity, the person enters a big round transparent ball where they need to balance themselves. Further, they just have to roll the balls and move forward, enjoying the beautiful nature. This activity is offered in the grasslands, and the Solang valley in the Manali is the one that provides zorbing. It majorly provides two types of zorbing where the one is done in the land and the other in the water. Also, one needs to keep in mind that zorbing is closed in the winter season, so try not to visit in winters if zorbing is your purpose.


Shopping is also a part of the significant activities that one can do in Manali. The main things for which Manali is famous are home decorative, artifacts, handicrafts, clothes, accessories, silver and turquoise rings, toys for kids, etc. The prominent places to buy these items are Mall Road, Manu Market, Old Manali Market, Tibetan market, etc. Now it depends on the visitors either to choose expensive showrooms or the cheap vendors.

Best Places to Visit in Manali


Hot water spring vashisht tourist spot in Manali

Vashist is one of the most inexpensive places in Manali located at the hilltop. The place is famous for being cheap in every way. The major activity to enjoy in this place includes different relaxing therapies and also tarot readings. Since the place is located on the hilltop, you can view the entire city from the top.

Buddhists Temple

The Buddhist temple is on the southern side of the Manali. It is located in the small town of Manali, where you will get the perfect examples of the famous Buddhist monasteries. This place is great to witness the Tibetan culture and temples. You can also avail yourself of the beautiful Tibetan handicrafts and other artworks in this area. The other recreational activities here include trekking to the Buddhist temples. The nightlife in this area is more soothing and mesmerizing since the entire city is illuminated with colorful lights.

Manali Natural Park

Now, this place is what gives you the mixed experience from both old Manali and the Manali town. This natural park is located at the centre of where the Beas river flows. The place holds great importance for the natural places inManli. Manali tourism must include a beautiful place like this where you can enjoy clicking pictures and roaming with your friends and partners.

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba temple in manali

Hadimba temple is located on the way to the Dhungri forest, which is one of the best natural spots in Manali. The pagoda-style ancient Hadimba temple holds great historical importance. The place holds great importance from the religious point of view. This is the best possible place to acquire peace in nature.

The Mountains

The mountains of the old Manali are famous for having numerous activities that you can do here. Manali is the first choice of the visitors as the base for trekking in the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes along with the adventurous rock climbing, rafting, and hiking activities in the hills of Manali. So, if you are an adventure lover, then Manali will open up unexplored paths for you.


Therefore, Manali tourism has a lot of things to do and a lot of places to unleash. Hence, you will never go out of ideas about what to do and where to stay during an excursion to manali tourism.


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