Best Instagram Feeds Ideas To Embed On Website

instagram feed on website

All social media, especially Instagram, have become important to every digital marketer in this digital world. One of the main reasons for the sudden rise of Instagram is that it is visually rich. Often this visually rich content helps the businesses drive traffic to their website and enhance brand awareness. In this era of cross-promotion and digital marketing, the trend to drive audiences to different platforms has often worked successfully. In the extension of the cross-promotion strategy, businesses have started to embed Instagram feed on website. It not only strengthens the brand’s Instagram presence but also enhances brand reputation and provides other various benefits.

The Instagram feed adds vibrancy to the website; you can embed the feed according to your style and make your website more appealing. Here are different examples of Instagram feed that you can use to add charm to your website.

Examples of Instagram feed 

Grid Style

The grid Style feed is the most used style to display the content. Even Instagram uses the grid style for its suggestion tab. 

Grid style displays the feed in an organised manner and hence adds quality to your website. It makes your website lively and well arranged and provides a good impression on the visitors. 

You can display all your products by using the grid style. It provides equal space and attention to each content; hence, the visitor can look at different posts and content all at once. 

Hashtag Feeds

Hashtags are important while using Instagram. Although Twitter initially introduced hashtags, Instagram made them more famous and effective. Nowadays, marketers cannot afford to ignore hashtags for their marketing campaigns. And hence it holds an important place in marketing strategies for businesses.

You can use hashtags for your benefit even while embedding Instagram feed on your website. You can display the feed using the hashtags; the feed will collect all the content using provided hashtags and display them as a presentation on your website. By showcasing hashtag feeds, you can display various content related to your business. It will help you to spark interest in the visitor’s mind and create a good impression.

Instagram Handle

As mentioned above, Instagram is very popular amongst businesses, and hence numerous brands have Instagram accounts and use them for marketing their products. With so much competition on the platform, there can be a possibility that your potential or past customer might be unaware of your Instagram presence and fail to get any update or post related to your business or product.

By embedding Instagram handles on your website, you can provide a pathway to your visitor towards your Instagram account. The visitor also has the option to follow you on the platform. People often measure a brand’s reputation from their social media following; hence, the feed will help you increase your measure.

Also, by embedding your Instagram Handle on the website, you provide a sneak into your Instagram profile to your visitor. And hence he can view all your social media content and posts without exiting the website window.


A sidebar is a very useful way to display an embedded Instagram feed. It makes your website beautiful and makes it pleasing to the eye. The sideway takes very little space on your website, and hence the visitor can have a good look at your website and get a little sneak into your Instagram chatter.

You can display a sidebar on each page of your website and increase your website’s click-through rate. That eventually helps to increase your position in search engine ranking. 

One smart way of using a sidebar on your website is to use the sidebar on each page; hence, you can provide your product review or public opinion on the feed. So, whenever a visitor opens the page to look for the details about the products, he will even get to see the reviews about the product. 


Carousel adds vibrancy to your website; it displays the Instagram feed in slideshow view, making your website interactive.

The carousel attracts the visitors’ attention, as it displays the content in an elaborate manner, and the visitor can swipe through the carousel to view more related content.

You can use the carousel to showcase your brand’s story. People always have the curiosity to know the story behind the brand. Hence, it instils an interest in visitors’ minds and helps you attain sales. You can also showcase different images of your products and provide every dimension of the product, so it helps a potential customer’s buying decision.

It also increases the click-through rate and website traffic as people show more interest in knowing the story and would like to view the complete history of your brand. And if you are showcasing a product, visitors will swipe through the content to fulfil their satisfaction before buying the product. 

So you can opt for any of the above mentioned Instagram feed examples to embed on your website and get amazing benefits.

Benefits of embedding the Instagram feed

As we discussed different ways to embed an Instagram feed on your website, we will now discuss what benefits to get when you embed the Instagram feed on your website. 

Develops trust

Trust is very important for the business. Trust factor enhances your brand’s reputation and helps you gather a good customer base for your business.

A potential customer would like to gather all the information about your business and product before making any purchases. On the other hand, people often use Instagram and social media platforms to express their opinion about the product and share their reviews on it. 

By embedding the Instagram feed on your website, you can showcase social proof and reviews about your product and business to your visitor. Social proof often helps potential customer in buying decisions and can convince them to buy from your brand.

Also, it provides ease to your visitor as well. The visitor gets to know details about the product and its reviews simultaneously and on the same page. He doesn’t have to exit the window and indulge in further research about the product, hence saving his time as well.

Even your customers feel valued as you consider their feedback and display their reviews and content on your website. It enhances your reputation and builds a strong customer-brand relationship.

Makes website engaging

Instagram provides vast content to the business, whether it is images, short videos, long-duration videos or bite-sized videos. One amazing speciality of this type of content is that it can gather attention and keep people engaged.

By embedding the Instagram feed on your website, you can make your website engaging and interactive. The variety of content develops an interest in the visitor’s mind, and hence, he gets engaged in viewing the content. Also, the feed provides a huge set of content, so visitors can scroll through the feed, click on the content and enjoy it.

Adds charm to the website

Visual-based content always has the power to create more impact and stay fresh in the viewers’ minds. But, another added feature of visual content is, it is vibrant and attracts people’s attention.

Instagram is a hub of visual-based content. Its sheer focus on the visual content has made it the post-social media platform; such is the impact of visual contents. You can carry the same impact on your website by embedding the Instagram feed on your website. 

The feed adds vibrancy to your website by displaying visual-based content. People often post images with happy faces or upload videos with a great background. All these help you to add charm to your website and impress the visitor.

You can also use tools like the Instagram widget that helps you embed the feed. You can even customise these widgets by selecting different layouts or choosing from different templates. The tools also allow you to personalise your feed by changing the style, background, theme and colour of the feed. 

A vibrant theme and good looking widget enhance the beauty of your website.

Strengthen social media presence

Social media plays a vital role in a brand’s reputation. It is so powerful that it can make or break the brand. Hence, it is important that you have a good social media presence, and more people must be aware of your social media existence.

Embed Instagram feed provides a link between your Instagram and website. So, if a visitor isn’t aware of your Instagram account, he will get to know about it from your website. It helps you to establish your brand on Instagram. And with such a huge user base and boost in reach, you can extract great benefit from the platform. 

Boosts user-generated content

UGC is marketing gold. Business heavily depends on it to enhance their brand awareness and recognition.

You can boost UGC for your brand by featuring the content on your website. A user feels respected when his content gets a feature on a brand’s official website. It inspires other people as well to make content related to the business and get a feature. 

Summing it up

Instagram is a powerful platform that helps you gather more customers and attain more sales. You can extract the maximum benefit from the platform by using it smartly and strategically. In this competitive world, merely using the platform to its limit is not enough. You have to think out of the box and implement strategies that help your business grow and reach new heights.


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