Automobile Repair Workshops – Tools and equipment

Automobile Repair Workshops - Tools and equipment


In our auto guide article area, we have included articles identified with tips for maintenance, improving mileage, etc. As a client when we visit a service station, repair workshops we regularly wonder with respect to what devices they may be utilizing, would they say they are following a necessary method? Etc.

We exclusively rely on the trust factor that our vehicles are in safe hands. Information and mindfulness are the keys. We will distribute a progression of articles covering everything about car repair service stations, with an expectation of giving ongoing data about the activities at a service station. The guide begins from apparatuses and hardware to troubleshooting, etc.

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Automobile Repair Workshops

Tools and Equipment    

A decent automobile shop should have all the instruments that are required prior to undertaking the obligation of discovering flaws in all vehicle types and servicing jobs. The necessary list of instruments and tools are recorded as follows:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Spanners, torques, and so forth
  • Pliers
  • Hammers
  • Chisels
  • Files
  • Hacksaw
  • Drilling equipment
  • Bench vice
  • Grinder
  • Measuring devices
  • Chain pulley block
  • Hydraulic axle stands and jack
  • Creeper
  • Lubrication hardware
  • Battery testing
  • Electric hardware
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Devices for tyres
  • Tyre remover
  • Wheel adjusting hardware
  • Brake testing
  • High pressing washing machine
  • Motor analyzer
  • Hydraulic press
  • Piston ring compressor
  • Ring remover
  • Ring filing device
  • Piston groove cleaning instrument
  • Cylinder reboring tool
  • Cylinder honing instrument
  • Valve refacing instrument
  • Valve re-seat grinding machine
  • Chassis arrangement hardware
  • Spark plug testing and cleaning hardware
  • Steering calculation and arrangement checks
  • Nozzle testing and cleaning hardware
  • Connecting rod arrangement equipment
  • Fuel injector analyzer
  • Center lathe
  • Fire quencher
  • Pressure gauge and air compressor
  • Workshop manuals. Etc
  • Charging hardware


Screwdrivers are significant devices that are helpful to eliminate/fix various sorts of screws. The choice of screws relies on material sort, region to be joined, and strain necessity, and so forth. The type of wrench to use is determined by the content, the area to be attached, and the amount of strain required, among other factors.

A wide assortment of screws and drivers are accessible for your tasks. Screwdrivers are essentially named Straight head type, Phillips type, Offset type.

Phillips-type screw drivers are broadly utilized in light of the fact that they accompany a superior grasp, this guarantees that there are negligible chances of the driver getting out from the screw opening. Balance screwdrivers are helpful for screws that are generally hard to reach.


Spanners are likewise called wrenches. These are utilized for fixing screws and nuts. A portion of the basic sorts are:

  • Open-end spanners
  • Ring Spanners
  • Combination Spanners
  • Socket spanners
  • Torque wrench
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Allen Wrenches

 Open-end spanners

These are the most generally utilized spanners in garages. These spanners are not implied for complete fixing movement, they are a great idea to be utilized in places that are hard to be reached. Such spanners are really not intended for full repair function, though they are ideal for use in difficult-to-reach areas.

Open-end spanners are for the most part utilized post initial loosening of the screw and nuts, they are later helpful to fix it up somewhat. It isn’t suggested for releasing/fixing at high pressures. Any slippage would harm the sides of nuts and bolts, and could additionally convolute issues.

Ring Spanners

Ring spanners are likewise called box spanners. The closures totally surround the bolt/nut head, subsequently giving the best of grips to chipping away at. The twelve-sided ring state of this spanner gives a superior grip at any position.

Combination Spanners

This kind of spanner has a ring on uneven and the opposite side is left open. This aids in initial tightening utilizing an open-end spanner, and last initial tightening utilizing a ring spanner.

Socket Spanner

This kind of spanner is valuable in confined conditions where regular sort of spanners cannot be utilized. The attachment box comprises various sockets, socket expansion rod, speed handle, and so forth and their sizes range from 10 to 32mm measurement. Ratchet is an extraordinary spanner with which a nut situated in difficult to arrive at spots can be fixed without any problem.

