Best Headphone / Earphone buying guide in 2021

Best Headphone Buying Guide

Hi friends, this post is about the Best Headphone / Earphone buying guide in 2021. In this post, I will guide you on how to buy quality and durable earphones according to your needs. Most people do a lot of research before buying a mobile phone, television, or any other gadget. They consider processor, camera quality, RAM, ROM, display, etc.

But they don’t research before buying any accessories for that gadget. But the best part is that you are not one of those people. You do your research before you buy an accessory for your phone. It means you care about your money and you want a valuable product. Congratulations on that.

If you go through this post completely then I assure you that you will find a valuable product. In this post, I will tell you how to buy a good and valuable earphone under your budget. 

After reading this post, you will buy any earphones/headphones without reading or seeing any other guide. You will not face any problem in any price segment while buying earphones.

Let us first talk about what topics we have covered in this post.

  • Comfort
  • Quality of sound
  • Types of earphones and headphones and which one to choose? 
  • Mic
  • Waterproof (Required or not) 
  • Wired or Wireless earphones or headphones
  • The shape of the earphone jack
  • Noise cancellation
  • Drivers (size, no. Of drivers, etc.)
  • Material of earphones or headphone and their wire
  • Types of Jack and which one to choose

The main things to consider and research before buying the best earphone or headphones are their sound quality, comfort, and durability. So these are the three things that matter the most. Let us first discuss the types of earphones and headphones.

There are mainly three types of earphones/headphones:-

  • In-ear
  • On-ear
  • Over the ear

In-ear headphones are commonly known as earphones. These earphones can be inserted directly into the ear canal itself.

On-ear headphones have ear cups that cover the ear but not completely and provide cushioning to the ear.

The third type is over-ear headphones, these headphones are large in size and their earcups cover your entire ear. It also provides cushioning to the entire ear. Since it covers the entire ear, its noise cancellation is generally higher than other types of headphones.

What is noise cancellation? Which Headphones Provide Better Noise Cancellation?

When you travel or walk outside or on any road, and you don’t want any extraneous noise while wearing earphones or headphones, you must buy noise cancellation headphones that can improve your sound experience. So to summarize the above paragraph we can say that the noise-canceling headphones cancel the external noise to improve their sound quality.

The type of headphones that are good for noise cancellation is over-ear headphones. Since its earcups cover the entire ear, outside noise cannot enter the ear. But if you don’t like to have heavy or bulky headphones or you feel uncomfortable while wearing over-the-ear headphones then you should move to in-ear headphones or you can say earphones. These are easy to carry, lightweight, and also offer good noise cancellation.

Wired or Wireless Headphones? 

If we talk about wired or wireless headphones, then it completely depends on you. It depends on your requirement whether you want wired headphones or wireless headphones. A good quality wireless headphone is relatively expensive compared to wired headphones.

And also keep in mind that wireless headphones have higher latency than wired headphones. Wireless headphones or earphones were introduced because many famous brands and mobile manufacturers were not providing earphone jacks.

So to use those brands, people started moving from wired headphones to wireless headphones. Personally, I think wired earphones are better because if the sound quality is higher than wireless earphones.

But if you don’t want to carry wires then you can go for wireless headphones. Otherwise, many wired headphones are tangle-free, have good sound quality, etc. I am saying again that buying wired or wireless headphones is your personal choice.


Now let’s talk about comfort. Before buying headphones/earphones, you should know that if you are a music lover then which headphones and earphones you can wear for a long time.

You can try it out by borrowing an earphone or headphone from your friend and then after testing all the earphones or headphones, you can decide for yourself which headphone is best for you in terms of comfort.

But let me tell you my point. If you are the type of person who wants to use/carry headphones with you at all times without any break, then you should definitely go for in-ear headphones or we can say earphones.

I would recommend it as in-ear headphones are lightweight to carry and comfortable to wear while listening to music, watching videos, etc.

