Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet – True To Size Fit 2021

Have you at any point encountered that you buy ball tennis shoes and they begin feeling touchiness and torment in your feet since they are not intended for wide feet or not consistent with size?

In this way, today you will get your particular shoe that will accommodate your wide feet. We have recorded the best b-ball shoes for wide feet which are consistent with estimates and have wide bases. B-ball shoes consistently hurt on the off chance that they don’t have a wide toe box that is reasonable for wide feet.

Best b-ball shoes for wide feet

The new binding framework in one of our recorded b-ball shoes will likewise offer you the most astounding help to the lower legs and midfoot.

Alongside that, they offer ideal help and solace to wide footers. Wide footers regularly got an issue of feeling sluggishness after some time while playing due to their heavyweight feet however these ball shoes are light-weight and offer responsiveness. They will likewise give you sway assurance and dependability regardless of whether you land on the heel in the wake of hopping.

So we will acquaint you with the most fulfilled best b-ball shoes for wide feet.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

1. Jordan Men’s Zero.2 SE

This consistent with size b-ball shoe is the most ideal alternative for more extensive feet. The plan of the Jordan why not zero.2 is stunning. Russell Westbrook the renowned American b-ball player dispatching it. The footing performs well on the two surfaces inside and outside.

Jordan Men’s Zero.2 SE

The forefoot Zoom air pad performs super for wide feet and the phylon impact point counter offers help and solaces your feet won’t ever get worn out. For wide feet like Russell Westbrook, its help and wellness are an incredible component for you.

Itemized highlights

The residue isn’t an issue for this shoe its foothold has a cored-out design that is more grippy except if 24 hours the help is remarkable for wide feet. Jordan why not zero 2 nibbles the dusty courts just as indoor floors.

its forefoot has Zoom Air padding which offers responsiveness while hopping and running. A lightweight tennis shoe for wide and eighty feet. You can dunk and run effectively due to the light signature of the tennis shoe. Phylon heel support is very agreeable.

for wide footers, it is consistent with size for wide feet the lockdown is magnificent. There are ties at the forefoot which wrap the foot emphatically giving predominant wellness and backing likewise from toe to impact point.

Its material is tough and agreeable. its upper is created with cross-section and weave. Lattice gives breathability around the foot and sews gives solidness. Its elastic outsole is very strong. Jordan zero.2 is the ideal shoe for wide and weighty feet we’ll recommend purchasing a particularly lively shading b-ball shoe.

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  • Agreeable
  • Strong
  • Dynamic tones
  • Lattice and weave upper
  • Zoom air padding
  • Cored-out foothold design


  • Not intended for tight feet
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2. Nike Air Force 1 Basketball Shoes

The Nike Airpower has an exemplary plan with its cutting edge highlights. The upper is created with a blend of calfskin and texture. Nearly it will require zero exertion when the wide footers run on the courts due to light significance.

Your feet won’t ever get drained on the off chance that you wear this shoe an entire day. The outside layers are exceptionally tough and steady. It keeps your feet new on the grounds that the punctured layers give breathability.

Nike Air Force 1 Basketball Shoe

The Nike Airpower is amazingly agreeable your foot will at any point feel. The heel has an airbag that is canvassed in elastic that contains air. It gives incredible firmness and is cumbersome.

The cowhide upper is exceptionally solid that has just about zero break-ins regardless of the off chance that you have wide or weighty feet.

Other than the numerous options of Nike Airpower 1, this tennis shoe has the most agreeable EVA insole.

The low profile shoe has ideal lower leg support for wide feet and can bear any harshness outside.

Being a wide footer, Sometimes you need to buy a 1/2 size up from your customary size yet this shoe is consistent with size.

With the foothold example of the roundabout turn point, the Nike flying corps has demonstrated the best as far as grasp too. Low at financial plan? No concern! the superior b-ball shoe is profoundly reasonable with your reach.


  • Strong
  • Nike airbag in the padded sole
  • Agreeable
  • Breathable
  • Consistent with size
  • Cowhide and lattice texture upper


  • It May too cumbersome here and there.
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3. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII SFG Basketball Shoes

Is it accurate to say that you are burnt out on the old conventional binding framework? This tennis shoe is created by the new laceless framework. The great laceless framework supplanted the old customary binding framework.

