Add Aesthetics and Functionality to Your Bathroom with Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

rimless closed coupled toilet

The Rimless Close Coupled Toilet uk is a modern innovation in traditional toilets that makes them an even better choice for contemporary bathrooms. No one would disagree that toilets are among the most important utility in every household. Perhaps, it would not be wrong to say that these are most used too. It’s nearly a hundred years when these became part of our household. Since, then these have gone through a lot of innovation in design, styles, and types. Today, what we have is the most innovative design that offers the pinnacle of utility and design. So, you can enjoy the best possible level of comfort. Among different innovations that have become part of toilets today, the rimless design is significant as it solves the major inherited design problems. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how rimless design can help you and is a better choice. 

What Is the Rimless Close Coupled Toilet?

The Rimless Close Coupled Toilet is, as the name suggests, a type of standard toilet design that is very popular in the UK. However, there is one distinction, and that is its toilet pan is rimless. That means it is designed in such a way that there is no rim in the overall structure. Why we need such innovation, we will discuss later in this article. However, here are only wanting to explain that it is just the same as the standard toilet with a pan without rims. That definitely brings some exciting benefits for the users. 

Why Rimless Close Coupled Toilet?

Among different designs available in the market today, the close-coupled is the most popular and found almost everywhere around the world. The major reason for its popularity and adoption is its low price, easy installation, and good performance. However, in the past has few drawbacks existed in the legacy designs.

 The biggest problem that people were facing was that rim on the pans made it difficult to make it and keep it clean. It was because the rims were a place where bacteria and dirt accumulated, and due to shape, a brush was not reaching or accessible for it. Therefore, hygiene was a big problem among such designs. Overtimes, manufacturers realized this problem and started making rimless designs. You can find rimless pans that can work with all types of toilets. 

Expected Benefits of Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

There are the following expected benefits from the Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

A Better Choice Hygienically. 

In modern times, people have increasingly become cautious about hygiene and cleanliness. We already discussed that close coupled toilets were having problems in cleaning due to the rims around the bowl. So, when you have the rimmed pan, you will be able to clean quickly. And since there will be no place for dirt accumulation, nor will it deposit in it. 

  • Better Flushing System.

In the legacy close coupled toilets, the flushing system worked from the rims. However, with the innovation of the rimless pan, another improvement that came into the system was in the flushing system. Nowadays, these come with even dual flushing; these are noiseless and flush the water even more strongly. That means the power of flushing increases, and it becomes more efficient. 

  • Improved Looks

Aesthetics is very important for modern bathrooms. Therefore, every bathroom fixture should be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The great thing about the rimless design toilet is that it looks stunning and creates a contemporary look. As a result, your space looks luxurious, and it looks perfect as well. It creates a huge difference in comparison to the standard close-coupled toilets.

Rimless Close Coupled Toilet UK – Difference from Traditional Toilet

Having just a single glaze on these types of toilets will make you realize that there is a huge difference between the traditional and types of toilets. The traditional toilets have everything from flush tank to pipework remain visible depending on the type you install. Therefore, such toilets take a lot more space in the bathroom. So, for the toilets where space is premium, these are not a better choice. At the same time, Rimless Close Coupled Toilet Toilet can be an ultimate space saver due to their flush tank and pipework being concealed in the wall or WC.

Why the rimless toilet close coupled UK Are a Better Choice?

rimless closed coupled toiletThere are the following reasons that Rimless Close Coupled Toilet UK are as follows.

  • Space-Saving Design.  The space is a big issue for most of the bathrooms in the UK. Therefore, you need a space-saving solution. Close Coupled the toilet is your top choice in this situation as it will have minimum impact on the space available in the bathroom. So, whether a cloakroom or a small space where due to any reason you can not go for a wall-hung design, btw can be an ultimate space saver designer for you. 
  1. Contemporary Look.  Nowadays, everyone is after the contemporary look. However, to create such a look, you will have fixtures that coordinate well with each other and offer a minimalist look. Compared to the traditional Rimless Close Coupled Toilet, btw is among such designs that offer on-trend contemporary designs that will be perfect for your modern-looking bathroom. 
  2. Easier Maintenance.  With Rimless Toilet, you have the flexibility of choice in the toilet pan. So., we recommend choosing a rimless pan that will make maintenance a lot easier. In addition to that, when you install this type of toilet, it can be easier to maintain and keep clean. It is because you only have a toilet pan visible that will require maintenance. 

close coupled toilet ukThe Verdict.

There is no doubt that Close Coupled Toilet is a great choice for your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and want a space-saving option, it can be a great option for you. However, the toilet choice will depend on your specific requirements. You should consider your budget, available space, and aesthetic needs are the decisive factors. 

Are You Ready for A Rimless Close Coupled Toilet?

In this article, we have a discussion about Rimless Close Coupled Toilet. These can offer various benefits from improving the practicality to aesthetics; it can be a great choice for a contemporary bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms UK, you can get all types of rimless toilets at lower prices. We always have a number of discount deals that you will not find anywhere else.


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