Best Cake To USA for Your New Year Celebration

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New Year’s Eve is celebrated by all of us with a lot of excitement and joy. People all over the world wait for the last night of the year, i.e., 31st December, so that they can have a fantastic time with friends and family. It is the start of a new year which brings new hopes and aspirations with it. Some of us like to celebrate it with just our family members or close friends while some like to party hard with their friends. People also order christmas gifts to USA along with new year gifts for their loved ones to share their happiness. Online websites have made it very convenient to order new year gifts and cakes for family and friends.

Cakes being one of the essential elements of any celebration, it becomes necessary to order an excellent new year cake online. If the cake is perfect and delicious, it increases the excitement of any occasion. If you have a new year’s party at your place and the cake you ordered was perfect, all of your guests will be happy. So, we are here with some of the most popular choices which you can try this year when you order a new year cake online:

  • New Year Photo cake- If you are going to someone’s new year party, you can take a new year photo cake with a party theme on it and surprise them. You may customize this cake in your favorite flavour, shape, and size. People will love this gesture, and a pretty and delicious cake like this will add charm to your celebration.
  • A chocolate Truffle cake- All of us love chocolate. Be it a kid or an adult; everyone relishes chocolates. You can order a delicious chocolate truffle cake in 1kg, 2 kg, or 3 kg depending upon the size of your gathering. A freshly baked soft chocolate truffle tastes heavenly, and all of your guests will enjoy it.
  • A heart-shaped Red Velvet cake- If you are planning to spend your New Year’s Eve only with your dearest partner, you must order a beautiful heart-shaped red velvet cake for the evening with a cute message on top to surprise your better half. You can pair it with a lovely new year gift, and trust us; they will love you for such a sweet gesture.
  • A Brownie cake- Brownie cakes have been in trend lately. Most of us love brownies because of their texture and taste. It might be possible that some people do not prefer cream cakes and so a brownie cake will work the best. Also, it will be easy to serve in a group of people as it already has pieces of brownies in it. It would be best if you gave this one a try.
  • Rainbow Cake- If you have kids at your celebration, you must go for a colorful rainbow cake. Kids are very much attracted to this vibrant cake, and they will like to have it on New Year’s Eve. Rainbow cakes have seven different layers of rainbow colors in them, which makes them magnificent.
  • Colorful Pineapple cake- You will find people who still find that a classic pineapple cake tastes best. You can never go wrong with this evergreen cake. But if you think that this white cake will be a little boring for your party, you must order a pineapple cake with a colorful party theme top. This looks incredible and will surely make your guests happy.
  • A countdown cake– This is one of the most appropriate cakes for New Year. It has a clock on top striking 12’o clock, the time for which everyone waits eagerly on the 31st of December. You can customize this cake in your favorite flavour and size. Your guests will surely appreciate this unique cake.

These are just a few choices that we found suitable for your New Year’s Eve. You will see more variety online on different websites. Please make your choice and order a perfect cake to USA for your celebrations and make it exciting.

People celebrate special occasions like Diwali and New Year’s Eve by exchanging gifts with their loved ones to add to their pleasure. Even if you cannot meet your dear ones living in India, you can surprise them with some new year gifts online. You can easily send gifts online for your loved ones anywhere in the world. You will get a lot of choices for new year gifts on different websites. But if you are confused as to which gift to choose for your dear ones residing abroad, we are here to help you with some popular gift ideas:

  • Gourmet Gift Basket- All of us relish delicious food. So, you can consider gifting a gourmet gift basket to your loved one containing items like chips, drinks, juices, wine, spreads, chocolates, dry fruits and nuts, croissants, cupcakes and brownies. These gift baskets are beautifully packed, which makes them even more attractive. This basket will be a perfect new year gift for a foodie friend. 
  • Chocolate or sweets hamper- As Indians, we all cherish sweets, especially on happy occasions like festivals and the new year. You can gift your dear ones pretty chocolate hamper full of exotic and tempting chocolates if they are a chocolate lover. Every Indian relish the melting flavours of traditional Indian Mithai. You can send your loved ones an Indian sweets hamper so that they can enjoy the taste of their land in a different country.
  • A Plant- Plants are one of the best gifts for any occasion. The trend of gifting plants has become quite popular in the last few years. You can gift a pretty plant to your friend or relative. Plants bring happiness, calmness and positivity to a place. When your friend looks at it every morning, they will be reminded of you. It is a perfect gift, especially for a plant lover. You can choose and send gifts online to your dearest people.
  • Aroma diffuser and candles- we all like to decorate our homes during festivals and the holiday season. You will find gorgeous aroma diffusers in the market these days, adding grace to any place and filling it with fragrance. You can order a pretty aroma diffuser with some beautifully scented candles available online. You will easily find a variety of candles online in different designs and fragrances. We are sure that this will be a unique gift for them.
  • Personalized Gifts- Special occasions call for something unique and lovely. You can order personalized gifts online for your near and dear ones abroad. You can explore a variety of personalized gifts available online like cushions, clocks, diaries, mugs, keychains, picture frames, lamps etc. You can customize them with some cute messages or pictures. Your friend will surely appreciate this lovely gift of yours. Gifting a personalized calendar for the new year is also a great idea.
  • Cakes & flowers- Last but not least are cakes and flowers. If you are confused about gifts, flowers and cakes are the best options that never go wrong. You can send a delicious cake online with some gorgeous flowers like roses, orchids or lilies for your dear ones. You can also call for mid-night delivery and surprise them pleasantly. It will be a memorable moment for them.



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