Add An Island To Your Kitchen


Remodel kitchen-island-designs of the biggest complaints of most homeowners is that there is not enough counter space in the kitchen.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much or how little counter space there actually is, it is not enough.

A kitchen remodel is the best time to fix this problem.  Whether you’re looking to create an actual workspace or just somewhere to toss the keys, islands is the perfect kitchen remodel project.  There is a wide range of islands that are ready and waiting to be installed in your kitchen remodel.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel and want to include an island, there are a few things you should consider.Add An Island To Your Kitchen

The first and most important things to check is that there is enough space between the other work areas and where you plan to put the island.  If you end up disregarding this and just adding the island you may have a huge problem at the end of your kitchen remodel.The last thing you want is a brand new kitchen where you can’t fully open the cabinet doors or work without bumping into other people in the kitchen.  This is also a good time to determine what function you want the island to serve.You can have the island in the middle of the kitchen or as a divider between the kitchen and a family room.  Knowing this before the kitchen remodel is essential.

You need to determine if you want to relocate any of the other appliances in the kitchen remodel.  Adding as island will permit you to move the refrigerator or the oven or sink to the island and free up additional counter space.  If a cook top will be included on the island in the kitchen remodel, with a stove elsewhere, you may want to consider some pull out drawers for pots and pan.

Or if the kitchen remodel will include adding a second sink to the island, consider a pull out wastebasket to go underneath.Be sure you’ve considered what mechanical of plumbing changes will need to be made in the kitchen remodel to accommodate your island.  If the island will have a sink you’ll need supply and drain lines, or for a stove you’ll need a ventilation system.  Both these things could mean breaking through the floor.

If you have a basement then this is no problem and the kitchen remodel can go ahead as planned.  If you have no space beneath the kitchen floor, this could present.

If your island will separate a kitchen and family room, it can be multi-purpose.  Include in the kitchen remodel, glass paneled cabinets on the family room side for display purposes.  While on the kitchen side, go with standard cabinet fronts for good storage.BRAVECTO


  1. Are your pots and pans located in the bottom shelf, packed in so tight that you have to empty the whole cabinet to get the one you want? That’s not only a hassle but it can cause trouble if you have a bad back. Kitchen remodeling can only help with this easy and affordable upgrade.  Pot racks come in any shape, size, and color you can imagine and are very easy to install in a kitchen remodel.  This is also a great idea if your cabinet space is running low.  Even a wrought iron pot hanger can make a world of difference.  This is one of the easiest kitchen remodel ideas.


  1. Once you’ve found that reorganizing your pans was such an inexpensive and easy kitchen remodel, you might as well move onto the appliances. While upgrading your appliances is not cheap by any means, it might be necessary. Without your appliances there really is no kitchen to remodel.  If your appliances are getting older replacing them will be more affordable than the repair costs that are likely to come.  Have fun with your kitchen remodeling and browse the wide array of colors and styles available to you.  Customize your kitchen to your personality and you’ll be happy for years


  1. Probably one of the biggest problems in a kitchen that leads to a kitchen remodel is inadequate counter space. Once all your countertop accessories are in place there’s hardly enough room to put a glass down, kitchen remodeling is in order. The best solution is putting in an island.  If you have an unused wall then you can put more counter space there in your kitchen remodel as well.


  1. Storage space is one of the biggest selling points in a good kitchen, and sometimes a kitchen remodel is the only way to make that a high point. A walk-in pantry is an ideal upgrade but really anything will do. As long as it keeps your kitchen free of clutter then your kitchen remodel has been a success.  The best part is that you can store rarely used appliances, like mixers or blenders, in the new pantry and free up even more counter space.

5.Of course one of the most obvious kitchens remodel ideas is the lighting. If you’re tired of squinting to read a recipe then this is a great choice for you. Perhaps putting in some innovative lighting under the counters along with the main lights.  Anything that will keep the kitchen well-lit will help you enjoy your time there.  A kitchen remodel can help refresh your kitchen into a place you truly want to be.



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