AI Chatbot – Features, Benefits & Value for Business

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbot is being developed to relieve the headache that the businesses are currently experiencing these days. It aims to help and scale-up operational teams in their customer relationships. It can be used in any big chat apps like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Text Messages, etc.

What is AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbot can seem like a revolutionary idea; however, 75% of Web users use one or even more messenger channels, as per the Global Web Index stats. Research indicates that every user uses 24 applications per month, whereby 80 percent would be in only five apps. Unquestionably, they include social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Messenger App, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, etc. This indicates that you can scarcely shoot the app ahead, although you further had a high probability of incorporating your chatbot with these platforms.

An AI chatbot is technically a software program that can communicate with people on the Internet. Their representation of human speech and behavior provides several advantages that can be used in your company.

Handling Capacity:

Unlike individuals, who could only interact with one person at a time, chatbots can have conversations with millions of people at the same time. Regardless of the time of day it is or how many people are calling, each one of them will be quickly answered. Assume that you own a restaurant and have a notorious position for your food, much of which comes from delivery. As demand continues to grow, many more people will take orders from but very few employees to attend. Getting an AI chatbot will solve this issue, listen to every user, and assure that no charge is missed. Companies like Taco Bell and Dominos are now using chatbots to arrange parcel delivery.

Customer Satisfaction:

People are meant to change their feelings. Chatbots, on the other hand, is regulated by specific laws and follow them as long as they are trained to do so. They will always handle the customer in the best situation, no matter how challenging they are or how foul their language is. Not everybody requests the same food every day; people’s preferences will change daily. In this scenario, you can use your order history to make recommendations for the next order, know your contact details, and more. People appreciate this seamless interaction and want to make all their purchases as easy as possible.

Attribute Flexible:

AI Chatbot have the benefit that they can quickly be used in any sector. Unlike many other products where you will have to do a lot of development and testing to change systems, chatbots are reasonably easy to turn. One simply has to teach the bot by giving the right conversation structure and flow to change its preferred position or business. And suppose there is a bunch of back and forth between two parts of the market, i.e., customer support and sales. In that case, you might have handmade templates that will already have a communication flow and framework to communicate with the customer.

Available anytime:

Indeed, most of you are still on hold when the providers connect you to a customer service executive. On ordinary people wait about 7 minutes till they are connected to an individual. Gone are the tedious days of staying in a line for the next operative available. They substitute live chat and other types of slower communications channels, such as emails and phone calls. Since chatbots are essentially virtual robots, they don’t ever get exhausted and keep obeying your order. They will continue to run every day without taking breaks. This boosts your UX customer and allows you to rank high in your business. Another benefit of this immediate response is that you can also skillfully craft your chatbot to protect your brand presence.

Increase your client base

There’s another advantage of using chatbots in your company. They will help you meet more customers who can expand your customer base. Since chatbots are used in many applications, you can reap their benefits to help your business grow. Chatbots can answer dozens of questions simultaneously. 

Faster onboarding:

You must first figure out how to work on the task and complete it before performing the task. Only then would they be considered eligible for work. There is constant teaching at every stage of the hierarchy the employee is going through. Even, there’s going to be a lot of change in the staff, some stay; some get terminated, some join, etc. What we’d like to say is that employees are going to change; it’s a fact. And this will enable you to give your staff a tremendous amount of time to train the new team. Chatbots may reduce the time to almost zero but have a convenient and straightforward communication flow and structure that the chatbot needs to manage. There will undoubtedly be improvements in this too, but it will take a portion of the amount to fix it relative to human staff.

Reaching potential customers:

Chatbot channels like Kik or Facebook Messenger are amongst the most common apps. Being highly active on these channels helps businesses attract potential consumers who may otherwise not want to reach the company via email or call. Telus International’s survey found that 38% of millennials offer feedback weekly through social media. It has been stated that the amount of feedback has risen over the last 12 months. Since Facebook has more than 300K chatbots, chatbots seem to reach out to new clients.

