Best and cheapest time to visit Iceland



Iceland is one of the most popular places of tourist attractions. Cost is a common concern for tourists. However, there is some best time to book a ticket and explore Iceland. Iceland is such a place where one can get many travel ideas. There are many things to do in Iceland, at a budget-friendly price.

One can see the northern lights or the midnight sun, explore the ice caves, take a dip in the Secret Lagoon and try snowmobiling. Festivals are held in some particular months; hence, Iceland has become the centre of attraction for people worldwide. Below we will discuss the best and the cheapest time to visit Iceland.

Best time to explore Iceland in Summer

Summer in Iceland starts from June and continues till August. The months of September and May are also popular among tourists. During summer, the temperature is milder and more daylight is available to take advantage of sightseeing.

Iceland remains crowded in the summer months. Lots of events and festivals are held as well. If you want to visit Iceland in a quieter time, then the months of May and September are the best.

Best time to explore Iceland in Winter

Months like October and November are a great time to visit Iceland. You can experience the long nights and the darkness of the northern parallels. Fewer activities are available at this time of year with less daylight to take advantage of.

One can stay around the southern and west coasts of Iceland. Plenty of things are here to see, including the Golden Circle. The north of Akureyri has one of the best winter landscapes.

Best time to explore Iceland in Spring

The spring in Iceland is around mid-May. Endless lupin fields start blooming all over Iceland, giving the landscape a shade of purple. One can see the northern lights at this time of year. You can also enjoy watching.

Puffins are funny-looking birds which return to Iceland in the middle of May. Horseback riding and exploring the caves are some activities you can try out during this season.

The cheapest time of year in Iceland

Iceland’s cheapest time of year is its off-peak season, which includes the months of September to November and January to May. Iceland in autumn or spring is not too crowded. Due to school holidays, June to August is the most popular and expensive time to visit Iceland.

Christmas in Iceland is also expensive for travellers. Travelling outside these peak months will be accessible on your wallet.

Cheapest flight tickets to Iceland

Travelers can find cheap flights to Iceland through websites like Skyscanner, Google Flights and Hopper. These sites will provide travellers with fare flight deals. The most reasonable time to fly to Iceland is in February and March. During these months, the festive season gets over, and the months are cold and dark; hence, it is less popular.

During this time, the airline lowers their seat prices and offers the best deals to make the journey to and from the country worthwhile. April and May are also cheap months to fly. June, July, August and December are the most expensive months to fly to Iceland.

Visiting Iceland in its off-peak season with the cheapest tickets can allow the travellers to save money and enjoy the spectacular Land of ice and fire. Those mentioned above were the best and most affordable times to visit Iceland. Booking a vacation package is the best way to lower the prices.

To get fare travel deals to Iceland, try to book the tickets days before your departure. You can search for tickets on Skyscanner, which will help you find the cheapest. Therefore, if you want to visit Iceland at an affordable rate and have the best experience, consider the above factors.




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