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Wide Angle Headlamp for your Adventure Headlamps are an essential part of any outdoor adventure, but they can be uncomfortable and heavy. The HeadLampPro provides the perfect solution because it's made with soft silicone that feels great on your head all day long while offering high brightness COB LED light source offers 1200 Lumens making you see everything clearly even in dark places!  The Headlamppro® camping light is a sleek, lightweight, and portable design that can be easily attached to your head with the help of adjustable straps. The motion sensor allows users to switch off or on their lamps without having to touch them- just move around! This product also includes both water resistance in case you happen upon an outdoor adventure where there may be some rainfall as well as an illumination angle wide enough for any situation under darkness so no matter what activity takes place at night time this thing will illuminate everything clearly visible within 50 meters thanks to its Type C port which means even though I'm out exploring nature all alone deep underground. 

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