Apps Every Woman Should Start Using in 2021

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Apps Every Woman Should Start Using in 2021

Modern women take their phones everywhere they go. And let’s be real, it’s more than just a phone. Beyond making and receiving phone calls, your phone is a personal organizer, calendar, entertainment hub and so much more.

With Android app developers constantly delivering new services and apps that can enhance your life or just make things easier, your phone can offer so much with just a few swipes or taps. If you are a busy woman, you should try to use your phone to the peak of its potential.

While you might not be able to handle everything from the screen of your phone, there is a lot you can do. The following are some of the best apps every woman should be using in 2021.


It isn’t always easy to get a good night’s sleep. As important as it is for your health, sleep is something so many people struggle with. If you are looking for a scientific solution to better sleep, you should try the SleepScore app. The app uses the microphone on your phone to monitor your sleeping habits and it analyzes the data to give you a sleep score. It also has an alarm clock that can be optimized to wake you up at the perfect time in your sleep cycle, and it will also provide you with personalized sleep tips to help you improve the quality of your sleep. 


This is one of the best apps for women’s health. Clue is an app for period and ovulation tracking, and it can also help with a range of women’s health issues. It can also be used to track things like sleep and cramps. By tracking and analyzing all of this data, the app can provide predictions about your ovulation and period cycles and it can also provide deeper insights into your health as an individual.


Even with the best personal finance tips, it can be difficult to keep everything on track. With Mint, you have a personal finance app that keeps everything in one place. That makes it easier to manage your finances and easier to reach your financial goals. It offers features for spending tracking, custom budgeting, credit monitoring, investing and goal setting. The app can also analyze your finances and habits to deliver personalized financial advice. The best part is that you can link most of your accounts to automate much of the process.


Meditation can be great for helping people manage stress and anxiety. Along with that, it is just good for your overall wellbeing. If you are looking to get started with meditation, the Headspace app is a great guide. It offers a range of tutorials to help you get started and it also offers a range of specialized courses and features to help people deal with a range of issues. Along with basic meditation, it teaches mindfulness practices and it has features to improve sleep, build focus and more. 

Water Reminder

Drinking water is as important for your health as anything else. With that said, many of us are not drinking enough water. The water reminder app is a simple solution to this problem. The app reminds you to drink water if you always forget. It can even keep track of your water intake to provide you with a historical record. The drink water app also comes with a range of features that allow you to personalize the experience.


Goodreads is a great app for readers. It can help you keep track of the books you are reading and the books you want to read. Along with that, it can offer personalized reading recommendations and it offers features for setting reading goals. The app can also be good for connecting with other readers and getting recommendations from people with similar interests.


Have you ever felt unsafe walking alone at night or heading to your car in a dark parking lot? This is a common experience for many women, and the feelings are understandable. With the Noonlight app, you can easily summon help if anything happens to you at night. Just open the app, hold down the button, and then release it when you are safe. When you let the button go, it will prompt you to enter your PIN. If the PIN is not entered, the app will contact first responders and send them your location. 

While your smartphone might not be able to handle everything for you, it sure can do a lot when you have the right apps. With the apps in this post, you have a selection of products that can make your life easier, safer and more balanced.


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