They envelop your foot in a way that your foot stays predictable in the grasp. The most agreeable for wide feet and exceptionally appropriate for b-ball courts where you can without much of a stretch run and dunk by wearing them.

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 13 SFG

The new binding framework wraps the entire foot one trim wraps your midfoot and the other goes to the lower leg. because of the binding framework, the help to the lower legs and midfoot stay predictable.

The strong elastic footing design gives an incredible hold on the two surfaces. Play like a master at cruel surfaces too.

The pad isn’t much agreeable yet is adequate. However, the forefoot and zoom unit won’t ever frustrate you by giving the misunderstanding of court feel. It additionally gives sway security.

The base is zoom-stacked insurance which assists a fast cut way even following 5 seconds forestalling any injury.

The alluring pair is for all who have substantial feet having very nearly zero shortcomings.

The shoe is much responsive in view of the zoom air unit. At the point when you press the frothy padded sole, it presses the zoom air unit consequently your foot returns rapidly during hopping.

Simple to wear ball shoe with the lone assistance of one hand you can lash the trim rapidly.


  • New binding lashes
  • Zoom-stacked insurance
  • Simple to wear
  • Steady grasp
  • Effect insurance


  • Pad is compromisable
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4. Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Mid Basketball-Shoes

The mid-cut b-ball shoes are intended for exercise centres and b-ball courts. The 2 out of 1 Adidas NEO CF Executor is a significant sturdy and exemplary style b-ball shoe. The Cloudfoam pad never baffles the wide footer as far as solace. The inconceivable solace of cloud froth padding offers adaptability for a more extended time frame. Amplify your exhibition with the best wide feet b-ball shoe having a road tech style.

Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Mid Basketball-Shoes

This shoe is viable with tricky courts having a herringbone foothold design that offers a better grasp than the metal dangerous courts. Furthermore, the elastic outsole gives additional hold to the most extreme versatility.

Having wide feet however low at financial plan? then, at that point, the Adidas NEO CF agent is made for you. This tennis shoe accommodates your spending plan at an entirely sensible cost.

The help to the lower legs is mind-boggling in light of the ortho light sock liner. It is hostile to microbial that wraps your feet flawlessly offering prevalent help. You can immediately cut the bearing with no dread of injury to your lower legs.

The upper is really stretchy that is created with a breathable cross-section upper and engineered. Lattice upper gives wind stream around the foot to forestalling sweat while playing.

The help from the curve to the lower leg is magnificent in view of the ribbon up the framework. The dependability for wide footers is the primary concern here. The cross-section tongue and cushioned collar give better steadiness around the court and adds ease while wearing the shoe.

A very reasonable shoe that has this load of vigorous provisions.

Actually, look at Price


  • Herringbone foothold design
  • Moderate
  • Unrivalled soundness
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • Cloudfoam padding


  • May need breathability.

5. Nike Men’s Air Versatile Ii Basketball Shoe

A sensational looking b-ball shoe with having an amazing plan. The consistent with size ball has extraordinary wellness like gloves. The lattice upper allows your wide feet to remain new while playing.

The Nike flexible is very viable with unexpected stops and horizontal developments. The court execution of the shoe is amazing that will fulfil the feet. The grasp on the black-top surfaces is amazing that works flawlessly without slipping.

Nike Men’s Air Versatile Ii Basketball Shoe

The Nike Men’s Air flexible offers a predominant grasp with the footing example of herringbone. The elastic outsole is much sturdy and stretchy.

The breathable upper lets the wind streams around your feet thus your feet stay new for more.

You can wear this shoe in your everyday b-ball competitions since this shoe is lightweight on account of the Visible Air-Sole heel unit.

The pad is firm for wide footers. The froth sponsored material gives solace ness henceforth you feel contained.

Also, the pad air sole offers help during dynamic arrivals on the heel.

Dependability and backing are the primary issues for wide footers during a ball game. For this issue, The Nike Air Versatile has flywire links that offer astounding help and dependability while playing. Alongside that, it accommodates your financial plan moreover.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Flywire links for better soundness and backing
  • Breathable
  • Firm pad


  • Feels massive


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