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MBA in dual specialization
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MBA in the dual specialization

When it comes to future, career growth and self-development a particular person thinks about either higher studies or will think about enhancing a particular skill set here are steps in the MBA course with Dual specialization.

An MBA in dual specialization is a program in which an individual will learn about two specializations it could be in Finance, HR, Accounting, Marketing, Operation, leadership, or be it any management Skill.

MBA is an investment that will give you a 100 percent return for your future and even if you are a job-oriented person. These days due to the advancement digitally you can peruse your course online after your working hours with the flexibility of timings.

If you are looking at future enhancement in all leadership roles then you should apply for an online MBA program from India’s one of the top universities. The University of Mysore.

MBA in Dual specialization

Perusing an Online MBA will help you in two ways first you don’t have to leave your bread and butter behind during the course for two years and you will enhance different skill sets. The University of Mysore gives you the advantage of all these things as you are perusing the online MBA program which is equally efficient as an offline course.

Nothing is better than killing two birds with one shot.

Duration of Dual Specialization

The dual specialization will take two years with 4 semesters and each semester consists of 6 months for completion

Benefits of MBA in Dual Specialization

As we all know the demand for a post-graduate or an MBA candidate is so much in the corporate world. In dual specialization courses, aspiring students get the in-depth value of all the two specific courses.

1. The most common and top-notch benefit of the dual specialization course is that an aspiring candidate will complete his/her post-graduation not only in one but in two distinct Courses.

2. The demand and need of the market are constantly changing sometimes it depends on the product sometimes it depends on marketing and you have the advantage of the dual specialization MBA you won’t fall into one negative side and you can shift your path in the business sector and you can use your tactics and get the infinite amount of benefits of the market shift

3. The more you know the more you grow and every corporate demand for the multitasking candidate these days. After doing the MBA in dual specialization from the university of Mysore  there is a guarantee that your job will be secured for life

Mba in dual specialization

4.  Change is the law of nature and with a new upcoming market new ideas are required and every business management needs strategic and creative managers in their top-level management. Dual specialization gives you so many ideas for using your both specialization tactics to become more versatile and opens a wide range of ideas

Dual Specialization MBA VS Single Specialization MBA  

  • Dual specialization is not just a course in which you get two different degrees but this program Structure is built to teach the student about the top-level management courses and skill that is required in the corporate world for the execution of new techniques in different fields of business management.
  • Students can go for accounting with financing, HR with Operation Marketing and HRM, etc. A dual specialization course clearly shows us that a particular individual has an advanced course degree in MBA which more than one field.
 MBA in dual specialization

In a single specialization MBA, you study about one particular field and you go for your interest and most profitable business and administration sectors like finance, accounting HR, marketing, and Operations.

Dual MBA Specializations:    

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Analytics and Finance
  • Analytics and Marketing
  • Analytics and Accounting
  • Cyber security and Logistics
  • HRM and Organizational Leadership
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Marketing and Operations Management
  • Marketing and HRM
  • Operations and HRM

Single and other MBA Specializations:        

  • Finance management
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Media
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Forensic Accounting & Business Fraud
  • Health Systems Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Operations & Logistics
  • Operations Research
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • Product Management
  • Risk Management
  • Real Estate
  • Sports Management
  • Sustainability & Environmental Compliance
  • General Management

Scope after the Dual Specialization

Getting a six-figure salary for every employee is a dream that they want to achieve and provide better for their family and for themselves and with the dual specialization in MBA you can achieve this goal.

The salary package also depends on the business sector and the organization you are choosing and every other corporate sector is searching for a top achiever for their top management roles.

Who can handle the market situation and the weight of the six-figure salary goal also land on the shoulder of the B school and university you complete your degree and the university of Mysore is one the top university in India which can cut half of this weight from your shoulders?

MBA in dual specialization, online mba, MBA

How to take admission in Dual Specialization

So after all the knowledge, we have gathered so far in this article regarding dual specialization the main and most important part comes to play how will you take admission or can you enroll in this program if you are a working person for an organization and want to give a drastic jump in your career we completely suggest you go with the online dual specialization in MBA from university of Mysore in which you will get best study material and pre-recorded lectures you can give exam by student portal from anywhere in the world get the best support team, self-assessment test, and external test as well if you really want to take initiative for your future just submit your details and our team will reach out to you.

Semester and syllabus of dual specialization.

An MBA in dual specialization is a 2-year post-graduation course that has 4 semesters every semester has 6 months duration.

Starting syllabus is the same for everyone till the second semester in any specialization after that you can choose the two specializations you want to pursue in the third and fourth semesters.

It can be marketing and IT, finance and HR, Analytics and Accounting, Cyber security and Logistics, operation and marketing etc.

Semester 1 Semester 2
  • Management Concepts and Theories
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Environment
  • Managerial Communication
  • Management Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Legal aspects of Business
  • Operations Management
  • Management Information Systems
Semester 3 Semester 4
Core Subjects
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Work Diary
  • Summer Internship Report
  • Elective I – Finance:
    1. Derivatives
    2. International Financial Management
    3. Portfolio Management
  • Elective II – Human Resource Management:
    1. Human Resource Development
    2. Strategic Human Resource Management
    3. Organizational Change and Development
  • Elective III – Marketing Management:
    1. International Marketing
    2. Product and Brand Management
    3. Services Marketing
  • Elective IV – Operations Management:
    1. Decision Models and Optimization
    2. Technology, Innovation and New Product Management
    3. Total Quality Management
  • Elective V – Supply Chain Management:
    1. Supply Chain Management
    2. Retail Management
    3. Operations Research
Core Subjects
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Report
  • Elective I – Finance:
    1. Portfolio Management
    2. Corporate Taxation
    3. Derivatives
    4. International Financial Management
  • Elective II – Human Resource Management:
    1. Human Resource Development
    2. Training and Development
    3. Strategic Human Resource Management
    4. Organizational Change and Development
  • Elective III – Marketing Management:
    1. Advertising and Sales Promotion Management
    2. International Marketing
    3. Product and Brand Management
    4. Services Marketing
  • Elective IV – Operations Management:
    1. Technology, Innovation and New Product Management
    2. Total Quality Management
    3. Production Planning and Control
    4. Decision Models and Optimization
  • Elective V – Supply Chain Management:
    1. Services and Retail Marketing
    2. Supply Chain Management
    3. Retail Management
    4. Operations Research



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