Best Institute for CA Intermediate Law Study Material

Best institute for CA Intermediate Law Study Material

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is a statutory body that regulates the profession of Chartered Accountancy in India. Chartered Accountancy is the highest profession of any commerce stream student. ICAI has designed the Chartered Accountancy course in three levels of 4.5 years duration. 

The first level of Chartered Accountancy Course is Foundation level and the second is Intermediate level and the third is the final level.

For all the levels of CA examination is a set procedure including the registration process, study material, study durations, Examination process, etc. 

Chartered Accountancy course is basically a blend of mathematical, logical, statistical, reasoning so somehow it is known for its challenging study and efforts to crack its examinations in the first try. And it’s a fact that CA Coaching Institute has become essential to join for a systematic way of teaching.

Roleplay of CA Institute in Coaching of CA

CA coaching Institute plays a significant role in conquering the hurdle of the CA course. It not only provides planned and experienced study materials but also gives positive vibes to students to face the challenges of the CA course. It has become to a very good extent the responsibility of the Institute to guide and teach in the right direction to students. Such as the VSI institute is performing very sound in the field of CA coaching that’s very a proper adjective is used for VSI The Best Institute For CA coaching if we talk about CA Intermediate so VSI is no less than in the coaching for CA Intermediate.VSI previous years result is the best example to examine its efficiency for CA Intermediate exam preparations.

CA Intermediate examination is divided into two groups of eight papers each group containing 4 papers. In the first group of CA intermediate, there is one subject called Corporate Laws & other Laws.

What are Corporate Laws & other Laws?

It is the second paper of the series. This subject intends to achieve the familiarity of corporate and other laws to apply and analyze the provision of laws. The objective of the subject is to develop an understanding of the provision of select legislations and acquire the ability to address application issues and the rules of interpreting statutes to prepare CA Intermediate students to face the corporate world with confidence in analyzing & applying the provision of dynamic corporate laws and other laws.

Subject Corporate Laws is considered a hard subject because it requires a bit of logical analytical skills. It also a practical subject that requires actual compliance. But  the appropriate coaching institute and the right strategies to study corporate laws and other laws can elevate the burden of it. VSI study material for Corporate Laws and Other Laws are well described, planned and have essential elements likewise

Updated Syllabus

For any subject if the syllabus is updated then it is more worthy to study because the updated CA Intermediate Law Study Material covers all new and old queries and practices of concerned subjects. As far as Corporate Laws are concerned it needs to be updated and the latest syllabus because if new legislations are enacted in place of existing legislations the syllabus would include the corresponding provision of such new legislations with the effect from a date notified by the institute. The specific inclusion and exclusion in various topics covered in the syllabus will be affected every year by way of study guidelines if required.

Sample papers,Previous years questions papers, and mock test papers

All these kind of study material is very useful to evaluate your study and in time management.It gives an idea about your weaker and stronger subject topics and it will become easier for you to calculate your time according to subject need. And it also helps in revision time. And especially Mock Test papers are prepared on exam-oriented topics so it is beneficial to solve mock test paper series. 

VSI provides Mock test Papers series to their students by monthly. You can get the VSI Mock Test Papers series by paying a very nominal amount from the website of VSI.

Best Recommended Books CA Intermediate Law Study Material

Books are one of the best TLM for studying deep for any topic and we are lucky that we have so many books related to Corporate Laws & Other Laws but the main issue is to choose suitable books. VSI has sorted this issue and recommends the best author books that cover all the essentia topics related to corporate laws and other laws. The first book is by MANISH BHANDARI and the second book is by M.P. VIJAY KUMAR.

  • Well qualified Teachers

In teaching Corporate laws and other laws faculty must be very well knowledgeable and updated with inclusion and exclusion of provisions in legislation. All the VSI faculty are very well experienced and skilled who make sure that all the queries sorted with updated study material so that students do not have to bother about old and new concepts.

  • Method of studying

For the effective study of Corporate Laws & other Laws subject a proper method of study is much needed it requires division of law subject in two portions, manage your time to study each portion,practise as many question as you can And most important regularly check the amendments because ICAI has a tendency to gives importance to the amendments.

Basically, the subject of Corporate Laws & other Laws requires fresh and updated knowledge to carry forward it. And VSI curriculum for this subject is very applicable and feasible 

Why VSI for coaching the corporate laws & other laws?

Corporate Laws subject is considered one of the most scoring subjects in CA Intermediate so make sure not to lose exemption in such subject. And its marks can help you in covering the aggregate marks of other papers. That’s why VSI offers very sound quality study techniques and very updated study material to their students even the books which VSI recommends for corporate laws and other laws are very good and author by very renowned law teachers. And the compilers like pdf and pendrive class have great effect on the study of CA aspirants.

VSI closely follows the ICAI and ICAI gives importance over the amendments.Subjects like Tax, Audit, and law contain huge amendments and it often covers 15 to 20 percent paper so VSI emphasis is on amendments.

That’s why VSI is the perfect choice to get coaching for CA Intermediate Corporate Laws & Other Laws


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