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Maybe due to the recent pandemic, or maybe due to the recent acceptance of the herbal remedies, there is a rise in need for Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy medications. But one cannot just decide to start a herbal business one day and set up a shop or a manufacturing plant the next. There is a specific requirement to start such a business and it’s called the AYUSH certificate. 

The rising demand of AYUSH medicines has led an increase in demand for the AYUSH License. It has in turn, increased the demand for AYUSH license consultants. Even though the license is pretty old, the people who are an expert at handling it are few. Which is why, it’s best to ding best active AYUSH license consultants all over India. 

Through this blog, our goal is to guide you through them. 

You’ll find the best AYUSH Certificate consultants at the metropolitan cities

When you think of herbal medications, your thoughts automatically go to the serene villages. You imagine the lush green forests, the mountain top herbs, and our ancient saints smashing together a bunch of herbs to create medicines. While “rural” places are the best places to start an AYUSH business, they aren’t the best places to get a license. What you need from an AYUSH license consultant is for his office to be located in metropolitan cities. Why? It’s because in metropolitan cities:

  1. They have more access to digitized AYUSH license approach. 
  2. They have a very timely and professional approach towards providing you the AYUSH certificate services.
  3. Because of their vicinity to the most government offices, the consultants can expedite the AYUSH licensing process for you. 

AYUSH license consultants active in metropolitan cities of India

Here is a list of metropolitan cities and the AYUSH license consultants that are active in it:

  1. Delhi: Delhi is the definitive metropolitan city of India. Apart from being the national capital, it’s also the place that plays the role of being the intersection point of economical and cultural aspects of the country. An AYUSH license Delhi expert won’t have any trouble providing the services that you require because of his or her closeness to the head offices in the AYUSH ministry. 
  2. Kolkata: Kolkata is a metropolitan state that has always given a sense of enigma. It provides high quality licensing services because of its metropolitan region. However, the regions cultural roots make it a good spot to setup an AYURVEDIC shop as well. Surrounded by states of various kinds, Kolkata is a place where you go to if you want something beyond AYUSH license registration. 
  3. Chennai: When looking for a particular kind of AYUSH license that sets you apart from the rest, you can’t go wrong if the place you’re looking for AYUSH license registration is in Chennai. It’s deep spiritual roots and it’s vicinity to most government facilities makes it an optimum place for not just finding the consultants, but also get start a business. 
  4. Mumbai: Mumbai has been going through a pandemic catastrophe. The recent arrival of a mutated variant of COVID 19 has brought it to its knees. People are now looking for light somewhere and alternative medicines have given them the way. If you want to setup an AYUSH manufacturing plant in that region to give people hope, you’d be happy to know the AYUSH certificate company of Mumbai stands with you. 

With the said four metropolitan regions, you’d find the most active license consultants. Because of their nature and their proclivity towards helping their clients, you’d receive timely assistance at each step of acquiring the AYUSH license in India. And in fact these cosultants are well equiped with every minute detials and tools that are required to help you sail through the entire process of Your Registration Easily. Be it Ayush License, Bee Certificate, epr certification etc. You name the Service and it is readily available to you


The best places to find the best AYUSH license consultants are the metropolitan cities. They can provide you every service and then some in a timely manner. Reach out to Registrationwala as we exist in those metropolitan cities and thus, would be happy to assist you. From Start to finish We’ll hand hold you for the peace of mind      


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