Are dabs stronger than cartridges?

Are dabs stronger than cartridges

The debate on whether dabs are stronger than cartridges is prevalent in the stoners’ community.  For many people, it remains a mystery about which of the two vape devices/ concentrates is more potent, healthier, and efficient. This article reveals this mystery to you. But first of all…

What are dabs? What are cartridges?

The major difference between dabs and cartridges lies in the type of products infused in them that you inhale. Dabs are enriched with various marijuana concentrates, including wax, shatter, budder, live resin, rosin, honeycomb and crumble. On the other hand, cartridges are pre-filled with specific types of e-liquids or e-juices such as CBD oil and THC oil.

Are dabs more potent than cartridges?

Both cartridges and dabs are more traditionally more potent than raw cannabis flower buds. However, their potency depends on the product you need to inhale. For example, high-quality dabs have a THC concentration of between 60 to 90%. The THC content in the e-liquid in cartridges is usually between 15 % to 90 %. 

Thus most dabs are usually stronger than cartridges when it comes to THC concentration. You will also find that cartridges are strongly potent in other cannabinoids such as CBD than dabs.

The extraction process influences the strength of dab concentrates and oil concentrates in cartridges. Dabs tend to be more intense than cartridges because of extraction methods used to create these concentrates. On the contrary, the extraction methods used to create the oils found in cartridges usually end up diluting these concentrates making them less strong.

Are dabs healthier than cartridges?

You may also be concerned about which of either dab or cartridges is the healthiest.  To many people, this matter is still a mystery. Some will tell you that dabbing is healthier than using cartridges while others will tell you vice versa. You can also find some opinions that none is safe.

Compared to traditional smoking dabs and cartridges as scientifically regarded as healthy. Consuming the concentrates for dabs and cartridges involves vaporization and not combustion as in smoking. Thus dab and cartridges allow you to get rid of toxic substances such as carbon monoxide that are usually released and inhaled when the concentrates are combusted. 

However, dabbing usually involves the use of high temperatures. Sometimes these high temperatures may end up combusting the concentrate. Fortunately, some dab devices let you control the temperature. You can set it at a range that will give the best, smooth, and less toxic vapor.

On the other hand, some manufacturers add additives in pre-filled cartridges for various reasons, including adding on flavor. Some of the additives have been identified as carcinogenic when heated and vaporized. They include propylene glycol and ethylene oxide. You should always be careful not to purchase a pre-filled cartridge that contains harmful carcinogens.

Dab pens vs Oil Cartridges. 

Dab pens are devices used to consume dab concentrates. They usually have the same size and shape as a standard office pen. 

Most dab pens have three major components:

  1. Battery
  2. An atomizer 
  3. A mouthpiece.

The battery provides the power for heating the atomizer, which is where you place your dabs. The mouthpiece is where you tap the vapor. Dab pens’ atomizers come in three main varieties; quartz coil atomizers, quartz bowl atomizers, and ceramic bowl atomizers. Quartz atomizers heat up quickly and a lot of hot and intense vapor. Ceramic atomizers create more flavorful hits.

Oil cartridges are tanks that are usually pre-filled with either THC or CBD oil. Most have a mouthpiece at one end and 510 threading at the other end. The threading allows for connections with 510 threaded batteries. Instead of the 510 threading, some recent cartridges have taken up magnetic connections which do not wear out.

Oil cartridges are very easy to use as they only require you to activate the battery after connecting it with the cartridge and inhale through the mouthpiece.

Final Thoughts.

Dabs and cartridges are the future of cannabis consumption. Since campaigns on the legalizing of some cannabis products are becoming successful in various states, soon more people will be seeking the improved potency and flavor obtained from dabs and cartridges.

Also, dabs and cartridges are gaining popularity because they have been found to have health and wellness benefits. Researchers have found out that the THC and CBD cannabinoids, found in dab and cartridges, can help in relieving several forms of pain, treat insomnia and reduce anxiety & depression.

Dabs are more likely to intoxicate you than oil cartridges due to their higher THC concentration.

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