Best Free China Classified Sites Online for Bloggers Traffic

Best Free China Classified Sites Online for Bloggers Traffic

Are you looking for the best free china classified sites online for bloggers traffic? or china free classified ads for business promotion?

Classified ads mostly use in newspapers. where we can give ad by spending less amount. We can see there is one page of classified ads in every newspaper.

A classified ad is an advertisement in which you can promote your product or services directly. A classified ad could a print media or an online.

You might have seen a separate column on the newpaper that is specially designed for the classified ads. Even some newspapers also publishing a separate page for classified ads.

Some examples of online classified ad websites are OLX, Quikr, Prachara, Craigslist etc.

How do they work:-

It acts as a portal for the sellers to advertise their products and the interested buyers can view the classified listings under the relevant categories and contact the seller to buy the products.

  1. If you are getting a dofollow link back from classified then it will definitely help to boost your website ranking
  2. Classified in itself promote your brand and make your brand visible on internet.
  3. You may earn extra visitors that comes on that classified site.

Best Free China Classified Sites Online for Bloggers Traffic

I will list some of the social media websites to share your links. Try to post for every day a month and see the difference in your website traffic and the rankings.

Below 10 websites are the business listing sites which has high PA, helps your websites to get quality traffic.

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Heavy advertising is for sure no quick medicine, you need to focus on how quickly you can grow volumes and liquidity, and for each country create a specific strategy keeping in mind the unique culture and behavior.

Any tom, dick and harry, can spend money on TV and show page views and traffic. Is that enough reason for TV advertising for a marketplace?

The question for Indian brands is this, and these apart from the metrics above should drive the strategy

Could they have achieved all what they see today at half the cost or less?

What happens if they stop TV advertising today?

How do they ensure that 90% of items on sale are C2C standard? Why have they not been able to achieve that till now? What are they doing about it?

How to improve classified ads?

When you are looking to improve your site, you should look to the needs and wants of your user base.

For a classifieds site that means looking at:

  • What buyers want – They want to find the item they are looking for.
  • What sellers want – They want their items to be found so they can sell them.

This can of course be broken down into finer details, but with this in mind you can start looking at how you can help your users obtain their goals.

This is a very good question because most people seem to overlook these simple steps.

  1. Please work on the website structure and maintain hygiene as it supports your goals in the long term.
  2. Add a blog, if possible. It will help people discover the blog and rank faster.

I have also seen that the best way to attract users to a new site is to promote it in forums and other communities where people tend to hang out. For example, Reddit is a place where there are plenty of people who are looking for new sites to promote or submit content to. The more you promote your idea in the right places, the more people will take notice and start to take action.


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