Android Development – Complete Guide

Android Development

Android development is one of the tech fields that is rapidly expanding globally. According to statistics, Android is the most popular mobile platform in the whole globe, with more than 80% of the market share for all mobile operating systems. Many IT behemoths, including Google, Facebook, and others, provide Android Development workers with enticing job options. Without a doubt, the need for qualified Android Developers is likely to increase significantly in the near future. With this in mind, you may anticipate pursuing an Android Development career to help you reach your professional objectives.

What is Android Development

What is Android Development, must we first discuss, it before continuing? Making apps that work with the Android operating system is called “android development.” Android, on the other hand, is a free and open-source operating system built on the Linux platform and designed for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and many more. In general, developing applications for Android OS-based devices and providing rich user experiences are tasks that often fall within the purview of an Android developer.

Let’s look at a few of the principal jobs and duties of an Android developer right now:

  • Create and develop Android apps.
  • Use a variety of APIs and data sources
  • to improve the application’s functionality and address bugs
  • investigate emerging markets and technological developments, etc.

Select Android Developer for Company

Returning to the primary issue, how does one become an Android developer, shall we? Although there are no precise requirements for entry into the Android Development sector, having a background in a relevant academic discipline, such as computer science or information technology, can nevertheless help you gain a head start in the industry. In addition to enrolling in various training programs or courses related to Android Development, you can choose to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the appropriate discipline. Furthermore, because many major computer businesses require these academic credentials as requirements, having them might open up some lucrative job prospects for you. Additionally, let’s discuss these 5 IT talents that might help you succeed outside of the academic requirements.

1: Programming language knowledge, preferably Java or Kotlin
Have a solid grasp of pertinent programming languages like Java or Kotlin. This is the most important tech talent you must have to enter the Android Web Development field.

To become a skilled Android Developer, you must have a solid understanding of Java’s syntax as well as its fundamental to advanced ideas, such as loops, classes & objects, OOPs principles, etc. Furthermore, Kotlin has been officially endorsed by Google as the best programming language for Android development, therefore learning Kotlin for Android Development is essential for you.

2: Expertise with SQL and XML

You must be proficient in SQL (Structured Query Language) in addition to Java or Kotlin in order to handle the data and structure the databases for the Android application. For Android programming to communicate and retrieve data or information with the database, SQL expertise is essential. Additionally, you must be competent in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) in order to define the data for the application. Many significant activities in the creation of Android applications employ XML, including controlling data display and parsing data streams.

3: Understanding of UI and UX components

Knowledge of UI (User Interface) Components and UX is yet another important technical ability needed for Android development (User Experience). You must have a solid grasp of Android UI design concepts and patterns to get the desired results because there is a constant demand for android applications to be responsive and have an engaging & intuitive design. Additionally, it is highly advised that you become familiar with material design, a design framework created by Google that aids in creating high-quality digital experiences for Android and other OSes.

4: Become familiar with Android Studio and the SDK

You must become familiar with the Android SDK and Android Studio in order to enter the world of Android development. The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of tools that makes it easier to create apps for the Android platform. These tools include software libraries, a debugger, and many more. In addition, Android Studio, one of the most suggested IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) for Android development, has a number of built-in capabilities. Both Android Studio and the Android SDK are free to use and simple to acquire.

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5: Become Skillful with Android APIs

Learning numerous Android APIs is one of the essential technical abilities for entering the Android development field. A collection of programming instructions or features that may be utilized by other programmers to construct Android applications is what the Android API (Application Programming Interface) is generally concerned with. In the meanwhile, you must be familiar with the RESTful APIs, the android development process, the conversion of data from a REST API to local data structures & classes, etc. It will be simpler for you to incorporate the necessary capabilities in the Android application once you become proficient with the APIs.

Therefore, these are the essential technical abilities needed to work as an Android developer. In addition to these technical talents, there are various non-technical skills that should also be taken into account. To assess many areas of growth effectively, you must first have solid critical thinking abilities. Additionally, you must have improved teamwork and communication abilities while working with other experts. Perseverance, problem-solving, research & analysis, and numerous other critical abilities are also necessary to become an expert Android developer. Additionally, the following list of highly recommended books might aid you in your quest to enter the field of Android development:

6: Domain for development:

  • The Big Nerd Ranch’s Android Programming Guide
  • First-Person Android Development
  • Android Cookbook: Issues & Fixes for Android Creators
  • Dummies’ Guide to Android Application Development

So, these are the five essential technical skills you must have to become an Android developer. The road to becoming an Android Developer, however, is rather long and also requires diligence and consistency on your part, but it is worthwhile because there are several enticing employment options in this specific field and the industry is predicted to continue to grow in the years to come! What are you still waiting for? to develop the aforementioned abilities and begin a rewarding career as an Android developer!

Which language should you learn to be an Android developer?

JavaScript is what I recommend!

Please note that my response is completely based on my opinion developed from experience before continuing.

