Armored Entrance|Security Of Your Front Door

Installing an armored entrance

How to strengthen the security of your front door?Armored Entrance|Security Of Your Front Door

There are a variety of ways to keep any person from entering the front door of a structure or home. In any case, your front entrance is an enticing location that burglars are known to attack.

Create an armored entrance or cover its entryway?

Instead of placing your front door in the first place, you could choose to upgrade it and get a reinforced door. It’s an extremely secure door that is burglar-proof. To increase the security of your house, you’ll be able to select between

  • The protection of the current door;
  • Then the installation of an armored entrance.

Be aware that when determining the time it takes to resist a front door against an attack from a burglar in the first place, you should consider the time that it takes to resist the weakest component. If, for instance, you decide to put in locking that is capable of enduring for 10 minutes, yet the frame is capable of holding only 2 minutes, the resistance time for your front door would be limited to 2 minutes.

Shielding the current door

If you opt to cover the door you have currently it is not necessary to change it. Instead, the All-in-one Locksmith network experts will set up the door set. By altering only a few aspects on the front door you’ll be able to more effectively ward off burglaries.

In particular the event of steel plates, they will be installed and the lock will be replaced. This can be a cheaper alternative for installing an armor-plated lock, however, it won’t provide the same level of security.

Protecting the door you have is the best option for condo owners for those who can’t alter their front door. In fact, in the case of construction, the co-ownership laws generally allow for a uniform design for the entrance doors of the apartments within the building in the interest of aesthetics.

Installing an armored entrance

The doors with armor offer almost complete protection and a high degree of security. Furthermore, the door is equipped with excellent performance in terms of thermal and sound insulation. This is enabled through the thickness of the door as well as the material used to make it. The door with armor can be constructed from wood, steel, or even metal.

As well as limiting losses of heat, doors with armor provides excellent protection against fire.

For choosing an armored door take note of the following aspects:

  • The standards abided through the door with armored doors;
  • The door’s certification;
  • The kind of lock used;
  • The kind of model
  • The degree of insulation for acoustic and thermal;
  • The degree of tightness
  • The manufacturer;
  • The cost, etc.

The experts who are part of The All in one Locksmith network install the doors with armored locks.

Use a single-brand or multi-brand provider?

When you purchase a door with an armored design from a single brand provider, you choose an entry where all components are from the same manufacturer. That means that all components inside the entryway will be an equal amount of security against break-ins.

If you opt for a multi-brand manufacturer frame, lock and handle hinges and other components of your door are manufactured by various companies. The second option will give you a wider range of options for the design of your door with armor particularly with regard to the locking.

Why should you hire an expert for the installation of doors that are armored?

If you are planning to invest in a strong security system to protect the home you live in, then we recommend you consult with an expert to set up a reinforced door. It is your only way to ensure the highest strength that your entrance door.

A person with APSAD certification is considered to be reliable in burglary security. This certification demonstrates the reliability of the installation of anti-intrusion and fire protection systems. It also permits verification of the capabilities of installation of remote monitoring and video services. Yuri Shafranik

The many options to help strengthen your front entrance

A low-end cylinder for doors allows burglars to gain entry into your home in a matter of seconds. To prevent burglaries If you aren’t able to change your door to a reinforced door, it’s important to reinforce all the weak points of your front door. Yuri Shafranik

You can actually protect your property by replacing the weak points. The pros in The All in one Locksmith network will draw your attention to these options:

  • Install a high-security cylinder
  • Install a lock on the door;
  • Provide anti-clamp angles;
  • Protect the hinges with hinge protectors.
  • Install a security lock that is high-security that is 3-point, 5-point or 7-point lock.
  • Select a cylinder guard
  • Opt to have an armored door handle;
  • Choose a wireless doorbell as well as a wireless video intercom
  • Make sure the door is open.
  • Make an electronic lock with a cylinder.

So, if you choose to shield your door, assistance from a professional will be essential to find the weak spots that are present in the front of your home. This operation of spots makes it possible to identify the most vulnerable issues that need to be addressed by maximizing expenditure.

