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We are the best android application development company in MumbaiThe journey from being an unknown company to becoming the best android application development company in Mumbai was tough but it was worth it because now we work with startups to bring their ideas into reality with the help of our highly skilled android app development team. 

Now let’s talk about some interesting facts.
In the wireless or digital space, the one tool which has revolutionized the way we communicate, conduct business tasks, build opportunities and network with humanity is the mobile and mobile applications.
Yes, mobile phones and apps have taken over in a big way and today it is unimaginable to visualize life without them.

Interestingly, Android is the heart and the soul of a large number of mobile devices. Also, it is an open-source operating system that allows developers to design and build a lot more Mobile applications, typically to enhance or improve communication, productivity, lifestyle and shopping.

So, what does this mean? In simple words, we build android applications that exploit mobile phones’ inherent functionalities to accelerate productivity, make shopping a child’s play, communicate efficiently and improve business in general.

Advantages of Android App Development –

  1. Because Android is developed by Google and most Android phones have multiple utility apps such as language translation, the same can be used to build geo-specific apps.
  2. Android’s maps and drive utilities are a boon for developers like us. We capitalize on these inherent features and deliver highly reactive apps. No wonder then we are called the best android app development company in Mumbai. Our certified and experienced android app developers exploit these to the fullest. For app owners, it means a full-featured, dedicated, lean and secure application.
  3. Some of the standard features of our android apps are direct messaging, call buttons, customer engagement sections, etc.

The Exavibes Advantage for Android Application development –

  • As the best android application development company in Mumbai, we offer android app development services for a host of industries and applications. We make sure our apps are compatible with all the flavors of Android and at the same time, they also complement a broad range of devices.
  • Mobile devices are small and less powerful than laptops and desktops, which means the app code needs to be potent and yet leaner and meaner, and that too without compromising the features. It takes experience, coding ingenuity, and creative imagination to build one. We possess all these attributes and more.
  • As an android application development service provider we exploit a myriad of IDE’s and frameworks such as Kotlin, Java, and C++ and a host of other languages along with Android software development kit.

Exavibes, an android app development company in Mumbai builds apps that are synonymous with intuitive UX / UI, lightweight, secure, scalable, and brand complementing. Call us to know about our full range of Mobile app development services. Rest assured we don’t just create apps but also build brands. Our services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google Ads, etc. will help your business to achieve new heights.

The million-dollar question is – “How does the mobile apps help us reach more customers?” Read on to know about it.

Push Notifications –

Everyone knows what a push notification is, especially an app owner and of course the mobile app Development Company. It is simply a window that pops up from our mobile application. This nifty little feature allows organizations to share important news or information. These discreet windows are excellent communication channels. Share your new product range, offer special discounts or inform your customers about certain items which are back in stock. They might look docile but the fact is these notifications are extremely powerful sales tools, generating interest, building leads and thereby increasing the user base.

The idea here is to send push notifications based on a target audience. Organizations and businesses can easily target a certain group of customers by analyzing their shopping history. It is this focused approach that allows app owners to convert a large number of customers into buyers.  Remember, push notifications are customizable. It means that your app user has this sense of being a valued and exclusive customer boosting their pride and ego. It leads to improved loyalty and brand awareness.


Studies had shown that push notifications increase traffic dramatically. It not only helps in reaching out to increased number of customers but also converts a large number of receivers into definite sales.


A 24 X 7 Retail Outlet –


Unlike a brick-and-mortar shop or static website, a mobile app is a fantastic piece of intelligent software that not only displays products and services round the clock but also offers that feeling of being in a “Real” store. The reason for this experience is because of several intuitive and interactive functions such as chatbox, FAQ’s page, in-app communication system etc.

However, its success depends on Mobile application promotion.

Moreover, customers can check/buy products from the comfort of their living room/office and that too at their leisure. It is this flexibility that attracts many shoppers. By simply clicking an icon on their mobile devices, customers are introduced to a world of shopping in the most intelligent and creative way. The reduced fatigue and easy-to-browse galleries entice customers time and again. Unlike brick-and-mortar shops where a certain shopper may never return, a mobile app is like a mystical arena, a genie that fulfills a customer’s wish with just a few mouse clicks.

Speedy Resolution –

A reputed research entity recently revealed an amazing fact with regards to app-based shoppers – almost 52% of the customers bought goods and services after reading the customer service reviews.

Entrepreneurs and businesses who are still skeptical of focusing on this avenue or delaying their decision to make one, here are a feature that should convince them. Speedy resolution! An app can be embedded with several innovative and intelligent query/problem-solving mechanisms such as in-app messaging, call-back provision, accessibility guide to real stores, exchange and service centers. It can also be embedded with real-time, human-based customer service features. Therefore, one needs to choose an experienced android app development or iOS development agency.

Offering quick customer resolution sends out a strong message. It shows that your brand cares about shoppers. It also prevents the escalation of issues. What does this mean for your company? Fewer negative comments/remarks on various social media and general platforms like blogs and forums. If the digital space speaks good things about your product, service, or organization it leads to increased interest and thereby traffic.

Rewards & Bonus –

Right from the day, a mobile app is launched, the concerned owner/organization should focus on the following four parameters. Of course, it demands a highly renowned Android or iOS app development services provider.

App Download Bonus – By offering redeemable / cash rewards business owners/entrepreneurs can lure customers to download their app. Once the same is downloaded the promised reward must be delivered immediately. This will cement the trust for the brand. Moreover, cash rewards are also a great way to introduce customers to your products and services. Rest assured customers will open the app and take a peek at the offerings. It then depends on the company’s / organization’s strategy on how to retain them.

Coupons – Coupons need to be exclusive in nature. These redeemable codes can then be offered to loyal customers or those who spend a certain amount during single or multiple transactions. Business entities can also offer these coupons at a discounted price to general customers, enticing them to shop more and pay less.

Reward Points – By offering reward points that are collectible in nature and which can be used against certain products and services is a great way to prompt customers to shop more. For every transaction, a certain number of points can then be added to the customer’s account. It is a great option to attract newer categories of potential shoppers and also those who are wary of your brand. The idea is to force app users to increase their spending for more reward points.

Exclusive Membership – Based on the yearly spending, a customer can be offered free membership with a bouquet of benefits and advantages. This strategy works wonders for loyalty programs. Member offers are a great way to prevent app deletion and at the same time attract newer customers, forge better engagement and relationships.

Return Policy – Gateway to increased mobile app downloads

One of the best tools/strategies for any business app is the return policy. A pro-consumer assurance guarantees amazing traction in terms of increased customer base, sales and revenues. A flexible return policy builds trust, an increased level of confidence amongst customers. Every business organization with an app as their sales and marketing tool should carefully look at this feature and plan out a strategy that is growth-driven and distinct to their domain. Talk to your mobile app Development Company. Share your concerns and strategies.


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