Audi Tyres Price In Noida- Check Size and Cost for All Variants

Audi tyres

The ‘AO’ mark, which means ‘Audi Only’, shows up on all Genuine Audi tyres to imply that the tyre is supported and fitted as a unique Audi item. All Audi Genuine tyres persevere through various execution appraisals prior to getting the Audi endorsement of value and security.

Audi Tyre Warranty

Audi tyre Warranty replaces your tyre in case of harm brought about by one of the accompanying occasions:

  • Sharp articles like nails and bits of broken glass.
  • Direct Impact Damage for example curb or pothole.

The guarantee cover applies to all tyres bought from an approved Audi seller. Guarantee cover applies for a very long time, or until 3mm of track profundity remains, whichever happens first. 

  • In the main year 100 per cent
  • In the second year 75%

EU Tyre label

All tyres, delivered from July first 2012 and marked down from November first 2012, are expected to convey the EU tyre label.


tyres contribute up to 20% of the general fuel utilization for a vehicle. Class A tyres convey the best eco-friendliness. The contrast between class An and G really depends on 0.7 litres at 100km/h.

Wet Grip

The wet grasp influences your tyre’s slowing down distance on a wet street surface. A better-wet grasp brings about more limited slowing down the distance. The contrast between class A tyres and class F tyres’ halting distance depends on 18 meters.

Clamour Levels

The outer commotion made by the tyre, estimated in decibels, adds to sound contamination.

The dark sound waves outlined in the name show how noisy/calm a tyre is. The more strong waves, the stronger the tyres.

– 3 sound waves: Complies with as far as possible qualities.

– 2 sound waves: Complies with as far as possible qualities or ultimately depends on 3 dB under them.

– 1 sound wave: 3 dB beneath as far as possible qualities material from 2016.

Tyre Care Tips

Tyre Pressure

Check your tyre pressure routinely. Wrong tyre tension can bring about higher mileage. It is critical to check your tyre pressure consistently to forestall harm.

Wheel Alignment

Keep up with wheel arrangement to empower the tyres to uniformly wear.

Tyre Tread Depth

Track profundity affects the well-being of your vehicle. Audi suggests supplanting your tyres at least track profundity of 3mm. The lawful least tyre track profundity is 1.6mm. Check your tyres consistently to guarantee it isn’t underneath the base profundity.

Tyre Rotation

Turn tyre positions assuming that any sporadic wear is found

Kerbs and Potholes

Avoid objects that might harm your tyres like kerbs and potholes.


Check your tyres as often as possible for any harm like cuts, swells, lopsided wear and inserted Objects.


Keep your tyres clean by staying away from contact with oil, oil and fuel.

Get Your tyres Balanced

Get your tyres adjusted at whatever point you transform them to broaden their life.


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