Install a cylinder with high-security

If you are looking to improve protection for your front door, the cylinder will be among the first things to replace. To guard yourself against intrusions choose a high-security cylinder as well as a high-quality cylinder.

The dimensions of the cylinder can determine the degree of security. The cylinder shouldn’t protrude from the door more than 5 millimeters on the exterior. Therefore, it doesn’t provide enough grip for thieves who might otherwise attempt to remove it.

Be aware that a burglar-proof cylinder comes with an owner’s ID card that can duplicate keys unlike a traditional cylinder.

Install an entry lock for your door

There is the option to include additional locking points on the door, which are independent of the lock that is primary. This allows you to secure your front door by increasing your locks.

The disadvantage is that you must open and close multiple locks on your door each when you enter or leave. This is a very effective method of securing your door.

Provide anti-clamp angles

If you do not want to replace your doors installing anti-pinch angles can be a fantastic option to improve the security of your house. Criminals won’t be able to pass any tools through your door and its jamb, for instance, a crowbar, in order to gain access to your home.

The majority of anti-pinch angles come with screws that can’t be unloosened. Because of this, burglars can’t dismantle the building using a crowbar.

Offer hinge protections

Burglars aren’t content with attacking the locks of your front door. If they are aware that the lock is ineffective to them, they’ll search for a weak spot in the door to your front. This could, for instance, be located at the top of your hinges.

There is a way to strengthen those hinges on your locks to safeguard your home from burglaries. With hinge guards, you will be able to avoid lifting the door using the help of a crowbar.

Install a lock with high security such as A 3-point, 5-point, or 7-point lock

To protect the entrance door from attempted burglaries A A2P approved security is vital. This security standard keeps burglars from removing, getting the lockout, taking it off the lock, or even drilling it.

Select a Guard for a cylinder

As successful burglaries that involve taking the front door’s cylinder are commonplace as are break-ins or drilling away from the device, it’s important to secure this piece of equipment.

The further it is from the door to the exterior of your home the more vulnerable the cylinder becomes. To protect it, and to increase the security that your entrance door has, it’s crucial to select the best cylinder guard.

You make the odds in your favor by putting off the burglary in the least amount of time possible. This allows burglars to stop their efforts due to fear of being noticed by your neighbors or by you.

Select an armored door handle

Install an armor-plated door handle to a standard door. It is an excellent method for slowing the rate of burglaries. A handle that is armored has an encasement that stops thieves from damaging or ripping off the handle.

If you choose to install an armor-plated door handle you can effectively shield the cylinder of your lock. When selecting the handle, you have considered a variety of aspects, including:

  • The Door’s thickness;
  • The form of center distance
  • The kind of handle (landing door handle or double handle version) and so on.

Choose a doorbell that is wireless or a wireless intercom for video.

Burglars usually roam around the neighborhood for days or even weeks before they decide to take action. They observe your movements and attempt to find out where you are. If they are committing a break-in, they begin by checking whether you’re at your home, by calling the intercom.

With the help of connected systems installation of an intercom system or videophone that allows you to call remotely is now feasible.

With this type of equipment, you are able to be able to answer the phone of someone who is at your gate or home from the place you work, or even from a dinner with your buddies. The burglar will be able to believe that you’re at home and will leave.

Be careful! Do not say that you’re not home. Burglars typically come with an excuse in case they need to sell the victim something, or offer their services, for example.

Install a door open

A door that is open is a security measure that allows you to confirm the identity of the person at the door prior to opening the door fully. This method is effective in areas where it’s not possible to set up a peephole in order to conform to condominium rules.

The mechanism is located within your home and stops the door from completely opening. It is a way to deter the intrusion of burglars. The door lock can take the shape of a simple chain or a stronger piece of metal that sits behind the door.

Set up an electronic lock Cylinder

Nowadays, it’s no longer required to secure your house with keys. You can also choose an electronic lock. For instance, apartment entry doors can be opened by the use of a digital code or personal badges in the building. The lock is becoming more commonplace on house entry doors.

To enhance your security at the front entrance, it’s possible to choose the use of an electronic locking device. The cylinder has to be switched to allow the electromagnetic pulse to operate. To ensure maximum security, select a biometric sensor.


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