This spanner permits simple fixing and you can unbolt the nut when the handle is moved an opposite way. The above spanner allows for easy installation, and indeed the nut can be unbolted by rotating the handles there in the reverse direction.

Torque Wrenches

A large portion of the bolts and nuts in the motor or explicit part is should have been fixed to correct the determined torque setting. Else it could bring about the harm of indispensable parts or result in a unique irregularity. Torque wrenches are utilized to empower any normal human to set-in same torque as determined for the bolt/nut.

Here one can choose the predetermined torque, and lock the key prior to fixing the nut. When torque surpasses the determined cutoff, it would slow down the fixing exertion showed with a clamor. This will guarantee the technician that the necessary fixing is done and he can proceed onward to fix the following thing. This saves a ton of time which would have been lost in questioning if the right fixing was finished.

Once torque exceeds the predetermined cutoff, the repair exertion will slow down, and clamoring will be seen. This assures the technician that only the required repair has been completed, allowing him to move on to the next task. This saves a lot of time that might have been wasted wondering whether the job was done correctly.

Adjustable Wrenches

This kind of wrenches enjoy a benefit, they permit a solitary apparatus to be utilized for various bolt estimates. Fixing the sliding lock empowers changes of required bolt measures. Anyway, the restriction of this sort is that it can not be utilized for high torque work, as odds of losing hold due to slipping of lock is available. That limitation of this kind is that it should be used for electric motor work because there is a risk of losing grip due to locked shifting.

Allen Wrenches (Allen Keys)

Allen keys are utilized on Allen Screws which have hexagonal molded notches on their heads.


Plier is an apparatus for holding little things, similar to that of a wire, a pin, contorting of a wire, and so forth. Wide sorts are accessible dependent on use necessities. A few models are a Cutting plier, nose plier, etc.


Some hammer types incorporate a Cross peen hammer, wooden hammer, ball peen hammer, and so on. A medium-weight ball-peen hammer is most generally utilized for vehicle works. A forged steel hammer is utilized for hard surface work. Though, the delicate hammer is utilized for delicate surfaces and marking work on sheet metal.


Chisels are intended for cutting metal with a hammer. A typical application is tearing open corroded bolts and nuts with a level Chisel. Well-being glasses should be utilized when working with Chisels.


Files are devices that are utilized for smoothening harsh surfaces and eliminating a modest quantity of metal. The layers of the Files will cut the metal layers and henceforth smoothen something similar. A Documents’ levels will break through the metallization and smooth it out familiar. Various sorts of Files as utilized relying on work. Unpleasant Files are utilizing for introductory work, and smooth Files are utilizing for fine wrapping up.


Hacksaws are intended for cutting metals by sawing. The cutting edges are separable and may have 14 to 32 teethes per 25mm of edge. The choice of size and strength of cutting edges relies on the thickness of metal and work.


A drilling machine might be hand-worked or an electrical one. A set twist drill, for the most part estimating 0.5MM to 6mm is adequate for vehicle work.


A Grinder is very much important to sharpen instruments. Grinding must always be done over the face of a grinding wheel and make sure that sides are not used for this purpose.


Bench vice holds the segment while it is working upon. This is forever fixed upon a workbench. It’s an exceptionally fundamental holding gadget as regular fix/grease of strut assembly or steering assembly would be performed. It’s a really basic storage device since it’ll be used to repair the strut assembly or drive structure on a daily basis.


A generally natural and often utilized apparatus is a normal steel ruler of 300MM long. Anyway, for a particular reason such as checking spark plug gap, the distance across of a screw and nut, an uncommon estimating apparatus, for example, feeler gauge, vernier caliper, micrometer, and so on might be utilized.

Note: The tools mentioned above are fundamental for automobile works. A lot more apparatuses and hardware should be promptly accessible at workshops for customary use. We will examine something very similar in the following article,

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