Advantages of Virtual Offices

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The Virtual Office has now become a necessary form of work. The corona virus epidemic has forced many companies to impose remote collaboration on their employees. The advantages of Smart Working, to which the Virtual Office is closely linked, were already widely known before the Covid emergency.

Smart working, digital workplace and data accessibility

On the general meaning of Virtual Office and Smart Working, the ideas are often not very clear. This is confirmed by the tendency to confuse both with teleworking and with simple Remote Working, expressions with which virtual office texas refers to a mere mechanical movement of the workplace from the company building to one’s home. This is why the forced change in the habits of businesses and workers resulting from the pandemic has found many organizations unprepared.

The first essential element of a Virtual Office is represented by a set of technologies capable of transforming the physical workspace into a digital workplace. The Virtual Office, in practice, is such if the proximity constraints that force the employee to access company data exclusively from a specific location are eliminated. Even before mobility, which is a piece (not the only one) of “agile work”, accessibility everywhere to the files and applications necessary for the correct performance of the assigned tasks must therefore be guaranteed.

Starting from the infrastructure and data center, not from the periphery

From the above, it can be understood that implementing a Virtual Office requires an overall design of the infrastructural equipment, hardware and software. This project activity includes an introductory phase of technological and organizational assessment, followed by a subsequent phase to identify the most suitable repository system for the company and the access method via VPN (Virtual Private Network) or cloud-based virtualization.

There are many solutions, but all of them must ensure availability and security distance proof. Both characteristics are essential if you want to have high performance remotely and intend to preserve critical data against possible violations on a larger attack surface. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the Virtual Office is not built starting from the periphery, that is, from PCs and other devices used by the staff, but upstream: from the data centre and everything concerning, in addition to design, installation, and system configuration.

The collaboration applications that serve the Virtual Office

Unlike what usually happened in the past, when creating a company profile took place mainly on a desktop or laptop, the Virtual Office, to enable smart working, requires that the same profile is not limited to the physical place or device. Virtual office texas includes dedicated collaboration applications, which simplify remote communication and exchange of documents.

A possibility that today not only involves employees of the same company but also, in the B2B area, customers who have to interface with their supplier. Platforms allow you to join meetings with multiple members, share information, video call and chat no matter where you are.

Suppose you add a company policy that enhances or exceeds Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), for example, by providing notebooks and smartphones that guarantee good performance. In that case, the Virtual Offices has all the technology it needs to take flight.


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