All you Need to Know About the Amazon Kindle Oasis: 

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Most people don’t go for Amazon Kindle Oasis as it is quite pricey. However, one must consider the long-term benefits offered by Amazon Kindle whitepaper Oasis to have greater benefits for a long time. 

Therefore, there are greater reasons for which you can opt for Amazon Kindle Oasis. Most people consider this version of Amazon Kindle to be the best because of its different features. This is the best specced-out e-readeroffered by Amazon. 

Its skinny aluminum body makes it look extravagant. It also plays an important role in helping you meet your needs. So, if you are trying to find out the best version of Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Oasis is for you. 

This proves to be the best option for you if you have an eyesight issue. The larger size of Amazon Kindle Oasis makes people pick it without giving it a second thought. You can also go for Amazon Kindle Oasis if you want to read a lot of comics and newspapers. 

Its larger size will help you read without any difficulty. Moreover, you can also avoid headaches and eyes irritation because of its bigger screen. Thus, it proves to be beneficial for you in different ways. 

A superior 25 LED backlight supports Amazon Kindle Oasis. This helps you get different benefits. For instance, if you want to read at night, the LED light will help you by making it easily visible and readable. 

So, if you are a night reader, you need to go for Amazon Kindle Oasis as it won’t affect your eyes. Thus, opting for Amazon Kindle Oasis proves to be the right choice for you. 

Reasons to Opt for Amazon Kindle Oasis:

The following are the most compelling reasons to opt for Amazon Kindle Oasis: 

  • It Offers Easy and Comfortable Holding:

You can easily go for Amazon Kindle Oasis as it offers easy and comfortable holding. It is because of the ergonomic design of the Amazon Kindle Oasis that makes it easy to hold it. Most people go for this because of the easy holding of Amazon Kindle Oasis.  

Moreover, the design of Amazon Kindle Oasis makes it look different from all other versions of Amazon Kindle. It is different and unique from all others as it is thick on one side only. 

The remaining three sides of Amazon Kindle Oasis are thinner. This plays an important role in offering it a unique and special look. And this is the main reason that allows users to hold it comfortably. 

This design for Amazon Kindle Oasis is derived from the higher-end DSLR cameras that are quite easy to hold. So, if you want to have more grip while reading, you need to go for Amazon Kindle Oasis. 

This also results in helping you during long sessions of reading. So, if you want to add more comfort to your reading sessions, Amazon Kindle Oasis is for you. This also helps you by offering more space on the screen. 

This keeps you relaxed while reading as you don’t have to keep your thumb away from the screen as this won’t result in touching it. So, you can read more comfortably with Oasis. Hence, to add more to the comfort of Oasis, it is designed in a way to maintain the balance rightly. 

Its entire weight is not on your fingers but is centered on your palm. This helps you read with greater comfort. So, if you want to have the thinnest, smallest, and lightest Amazon Kindle, you need to opt for Oasis.  

  • This kindle has a Long Battery Life

Here comes another greater reason you can opt for Kindle Oasis. Amazon Kindle Oasis facilitates its users by offering an incredibly long battery life. This proves to be beneficial for a lot of users. 

This is also the reason why most e-readers prefer to have Amazon Kindle Oasis. So, if you want to have uninterrupted long reading sessions, you need to go for Amazon Kindle Oasis. The long battery life of Oasis is because of its charging cover. 

The charging cover of Oasis allows you to charge it with the help of a built-in battery pack. It is as simple as it sounds; you need to pack your device with the cover and start charging. This easy charging results in making Oasis the most demanding Amazon Kindle. 

Oasis’s outstandingly long battery life allows you to save plenty of time. A single charging session allows you to use Oasis for up to eight weeks. This helps you get more comfort and relaxation and thus, you can have peace of mind while reading.  

You can also benefit from the hibernation mode of Oasis. This feature of Oasis detects when you are not reading. This helps you save your battery by turning on the hibernation mode. Thus, the device goes to sleep, helping you avoid wasting your battery time. 

So, this is quite beneficial for people who don’t put their devices in sleeping mode before taking a break. Oasis takes only three hours to be fully charged. So, if you want to charge your device from zero, you need to lug it in for three hours, and you are done with the complete charging. 

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  • Oasis helps you Add More to your Status and Luxury

amazon kindle

I guess this is the most compelling reason for which you need to invest in Amazon Kindle Oasis. If you want to add more to your luxury, comfort, and status, you need to go for Amazon Kindle Oasis. 

This will not only help you in reading but will also help you add more to your class. So, if you want to enjoy a unique status among your friends, you need to buy Amazon Kindle Oasis. It’s all because of the glory of Amazon Kindle Oasis that helps you look cool, stylish, and trendy. 

The charging cover of Amazon Kindle Oasis also adds more to its beauty. 


Opting for Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best option as it helps one get numerous advantages. 


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