Barcelona City Guide for the UK Tourists 2023


Barcelona is a city full of passion for life, culture, food and amazing architecture. Surf at best urban beaches or stroll in gorgeous neighborhoods, eat the best tapas and get lost wandering the labyrinthine, magical streets of Barrio Gotico, Barcelona keeps you engaged throughout your trip. Explore the Catalan capital with our city guide for the UK tourist 2023.

How long should you stay in Barcelona?

Barcelona knows how to engage its visitors so, when you get a chance to explore this mesmerizing city, plan your trip for more than a week. If a week is not possible then spend at least 4 or 5 days here. In case you want to soak yourself in Barcelona’s famous nightlife then add a few more days to your visit so you have adequate time to recover.

The best time to visit Barcelona

Summer is the most popular time to visit Barcelona. Though, plenty of tourists flock here in summers but you should keep in mind that summers means tons of tourists and sweltering weather.  But again if you’re a beach lover then it is the most suitable time to enjoy. Barcelona has mild winters and temperature. The best part of winters is there are few tourists so there is almost no crowd, the best time for those who want a calm trip.

The Too Good Things about Barcelona

The bewitching beauty: An undoubtedly beautiful city holds some of the most gorgeous architecture in Europe. Take and walk and you’ll find yourself lost in the charming medieval streets of Barcelona. The city proffers plenty of beautiful places to please your eyes.

Barcelona is a living city: Barcelona is the kind of place where something is always going on, keeps its residents and tourists busy to enjoy life at its best. Barcelona love living here! There are always people outside in the parks, streets and cafes spending time and enjoying themselves.

Barcelona has been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. Its location makes it easy to travel around Europe from here. There are many tourist attractions such as museums, parks, beaches, and historical sites.

The rocking nightlife:

Probably the most important reason why tourists flock to Barcelona. Most of the people here are totally night owls, as you’ll witness people dining until midnight. The nightlife here doesn’t start until about 10pm and then fun continues until the early mornings. The clubs remain open until 6 am.

The dazzling beaches: Rated as the best beach city in the world, you’ll be amazed with the bewitching beauty of Barcelona beaches.

Great Weather and Excellent Outdoor Life: Barcelona is blessed with beautiful weather; mild winters and warm summers allow people to spend lots of time outside in the parks, squares, outdoor cafes and beaches.

Culture and Museums: This spectacular city has something for everyone including history rich museums and amazing culture.

Must See-Sights and Attractions in Barcelona

Amazing Neighborhoods of Barcelona: It’s the oldest and most visited neighborhood of Barcelona. Barri Gotic contains many of the city’s top attractions including the Cathedral of Barcelona and a handful of Roman ruins. Fancy places still can’t compare the joy tourists can get while strolling in winding medieval streets and alleys. Las Ramblas is another bustling neighborhood, lined with chain stores, shops, tacky tourist stalls, café and restaurants. Las Ramblas is an overly priced area as well as the biggest pickpocket hotspot in Europe so be extra careful when you’re there. La Boqueria Market is a big bustling market near Las Ramblas, rated the best market in the world. If you’re looking for something trendy and artistic, head to the El Born area.


The trendy neighborhood is home to the stunning Church of Santa Maria del Mar and Santa Caterina Market. El Born is also famous for its tapas bars, avant-garde galleries, nightlife, cool cafes, restaurants and vintage shops.  The El Raval neighborhood of Country is one of the most ethnically diverse areas, mostly popular among young, hip folks. L’Eixample is the largest neighborhood in this country where the city’s most architectural highlights are located including La Sagrada Familia. People love to spend time in this lively neighborhood with different personalities.

Barcelona Museums:

Picasso Museum is the most popular museum in the city, holding the most expensive collection of Picasso works. Besides, Picasso Museum there are several other museums to explore in here. The Fundacio Joan Miro Museum displays the top collection of Joan Miro and many other contemporary artists. CaixaForum is located in a former brick factory, featuring some of the excellent art work. Other highlighted museums include Catalan Art Museum, country History Museum and Maritime Museum.

Beaches in Barcelona:

The beautiful beach city is quite interesting because the beaches here were overrun by industry and pollution until the early 90s. Before the 1992 Olympics, the city was thoroughly cleaned and renovated and now country is considered to have one of the best urban beaches in the world. Platja beach is the most notorious beach at Vila Olimpica.

Food : You can find amazing food for all budget types in here. In Europe, Barcelona has the highest number of restaurants and bars per capita. Spain is specially noted for tapas. Mini portions of single dishes range from simple to extravagant, but generally affordable. The other must try food in Barcelona is Seafood paella. When it comes to drinking, Cava hit the top position. The sparkling wine is the official drink of Barcelona. Sangria is a specialty of southern Spain but not well made in Barcelona. They only serve it because of tourist demand.

Nightlife and Clubs in Barcelona:

Nightlife in Barcelona is on the next level. Not just the bars and restaurants are filled on weekends but also the weeknights. Prices for drinks are fairly affordable but spend for the better environment at popular clubs. Barcelona’s nightlife is not just restricted to clubs but there are tons of restaurants and bars that cater to just about anything you’re into.

Barcelona Hostels:

If you’re traveling on a budget, rather than staying at a fancy hotel try out the hostels. You can easily find a number of cheap hostels in Barcelona that have good reviews. But thanks to the influx of tourists, prices in summer slightly increase, still they’re affordable than expensive hotels. If you want to save, make sure to book early. Some of the best reviewed hostels include Pars Teatro hostel, Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace, Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia and Feetup Garden House.

Traveling around Barcelona: Most people use the subway or metro for long distances in Barcelona. The whole city has a good public transportation network but as the city is fairly compact many people end up walking. The air-conditioned metro is a good option in steamy summers.

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Barcelona is also home to the Camp Nou stadium, where FC Barcelona plays its matches. This stadium was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. It is the largest stadium in Spain with a capacity of 99,000 spectators.


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