Benefits of Dash Cam

Dash Cam

What Is A Dash cam?

Before we discuss the benefits, here’s a quick overview of on-board cam technology. A dash cam is a small video camera that is mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a car. It is designed to record every detail of what is happening on the road. While some dash cams only record what’s in front of the car, more advanced models record audio and video of the interior and rear views.

Why Invest In Dash Cams?

When investing in dash cams for businesses, it’s important to understand the basics, like how does a dash cam work? A typical commercial camera consists of several basic components: a video camera, hard-wired power inputs, and built-in or removable solid-state storage media. Stocks make a big difference in how well an investment pays off.

Some of the key dash cam features include video quality, low light sensor and night vision. Also, the way you store your videos affects how quickly you can access them – a memory card will slow access, while uploading to the cloud will make it instantly available. The viewing angles of the dash cam – such as front, rear, interior and side views – are also critical.

Advantages Of A Dash Cam

1 Protect The Driver With Front And Rear Dash Cams

The front dash camera can provide collision warning for the area in front of the car, while the rear dash camera can detect tailgates from other drivers. Some advanced dash cams provide more complete coverage. Thinkware is a good example. This fleet security solution supports up to four high-quality HD cameras for a full 360-degree view, including rear-to-outside views, as well as an interior camera to monitor what’s happening inside the vehicle.

2 Avoid Distracted Driving

Drivers face daily challenges, including long hours, multiple stops and transfers, driving at night and traveling long distances – factors that make it difficult to keep a close eye on the road. As a result, capturing behavior in the cabin using an in-dash camera is critical to identifying problems and preventing driving distractions.

Advanced dash cam systems such as Thinkware can detect and prevent driving events in real time. If a safety event occurs – such as a swerve or hard braking – the system notifies the driver and fleet manager. The fleet operator has a constant overview of the practices on the road. This transparency can show the full sequence of events leading up to an incident and offer coaching opportunities to help drivers develop better habits.

3. Dash Cam Footage Review Faster

Probably one of the biggest advantages of a dash cam is the ability to record accidents and major events on the road. The cameras, like the on-board camera with artificial intelligence (AI) Drivers, record video before and after the accident.

This allows fleet managers to view only important events without wasting valuable time sifting through hours of dash cam footage. In some cases, managers spend 50% less time watching videos due to the high accuracy of AI analysis.

4 Record Critical Events

Claims can be processed very slowly after an accident. This is especially true if the insurer wants to conduct its own investigation and collect the statements of all parties involved. However, clear video evidence of a critical incident can speed up the evidence-gathering process.

Additionally, strong video evidence is often the key to exonerating innocent drivers. By deploying a Thinkware dashboard camera system, TITAN Freight Systems was able to release fleet drivers with video evidence.

5 Get Ready For A Dash Cam Insurance Discount

Many companies benefit from dash cams because they help drivers adopt better habits, reduce accidents and free drivers from critical accidents. And insurance companies are taking notice. In the UK and Canada, many companies offer discounts to commercial fleets that use on-board GPS cameras.

Another way dash cams can reduce insurance is by preventing false claims. The Thinkware dash cam includes a powerful AI tool that can analyze situations in real time using metrics such as distance, speed, driver behavior, road conditions and risks. This data can be used as evidence in the event of a fraudulent claim.


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