Best Exciting Day Trips From Salt Lake City

Best Exciting Day Trips From Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is Utah’s capital and lies on the glittering shores of the Great Salt Lake. It is the capital of Utah and the capital of a strange Mormon cult that takes it apart from the rest of the places in the United States. Salt Lake City is a city that fascinated and disgusted me in equal measure. Located in a valley surrounded by mountains, the environment is enjoyable and makes you feel good. Unlike other metropolises in the United States, the center is not at all overwhelming. It is manageable in size and has some impressive historical buildings. Plus, the region around it is truly incredible, and you could spend a whole month just exploring the riches that Utah has to offer. If you are planning to travel to this beautiful city, try making your bookings using American Airlines reservations options for the best deals and discounts. 

Antelope Island State Park

Take a vacation to the most stunning part of the United States. Journey to the Antelope Island State Park will take you to another world entirely with its rugged stretch of the backcountry. Located within Salt lake, the park is just like an oasis for most of the bikers and hikers in the area. Locals and travelers visit this park to have some peaceful time with mother nature amidst the stretch of beauty across the park. If you are traveling with your loved ones, enjoy a lovely sunset with them and have some fun taking a dip in the salty waters. 

Goblin Valley State Park

To have a postcard-worthy photograph to show it off in front of family and friends, then you need to visit the Goblin Valley, State Park. Travelers need to make a 200-mile-pressure to reach Goblin Valley, State Park. If you ever doubt what Salvador Dali’s Portrait of Mars looks like, you must visit this park. Hike up the Carmel Canyon Loop or hit the bike trails and indulge in the beauty of the starry Milky way at night. 

Bonneville Salt Flats

These long-lasting relics from the Pleistocene technology might be the fastest formed salt flats that stretch across the plain, white lands. The sun paints the whole sky pink during the sunsets, and the twinkling stars appear like diamonds in the magical sky. It is the best place to go out for a family trip for stargazing with friends, family, and children and enjoy a day out laughing and sharing great moments. 

Nine Mile Canyon 

If you are an Art fanatic, then you will love Nine Mile Canyon. If you wish to escape from the crowd, visit this place in a desolate area in the Utah barren region. This canyon holds 10,000 pictographs and petroglyphs, making it ‘the world’s longest art gallery.’ It even is the most incredible area to go for trekking and mountain biking. 

Canyon City Creek

An excellent alternative to escape the high temperatures is City Creek Canyon. Strolling along this path surrounded by trees and animated by the sound of the City Creek River is a pleasure when the heat is scorching, whether you decide to walk, run or bike. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to practice it on holidays or odd days of summer if you like cycling.

Cecret Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Don’t leave Salt Lake City without visiting Cecret Lake. To access it, you can leave the city by taking the Little Cottonwood Canyon road. Leave the car in the parking area that you will find on that same road, but not before taking advantage of the trip to enjoy the landscape. Then you can take the tour on foot to the lake, surrounded by beautiful adamellite rocks that will not leave you indifferent. 

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