But if you are someone who does not use headphones continuously throughout the day, then you can use on-ear headphones. The on-ear headphones are good for listening to music, editing videos, or for someone who takes breaks or hiatus while working

If you are someone who uses headphones for a limited time then you definitely go for over-ear headphones. In my personal experience, these headphones are the best for sound quality, but you may find it uncomfortable to wear these headphones all day, so it is recommended to wear in-ear headphones for a short period of time.

If you are a game lover, music lover, or attend online meetings then you can buy these headphones.

Mic 🎤-Best Headphone / Earphone buying guide

The mic is a very important part of earphones/headphones nowadays as most people work from home. If you are attending a meeting or taking an online class, you definitely need a mic. My recommendation is to have a mic in your headphones, even if you don’t need it to attend meetings or attend online classes.

Because if you are listening to music or watching the video and suddenly someone calls you then you don’t need to remove the earphone jack, you can directly receive calls and talk to them through earphone mic and you can use your earphone and You can hear their voice through it. That’s why nowadays mic has become necessary in earphones or headphones.

Waterproof Earphones 🎧

Now, do you need waterproof headphones? Well, it depends on your daily life and your budget. If you don’t do adventurous things and your life is simple and you don’t have to keep your earphone near water then you don’t need waterproof earphones.

But if your life is an adventure, that means you travel a lot and you travel through hills, mountains or near pond, if your phone is prone to fall in the water, then you must use waterproof earphones.

I don’t think many users have an adventurous life. Because now it’s almost everyone at home so I don’t think you need waterproof earphones or headphones.

Again it totally depends on your experience and if you want to buy waterproof earphones or headphones, then you can buy IPX certified earphones or headphones.

Drivers- Best Headphone / Earphone buying guide 

The defining sound quality part of the earphones is the driver. First of all, let me tell you that if you want better sound quality, try to choose a bigger driver size. The reason for the better sound quality of headphones or earphones is the size of the driver.

But it’s not the size only thing to consider, there are other factors as well. The reason why over-ear headphones have good sound quality is the driver’s big size, quality, and material.

Keep in mind that if you are buying on-ear headphones or over-ear headphones, then the size of the driver should be more than 40 mm. This is the recommended minimum driver size for headphones. If we talk about in-ear headphones(earphones) try to choose earphones with a driver size of more than 9mm

Number of Drivers

There was a time when only single driver earphones or headphones were available. But nowadays many earphones or headphones have more than one driver.

Keep in mind that more drivers mean better sound so if you are getting multiple driver earphones in your budget you should buy that if sound quality is your priority.

Material of Wire 

Now let’s talk about the material of the headphone/earphone wire. You can find earphones with tangle-free and non-tangle-free wires. You must have noticed that if you keep the earphone in the pocket then the earphone gets tangled.

So to avoid this problem, manufacturers started making tangle-free earphones. So if you buy ‘tangle-free earphones’ then they will not get tangled. On the other hand, if you buy non-tangle-free earphones then your earphones will get tangled.

So it is recommended for you that you buy a durable material like a tangle-free earphone with braided wire.

Material of Earphone/Headphone 🎧

What should be the material of the earpiece? It is better to buy earphones with earpieces made of wood. But wooden earphones are usually expensive.

If you want to go within the budget of your phone, then check whether the material of the earpiece is made of metal or not. Try to avoid plastic as it will not give the same sound quality as metal or wood.

Earphone Jack 🎧

You can say that earphone jacks are the connectors that connect your earphones to any device. There are mainly two types of earphone jacks available in the market

  • 3.5mm Jack
  • Type C Jack

These are the most common types of jacks available in the market. This criteria completely depends on your phone. If your phone has a 3.5mm jack then you should buy that kind of earphone.

The shape of Jack 🎧

  • I shaped
  • L shaped

I suggest you buy earphones which have L shaped jack. This is because L-shaped jacks are good for gaming and at the same time they are also durable as compared to I-shaped jacks.


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