Amazon Account Specialist

Amazon Account Specialist

An Amazon Account Specialist can be a Seller’s best friend or they could be their worst nightmare. The Amazon Account Specialist function is to assist Amazon Sellers with any queries they have with their accounts. They usually call you and attempting to get in touch with an Amazon Account Specialist can be very frustrating.

Amazon Account Experts are often available 24 hours each day and will often call you or email when you least expect it so when they do predict be certain you are free.

Amazon Account Specialists can cope with any problem related to an Amazon Sellers account they even get involved in helping with Amazon Suspensions although they usually repeat exactly what the Seller Performance team has stated and act as a middle man’.

In case your Amazon Seller Account is suspended and you’re looking for some help why don’t you speak to us at ProServiceAppeal. We assist dozens of Amazon Sellers each week obtain their accounts reinstated.

ProServiceAppeal can help write you a bespoke Amazon appeal correspondence and plan of action.

The Best Way to Get Amazon to unlock your account

Here are a couple of the chief approaches to get Amazon to provide the details needed to unlock your account. We’ve recorded 5 distinct options because being persistent is critical to getting unlocked.

A lot of drop shippers have advised me that only by contacting Amazon on a daily basis and through numerous channels have they obtained Amazon to finally unlock their account.

Just a note to Amazon U.K. consumers — maybe not all the approaches listed below are available for people with Amazon accounts beyond the U.S. For example, in the U.K. you’ll be unable to talk directly with an account specialist by phone or by discussion.

Login in to your account and upload documents directly

Here’s a nifty trick that has been shared with a Salefreaks user, Alex, when he unlocked his Amazon account that lets you upload files directly to the Amazon account specialists via the Amazon website.

Step 1: Find your final order despatch confirmation email and click the link to access your accounts.

Step 2: Go to a product and try to purchase anything

Step 3: The following message should appear saying that your account is locked and your requests are on hold but letting you instantly upload a copy of your latest statement.

Significant: If you follow this method, you must log in to the account via the order despatch email. If you try to login as regular you won’t have the ability to do this.


Step 1: (US accounts) Phone Amazon on +1 (281)-258-1027. When you get into the answering machine choose option 2 — Prime Members

Step 2: Request a supervisor and provide the confirmation details when asked

Step 3: Describe your account has been blocked by error after you bought products which you want an account specialist to assess your details and reinstate your account.


Step 1: Log in to an active Amazon accounts (you can simply start a new Amazon accounts, there’s no need to have PRIME on it)

Step 2: Request a manager and provide the verification details when requested

Step 3: Describe Your account has been blocked by error after you bought products which you need an accounting expert to review your information and reinstate your accounts


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