An RCM solution for improved Urgent care billing transaction

urgent care billing
urgent care billing

Managing urgent care services and their billing is quite challenging for their demanding nature.  Urgent care clinics and centers in fact felt the most effects of patient pressure and confusion especially after and throughout the pandemic crisis more than any other specialties as patients were afraid and unsure of so much all at once about the new healthcare crisis.

With the urgent care industry continuously evolving in response to the global health crisis, it is very important for urgent care clinics and urgent care centers to double down on ensuring revenue cycles are healthy, and sustainable along with having the experienced resources despite the changing landscape especially today to experience a seamless urgent care billing transaction.

today urgent care specialties are not only struggling due to lack of proper resources but the high urgent care demand making it impossible to get revenue cycles back on track following this past tumultuous year in healthcare.

With many urgent care centers and clinics facing financial challenges, it is time that urgent care providers consider outsourcing for better ROI and billing transactions.

Benefits of outsourcing:

Outsourcing your urgent care billing operation not only helps you address the staff shortages that are bothering many urgent care providers but will also assist you to avoid billing burnout as well. Having an operational team to support all the pre and post urgent care billing activities further removes the considerable burden from physicians and support staff that you have always wanted.

The Sunknowledge help:

Being the largest Revenue Cycle Management Solutions across the country, Sunknowledge Services Inc for the last 15+ years had been recognized as the top leading RCM solution that ensures the highest productivity metrics in the industry.  With a dedicated staff to address your urgent care billing needs and document requirements, Sunknowledge offers a complete solution ensuring better billing transactions at only $7/hour. Catering to the rising urgent care demand 24*7 and 365 days so you experience lesser billing and urgent care coding errors, our expert following the right checks and balances further lessens your chances of denials.

Slashing the operational expenses by 80% which is one of the rising concerns for many urgent care providers in this rising healthcare market, we take care of it all.

Saving both your time and money, Sunknowledge today is the ultimate cost-effective destination that guarantees seamless billing operation without compromising on billing so you can focus on patient care.


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