All You Need To Know About Fake Lashes For Monolid Eyes


You know they say that if you deeply look into one’s eyes, you can see their entire soul. The same is the case with your eyes. Therefore, you should make sure that you make your eyes so mesmerizing that the person in front of you only sees beauty. 


Besides, it is quite tough to create the perfect Asian eye makeup loom for monolid eyes. So, what can be done? Well, what I recommend is you go for the best fake lashes for monolid eyes. Thus, today I bring you the complete guide and information you need to know everything about fake lashes. Hence, let us get into it. 

Three Most Common Types Of False Eyelashes

To choose the best fake lashes for monolid eyes, you need to know everything about the falsies. Below is a brief detail of the three types of lashes that are most commonly used. 

  1. Full Lashes

The Full lashes for monolid eyes are the perfect option for the beauty who doesn’t mind adding a full strip that will help them in adding the volume and length. These lashes will make sure that attention is drawn to your eyes. 

How Can You Apply Full Lashes

The best way to apply full fake lashes to monolid eyes is by measuring if the lashes fit your eyes or not. You can do this by placing the strip of the fake lashes on your natural lash line. Once you have seen it fit, you should use a small scissor and cut the part of the outer edge. 


These fake lashes come in a form of partial strips. The Half strips are the easiest to work with among all the false eyelash variants. These lashes are also preferred by most beginners as they can be applied with ease. 

How To Apply False Eyelashes To Monolid Eyes

The best thing about these lashes is that they are a bit dissimilar to the full lashes. Therefore, you do not need to trim these lashes to achieve the right measurement. 



In case if you are a fan of a natural look instead of a dramatic look, it is recommended that you go for the individual lashes. These lashes will look like you have just used mascara instead of false lashes. 

How To Apply Individual Lashes On Monolid Eyes?

Well, applying the fake lashes on monolid eyes is easy. You would just have to each eyelash in eyelash glue. Once this is done, you should apply false lash in the area of your preference. Reasons to Wear False Eyelashes

Why You Should Apply False Eyelashes?

There are plenty of reasons why you need to apply eyelashes to your monolid eyes. Below are the reasons that make fake eyelashes the best for you. 

1. Fake Eyelashes Can Be Good For Your Natural Eyelashes

A lot of people believe that fake eyelashes damage natural lashes. But, this is not the case. In reality, eyelashes are quite beneficial for your natural lashes. Dissimilar to a mascara that can make your lashes a little too brittle and weak, the false eyelashes can act as an alternative that will protect your natural lashes. 

2. Can Save Your Eyeliner Or Mascara

When on occasions, putting the fake eyelashes is important. This is important because fake eyelashes can help in keeping your mascara and eyeliner from being creased. This is important especially on occasions like weddings or at a cinema. 

3. Add Definition To The Eyes

If you do not want to put makeup on but still want to look great, you should go for the fake eyelashes. The Fake eyelashes add definition to the eyes and will enhance them to draw attention. 

4. Made Up Of Good Quality

The best thing about fake eyelashes is that they come in numerous variants. Each variant is suitable for a specific type of eyeshape or lash. But no matter who uses the lashes, all of these fake eyelashes are made of top-notch quality. These lashes are made up of plastic, human hair, and think. 

5. Can Be Applied Quickly

Another beneficial thing about Fake lashes for monolid eyes is that they can be done in a matter of minutes. Therefore, if you are tired of doing your makeup and are in a rush, it is recommended that you go for fake eyelashes. You can complete the task in half the time. 

6. Are Eco-Friendly

The false eyelashes are eco-friendly making them suitable for all people. Especially the fake lashes that are made from mink. You can wear these lashes without any guilt and that’s what makes fake lashes the best option for you. 

7. Creates The Extra You Need

On some days, you need to add a bit extra to the look. Therefore, if you want to add something extra to your makeup look, you should seek help from your fake eyelashes. Your fake eyelashes will give you the extra you need. 


8. Will Put Your Natural Beauty Into The Spotlight

Everyone wants to put their beauty in the limelight. Luckily by using fake eyelashes, you can do just that. Fake eyelashes increase or add dimension to the shape of your eyes. Besides, the fake lashes will improve the structure of your face as well. Due to this, you will not be bothered about the problem areas. 

9. Fake Eyelashes Defy The Signs Of Aging

Stress and aging can destroy your happiness. But, you can reverse this by using fake lashes. By using fake lashes for monolid eyes, you can prevent your eyes from looking tired and rough. 


10. Keeps Your Camera Ready

When going on occasions where photos will be taken after every minute from every angle, you need to look fabulous at all times. Even the foundation and lipstick you have used can fade, one thing you can be sure of is that your eyes will remain beautiful. Now they can remain beautiful if you use fake eyelashes for Asian eyes. By using fake lashes, you would not have to worry and you will face the camera without any issue. 



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