Best Cities to Travel in the US

best cities to travel in the US
best cities to travel in the US

From snow-capped mountains to beautiful sunny beaches. From the Great Canyon to Yellowstone National Parks mesmerizing beauty. The United States of America is filled with incredible natural surprises in every nook and corner. It does feel like it will be a different experience to travel after pandemic; hence we have concentrated the travel destinations that can be chosen domestically during COVID-19. Let’s find the best cities to travel in the US to relax your mind and have a stress-free vacation with your loved ones. Try making your flight bookings using Qatar airways reservations options for a safe journey. 

New York

The most famous cities in the world could only be New York city! Cosmopolitan city, cultural and artistic centre, attracts millions of visitors every year, making everyone’s dreams come true. Impossible to not walk through the streets without imagining all the films and sitcoms that you grew up watching being shot there. If you are travelling to New York for the first time, then you cannot miss the great classics:

  • The Statue of Liberty with Elli Island, also enjoying a cruise ship with a panoramic view of one of the most famous skylines in the world.
  • The Empire State Building.
  • The beautiful Times Square.
  • Central Park, and a lot more.

All year round is the best time to travel to New York as it has all kinds of events and festivals lined up for the year-round fun. 

Los Angeles

It is one of the most dreamed cities in the world, for all the opportunities it offers to those in search of success. Here, there are Hollywood and numerous production studios, including Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers!

Los Angeles is a place where all our favourite celebrities live. If you want to discover all the secrets of the city, take a bike tour between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Among the things to see in Los Angeles, a visit to Griffith Park and Hollywood Hills, which is the symbol of the city, can never be missed. 

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Las Vegas: One of the best Cities to Travel in the US

Vegas has in store that every travel needs. The city ​​of excesses, gambling and casinos, fun and long nights – we’re talking about Las Vegas! Located in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, it is one of those cities to visit at least once in a lifetime with your friends because you know, “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas “. Location of numerous and famous films, it will allow you to experience a completely different lifestyle, even just for one night!

The visit to the city can only start from the Las Vegas Strip, the most famous street in the town and one of the most famous in the world! 5 km long, it is full of hotels, casinos and clubs and you can also find the Fashion Show Mall and the wonderful Bellagio Fountains.

A unique way to see this street is with a scenic helicopter flight in the evening! Soon after we find Fremont Street, which contains the oldest part of the city! A visit to some of the most popular and well-known hotels is also inevitable: we are talking about Caesars Palace, The Venetian and New York. Las Vegas is known to be one of the best cities to travel in the US.


Next comes Miami, one of the most loved and dreamed cities by non-Americans. Accomplices, in addition to the beauty of the town, also the various TV series and films, Miami has become one of the most common destinations for most Americans to go for a short vacation. Miami has always attracted many tourists and travellers, who come to the city in search of beautiful beaches and entertainment, but also culture and art thanks to various museums present in the town. 

To visit Miami would take several weeks, as in addition to the centre and Miami Beach, the surroundings are also absolutely worth a visit! Among the ten things to see absolutely in Miami, there are certainly the most distinct neighbourhoods: Little Havana, the Cuban community; Downtown Miami, the financial and administrative hub; and Wynwood, its artistic heart, full of art galleries, eclectic clubs, murals and craft breweries! A few hours of relaxation are not to be missed among the most beautiful beaches in Miami, where you can also rent rollerblades and experience a movie vibe.

San Francisco

A large metropolis, San Francisco is fourth in terms of population in California and twelfth in the United States. However, by population density, it comes second immediately after New York. It is mainly famous for its cultural vibrancy and architecture, as well as for hosting one of the symbols of America.

It is, in fact, mandatory to take a photo of the famous Golden Gate Bridge! You can see it up close thanks to the Two Bridges Cruise, which sails along the bay passing under the Golden Bridge and the Bay Bridge, offering an excellent view of the San Francisco skyline.

Furthermore, taking advantage of the comfortable tourist bus, you will quickly reach the main attractions of the city, such as the SFMOMA, the largest museum of modern art in the world and the Ferry Building and Mission districts, which you can then explore on foot! Make memories at one of the best cities to travel in the US. To enjoy your travel experience, try making your flight bookings using American Airlines Reservations options to have a hassle-free vacation. 


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