Alternative sales channel:

Chatbots will market your goods for you because they’re online 24/7. A recent report revealed that 70% of people prefer messaging instead of calling. And now, with Amazon’s dominance of eCommerce, no one has to travel to a store to buy products. As a result, people prefer to be online to fulfill their needs. This gives chatbots the ability to sell items that will meet the needs of the customer. Also, the chatbots would remember the answers of the customer and customize their solutions. In doing so, they establish an individual service level that closely represents social interaction.


Recruiting a job applicant is never an easy thing, and it’s going to be costly if your income isn’t high or your sales goals aren’t reached, and you’re going to cause chaos in the company. Because of human beings’ limitations, a human being can accommodate only one or two individuals simultaneously. Far beyond that would’ve been incredibly difficult for the worker. Chatbots may help solve this age-old dilemma. As one chatbot is equivalent to a ton of workers, it can effectively interact with hundreds of clients simultaneously. We just need a bunch of people to jump into discussions occasionally when it’s needed. It will also significantly reduce costs and lead to a considerable rise in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Personnel Assistant:

People may use Chatbot as a personal style consultant for clothing suggestions, ask the finance bot for advice, recommend places to visit from a travel bot, etc. This will enable customers to get a more personalized feel from the chatbot. The chatbot will also recognize all your preferences and provide you with the right choices the next time you visit it. Prominent cases include Trim, a financial planning officer; Taylor—Travel Advisor, CNN’s customized news service.

Significantly reduces the running costs.

Deploying a highly integrated or sophisticated chatbot is so much cheaper and more effective than recruiting human resources for some mission or developing a bridge framework. Only 1-2 people should be handled concurrently by a single person, and if this is exceeded, the procedure becomes complicated for an employee. Hiring new employees (who can help customers over the year, and adding other simple items to them can be costly. It lowers workers’ salaries and avoids human error.

Implementation of chatbots will help a company save at least 30%. As per, by 2022, Chatbots were projected to manage 90% of consumer inquiries, assisting companies to reduce costs by $8 billion. Chatbots will help businesses save a ton of cash and will also be easily changeable to suit different requirements, based on the application.

Cut the Errors Down

Sadly, people dealing with customer service problems and other issues will make mistakes. They can forget stuff, transcribe figures, and make all sorts of errors. Not with the chatbots. They will always give the right answers on the grounds of the issues raised. This makes them a massive advantage if used in your business.

Implementation is easy

One of the main reasons that chatbots are now becoming prominent is that they’re simple to execute. In most instances, it’s just a simple installation; once it’s complete, guests can start engaging with them. While several sites may be a bit more complicated than anyone else, it isn’t that difficult to carry them up. Chatbots are steadily upgrading with updates, making them more reliable, accurate, responsive, and adaptive to specific queries. For example, if you have a WordPress website, you can quickly introduce a chat app and continuously respond to all inquiries. Since the interest in deploying chatbots is increasing, it becomes simpler with every update.

Chatbots Build Brand Trust

AI Chatbot can create confidence and trust in your brand. AI chatbots are always the first contact that a potential consumer has with your company, making it the ideal opportunity to inform a prospective client about your goods and what your solutions can do for them. Chatbot always makes a good impression, leading to a strong bond between the customer and your company.

Screens consumer data to have more excellent knowledge

Chatbots are an interactive platform. This gives them the advantage of gathering and analyzing a lot of data. They collect them by interacting with various people, much as humans do. Feedback or reviews shared by multiple customers will help develop your products, services or enhance your website for your guests. Take an example, if your online store or LP (Landing Page) has a decent amount of organic traffic but does not turn, you can find out what is wrong with the help of chatbots. A chatbot will tell you why clients leave your web page without purchasing. It’s wise enough to detect various behavior patterns, too. This can have a significant impact on business choices. It will give you better perspectives on how products can be sold differently to boost your economic activity.


In recent years, AI chatbots have developed a lot, and today, user experiences are changing. It’s essential to make your company the best it could do to generate more sales and profits. As you can see, there are rewards to using chatbots in your company that can help make that possible. It is essential to know and focus on areas and to start implementing chatbots now.


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