Answer for all your declining reimbursements in HME billing operation


Today the top concern of the US healthcare organizations according to a recent report is the ‘declining reimbursements’ in HME billing.

Running a seamless medical billing operation can be quite a complex affair and can result in months of delays in getting the final reimbursement. This is because with each step the risk of HME billing error not only lingers but finding the perfect team that supports your billing need is a real struggle today.

Here are a few reasons why your HME billing practice is facing declining reimbursements: 

  • Documentation slip-up –documentation and coding inaccuracies can result in claims denial. However, avoiding billing errors is easier said than done. This is why you need a dedicated team of resources working constantly and managing the pitfalls which tightly intertwined with your revenue cycle and ensure better revenue generation.

  • Unaware of changing billing norms – In the constantly evolving healthcare industry, it is very important that you are always updated so you don’t miss out as it can end up resulting in an error and hence reimbursement delays.

  • Unprofessional resources – inexperienced billers and coders not only delay the whole billing process but also end up making huge errors throughout the process resulting in patient dissatisfaction. This is why the foundation of billing and collections should be strong and managed by experienced resources to experience a better ROI and seamless billing transaction.

Sunknowledge the trusted destination:

Taking care of your complete pre and post billing operation for the last 15+ years, Sunknowledge today is the ultimate solution for managing the HME billing operation for many leading names in the industry.

Being as specific as possible when collecting patient and coverage details including information such as coverage dates, service coverage etc, Sunknowledge from the start not only ensures a 99.9% accuracy rate but also constant assistance for better billing operation.

Eliminating the time that your staff would end up reworking and resubmitting the claim, Sunknowledge not only ensures timely but also a cleaner claims submission. Identifying and correcting the cause of poor reimbursement, Sunknowledge further offers a dedicated team to analyze your revenue cycle and work on resolving its loopholes constantly.

So, if you are stuck due to declining reimbursement or your accounts receivable problems are piling up, it’s time to get in touch with Sunknowledge Services Inc.


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