Best and Worst Fruits for People with Diabetes | 2021

Fruits for Diabetes

Medical experts and nutritionists maintain that there is no truth in the popular belief that fruits are not good for people with diabetes.

The fact is that doctors in America recommend many types of fruits for a diabetic person. The vitamin, minerals and fibres in fruits help a diabetic person to keep blood sugar levels down and better control type 2 diabetes. 

Just make sure that the fruits you pick up have a low glycaemic index. The low glycaemic index of a fruit is an indication that the particular fruit will not cause an increase in blood glucose levels.

Often in many societies, fruits are consumed only when a person is sick; this concept needs to be changed. Let us study some fruits picked by experts for diabetes.

What makes certain fruits best for diabetes?

Fibre content 

The fibre in fruits helps a diabetic person to control the release of sugar from food. Fibre remains undigested as its job is to clean the digestive system and promote smooth bowel movement. It also lowers the cholesterol formation in blood arteries, thus lowering cardiovascular risk.

This is why whole fruits are suggested to a diabetic person. Whole fruit also has dietary fibre, which controls the sugar in the bloodstream. It has been observed by medical experts those diabetic persons who consume fruits show less cardiovascular and other health complications than diabetic persons who do not consume fruit


Fruits with darker colours have more antioxidants than fruits with light colours. Antioxidants fight free radicals that damage blood vessels, cells and help the body repair them.


Berries- one of the best fruit for diabetes

Berries have to be on your diet plan for a diabetes patient.  Both fibre and antioxidant content of berries are quite high. Berries also promote blood circulation in the body.

Often it has been observed that males with diabetes also suffer from diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction. Berries including strawberries can be the best fruit, as it is good for both diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Anthocyanin antioxidant in berries protects the inner walls of the blood vessels. It also stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels for greater blood flow. Males on Generic Levitra 60 mg are often advised by medical experts to increase berries in a diet for the natural cure of erection issues.

Green apples

green apples

Green apples are rich in fibre, iron, zinc and niacin, all minerals which are considered good for diabetes.



Potassium and lots of vitamin C, besides fibre, calories and some carbohydrates in kiwi fruit makes it one of the best for diabetes. It is one of the recommended fruits for diabetes. The vitamin C in kiwi is equal to 70 per cent of our daily value. 

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

All citrus fruits, Oranges, lemon, grapefruit and lime, are high in vitamin C, A and potassium. The antioxidants of these fruits protect blood vessels, prevent damage to cells from free radicals and reduce inflammation.



Apricots are a good source of fibre to help regulate sugar in the bloodstream.  One serving of the fruit with 4 apricots is equal to 10 percent of the daily value of fibre for us.



Guavas have more vitamin C and antioxidants than generally believed, which are helpful for a diabetic person. Nutritionists recommend one serving of guavas daily to a diabetic person.


Grapefruit- helpful fruit for diabetes

Grapefruit with its high content of vitamin C can be very helpful for a diabetes person. However, if you are on medication, then consult your doctor before taking fruits, to avoid any reaction.

For diabetes patients, dry fruits are totally out of consideration. Dry fruits have a higher concentration of sugar than fresh fruits. Juices should also be out of the diet plan. So should fruits with higher sugar content. 

Ask your doctor for a list of fruits with low sugar content.  And if you are also facing erection issues as a side effect of diabetes, thus increase intake of berries, strawberries, and oranges. These fruits promote blood circulation in the body. 

These fruits can reduce dependence on tadalafil 60mg, which doctors prescribe for severe erection issues. Smooth blood circulation overcomes erectile dysfunction, which a diabetic male often faces. (You can also search for some diabetes medication that can control your diabetes level.) So, along with diabetes control, you also get a natural cure for erection issues with fruits. 

Worst fruits for diabetes

Mango, ripe banana and dried dates and other dried fruits (not nuts) can be the worst for a diabetes person. The reason is simple, these fruits have a higher content of sugar compared with other fruits. If you have a higher diabetes person, avoid these fruits totally. If you have a moderate blood glucose level, then eat them in moderation.

Avoid fruits juices for diabetes

Avoid fruits juices for diabetes

Juices are pure sugar without fibre, the best part of the fruits. Drinking a glass of juice gives more carbohydrates than we need. It Raises blood glucose levels suddenly.



Pineapple fruits and their juice has more sugar per cup than any other fruit. It is one of the worst fruits for people with higher levels of type 2 diabetes.



Raisins have higher carbohydrate content, which is not a good fruit for a diabetes person. A diabetic person is required to limit carbohydrate levels to 15 grams, but intake of raisin will increase the carbs content to more than 100grams.



Experts say that one cup of mango has close to 25 grams of sugar. Even eating fresh fruits, not juice, retains the higher sugar content.



The higher sugar content of cherries needs to be kept in mind by a diabetic person. Even after eating one cup of cherries with 20-gram sugar, you will still be hungry.



Keep these summer fruits out of your purchase list. One serving of this fruit raises your blood sugar content. One serving equal to one cup will give you 29 grams of sugar.


Watermelon- worst fruit for diabetes

Another summer delight that should be avoided. It has higher sugar content in one serving. Mix a couple of pieces of the fruit with other fruits in a salad, if you like to have it. But avoid single fruit consumption.



It is also one of the higher sugar content fruits. One serving is enough to raise glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a type of sweet poison for you if your blood glucose levels are high. The smoothies with added sugar mean you are inviting risk associated with diabetes. Make smoothies from spinach, kale, or fruits you can eat as a diabetic person.

There are nutritionists who believe that fruits have fructose, which is different from added or free sugar in flavoured products and juices. Fructose is not an unhealthy option for diabetes. According to them, every fruit has fibre, which keeps the sugar absorption low. But the best choice for a diabetic person is to avoid higher consumption of such fruits.

For those who cannot live without certain fruits, the best way out is to mix high sugar content fruits with nuts and other fruits. A fruit salad will be the best choice if you need to eat certain fruits. In the fruits salads, the portion of fruits with higher sugar content should be smaller than other fruits listed above in the good fruits for diabetes category.

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Make fruits part of a balanced diet and lifestyle change to control blood sugar.  Fruits also keep the risk of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure issues and erection issues in check-in males with diabetes. Just ensure that whenever you want fruit servings, it should be whole fruit servings, not juice.


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