Javascript Use for Development

Why JavaScript, then? Why not Swift (objective-C), Java, C/C++, etc.? If I had to respond to that query in just one word, I would choose satisfaction! Popular open-source programming language JavaScript (JS) is used often. Again, open-source and well-liked are the only words I can think of to adequately express this. It is superior to others because of this. The large range of frameworks and libraries that have been created from it is a reflection of its widespread appeal.

Programming Language use Framework

A modified version of the generic programming language called framework. Several of the well-known JS-based frameworks, in no particular sequence, include the following:

  • React
  • React Native
  • Electron

I realize that just because something is well-known doesn’t mean it’s a good option: Java is Exhibit A! JavaScript’s learning curve, or how much work is required to understand something before using it effectively, is what matters. You don’t have to spend hours studying at coaching facilities or paying hundreds of rupees (or dollars, etc.) for online courses. When it comes to a seamless and satisfying learning experience, nothing compares to JS. I will vouch for it!

Let’s go back to the explanation of the question’s answer: JavaScript induces the benefits it receives from the sizable open-source community to its profusion of libraries and frameworks, resulting in satisfaction. It’s even better that they’re frequently employed in perfect unison with one another! It enhances code reuse and simplicity by various notches.

  • JavaScript and TypeScript use in the popular Microsoft source code editor Visual Studio Code (yet another mutation of JS)
  • The cross-platform desktop software for Slack, a cloud-based suite of proprietary team communication tools and services, built using the electron protocol.
  • Thanks to Facebook’s fantastic in-house JavaScript framework, React Native, its apps (including the Instagram app) are cross-platform (having a shared code base for both Android and iOS)!

 Why should you learn Android development?

In the modern world, we all have a constant companion that reveals our hobbies, habits, and other traits. It also makes our lives simpler in a variety of other industries, like finance, health, and education. What is that, though? I believe you’ve figured out the answer: a smartphone, indeed. Prior to the introduction of smartphones, the majority of what we could do with our mobile phones was to make calls and occasionally send SMS. They recently unlocked a practically infinite number of options. The blood, not the heart, is what moves blood through the body’s major organ. Similar to how hardware is the main component of a phone, applications are what power it.

1: Self-Learning Through Intuition

The ease of learning makes developing Android apps the coolest thing ever. On the internet, there are a ton of resources for creating Android apps. However, the only skill that should need is the art of searching efficiently on Google. With this, you can access excellent official documentation created by Google developers as well as articles, videos, free online courses, and much more. In other words, you have access to priceless knowledge. You don’t need to attend a school to learn how to design Android applications; you may get these things on your own. You may go at your own speed when learning Android application development. Must acquire knowledge and skills to design Android apps.

2: It is open-source and free.

Android has the ability to build or execute applications since it is an open-source, free operating system. Due to its large community, you may find solutions to the problems you have when learning how to design Android apps. Open source refers to the ability to easily access the source code of software so that you may both learn from it and contribute to its development. You may take part in this through Android as well as promote yourself to the open-source community as a developer.

3: The Technology with the Fastest Growth

In the previous real world, a lot of tasks needed physical labour, supervision, and a significant amount of time. It use to take a long time to transfer money from one account to another, but today, utilizing numerous applications, the process can complete in only one minute. Saying that the same chores may complete in less time and more safety in the modern world using a mobile application may not be blasphemous.

4: It Can Be Profitable

You will undoubtedly be able to make money from it if you devote your significant time to it. You may also be familiar with the Google Play Store, a platform for the worldwide app industry. There, you may both publish your software and charge a fair amount for users to download it. As an Android developer, you have the option of working for yourself or for a business. Your app can include advertising and upload it to the Google Play Store. Once your app is well-known, they compensate you for your advertising earnings. One of the best ways for a computer science student to make extra money.

5: Acquire Problem-Solving Abilities

You can take part in a hackathon where you will encounter real-world issues and have the chance to offer a solution. You may also choose to provide solutions to any real-world issues at select hackathons. As a novice in Android app development, here is the greatest location to build your problem-solving abilities and learn how to get over all the obstacles and shortcomings while putting your answer into practice either alone or with a team. Additionally, you will be able to develop your self-education and broaden your knowledge. As your projects carried out, you will acquire new interests and viewpoints on the subject, ensuring that you have a good grasp on the subject in the future.

6: Improve Your Creativity and Innovation

One benefit of studying Android app development is that you will be able to employ all of your strengths, including your creativity, style of thinking, coding abilities, and real-world relevance. Your imagination will grow as you create the user interface for your program. You must have seen and used a variety of applications with various features that may have aided in your idea generation, increased capacity for original thought, and enhanced capacity for creativity.

In other words, it enhances your creativity and ingenuity. One of the fantastic platforms where you may develop your original and creative thoughts is Android. This is a field that is always expanding in terms of careers, so you should absolutely pursue it. You may use Android to make your original and inventive application concepts into functional, real-world applications. Android games, programs for managing your resources and productivity, and anything else you might imagine is all possible.


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