A Treasured Guide For Memorable Honeymoon Trip in Manali

Manali Honeymoon tour

A honeymoon is a special and awaited moment in the life of a couple that comes after the ceremony of the marriage. It is the right way to spend some intimate moment of your life with the beloved whom you love so greatly thus every honeymooner searches out for a good honeymoon destination. There are lots of honeymoon destinations available, Kullu Manali honeymoon places are perfect one which entices tourists from different corner of the world.

Honeymoon tour in Manali

What Is The Best Time To Visit Manali For Honeymoon?

The summer season is one of the best times to visit Manali from March to April to be peak time. During these months, the weather remains pleasant for couples that are sufficient to fill the air with a great romance. The temperature of the day and night varies from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.
Winter months:

Started from October to February – is good as well. If you are desirable to enjoy the snowy chill, you can choose December for wonderful holidays. The temperature remains as low as -3 degrees Celsius and sunny days have around 18 degrees Celsius. However, one should abstain from visiting Manali during July and August. It is the time of monsoon and the place experiences repeated rainfall and the path results in hopes of landslides. Do not wait any longer and look for holiday packages for Manali from TourTravelWorld.

Why You Should Choose Manali For Your Honeymoon?

It is one of the most looked after honeymoon destinations in India and stays in the middle of the valleys and mountains. Manali is also prospered by the River Beas. The presence of the cozy living spaces, simple folk, great mountain adventures moved into different directions makes Manali one of the most looked after locations by the lovebirds.

Easy to commute from Delhi and Chandigarh, Manali promises peaceful environs in the middle of woods and lush meadows – questionably, a wonderfully romantic setting for the lovebirds. Manali honeymoon places are in profusion so you won’t be disappointed.

How Many Days Are Perfect To Spend For Honeymoon Trip in Manali?

2 Nights and 3 Days
Apart from enjoying the great romance in the hills; a honeymoon in Manali offers special things for you. And to collect all of that, you’ve got to pay out about 2 to 3 days there. There are several romantic activities and attractive places to see in Manali, it is the right duration advised for a perfect honeymoon.

Best Places to Visit During a Honeymoon Trip in Manali

There are several attractive honeymoon places in Manali. In the list of the renowned ones, you can pay your visit to Rohtang Pass, Gulaba, Mall Road, Kothi, and Rahala falls among others. In the middle of the places that honeymooners flock to there are a few that locate apart. Keeping these refreshing romantic sites, in and around the hill station, at the top of your bucket list can make a honeymoon in Manali quite interesting if a honeymoon trip in Manali is in your mind. The excitement that you experience at these places to visit on a honeymoon in Manali, will turn into an idyllic romantic adventure.

Underneath is the list of places for honeymoon enjoyment.

  • Hadimba Devi Temple
  • Solang Valley
  • Kothi
  • Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara
  • Beas Kund
  • Tibetan Monasteries
  • Vashisht Hot Spring
  • Jogini Falls
  • Van Vihar
  • Manali Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Kullu Valley
  • Gulaba
  • Naggar

Hadimba is the wife of Pandu’s son Bhima and the Hidimba Devi Temple is dedicated to the place. It is one of the best places to visit in Manali due to the historical significance. The temple is an architectural wonder with a miniature portrayal of the goddess, attendants, and animals.

Best Hotels For Your Honeymoon Trip in Manali

Manali is a lovely mountain station regarded as India’s Honeymoon Capital.’ This is one of India’s most famous mountain resorts with majestic landscapes. Visit the hills for the wild pastures, Green Forests, Blue Rivers, and stunning pine woods, from far and wide. This place is popular for its beautiful scenery and adventures. You can find several unforgettable moments, whether on a family voyage, a friend’s journey, or on a solo trip. You can choose to stay in the best Manali hotels that not only provide comfort but also all reasons to have an unforgettable vacation to add more charm to your vacation.

● Ra Hotels

Ra hotel Manali is a boutique hotel situated near local markets and other sights. There are several services, including free Wi-Fi, business, and kindergarten. There are also indoor sports and a small library for readers. There is also a multi-course restaurant and a lounge where after a hard day’s work you can chill and relax.

Location: Sajjanu Ville

Price: Starting from Rs. 1195

● Fab Express Shami Inn

You can relax and enjoy a nice stay at this hotel at an affordable price. Both urban services and facilities are provided. You can visit different tourist attractions and experience the serenity of Manali in no time during your stay in this hotel. The rooms include an enticing buffet, a meeting area, parking, and a restaurant.

Location: Prini

Price: Starting from Rs. 1805

● Fab Hotel Whispering Wood

If you are traveling to Manali you can choose a lovely hotel at a fair price. All rooms are furnished in a beautiful and quiet atmosphere, offering a panoramic view. This accommodation can be considered fair by solo, backpackers, and leisure travelers. Free Wi-Fi is provided and the hotel is near several famous places.

Location: Burwa

Price: from Rs. 1526 onwards

● Sarthak Regency

The hotel is surrounded by lush green and snowy mountains. This is a hilltop hotel. From your hotel room, you can get a wonderful view of the mountain. This is one of the best hotels to stay in Manali at an affordable price. It provides both indoor and outdoor parking. From this hotel’s terrace, you can see the Beas River. A modern hotel and business facilities are open. For both leisure and business travelers, this is a good choice.

Location: Rangri Chowk

Price: from Rs. 1115 onwards

● The Whispering Inn

This is a hotel near the Hadimba temple and the surrounding area is breathtaking. The property includes a store, free Wi-Fi, and parking. This is the best hotel in Manali for family, it has a playground and it is ideal if you are traveling with children. The continental breakfast that you have access to will start your day.

Location: Club House Road

Price: from Rs. 2072 onwards

● Hotel Club Mahindra

This is a lovely hotel surrounded by the Himalayas, which are covered with snow. Each space is well-designed and has a relaxed atmosphere. Each room has excellent facilities and amenities. A minibar, TV, air conditioning and all the facilities that make your stay comfortable are also provided. There are also spa facilities which make it the best hotel for a honeymoon in Manali. In the jacuzzi, sauna, and Ayurvedic massage treatment, you will enjoy your time here.

● White Meadows Manali

It’s a luxury hotel with urban facilities for a nice stay. It is surrounded by lovely mountains and scenery. All rooms are decorated with great taste and luxury. It is interesting to note that inside the hotel pets are allowed. The hotel offers a fitness center, a meeting room, free wireless Internet access, and all room services. The babysitting and childcare facilities are available so that travelers with children can enjoy their holidays.

Location: Prini Village

Price: from Rs. 4000 onwards

● Hotel Greenfields

Hotel Greenfields is an affordable hotel with everything you need to make your stay comfortable. The beauty of the Himalayas and the thick forest area surrounding it. You can wake up to the magnificent view of the forest and the snow-capped mountains. the golden rays fall. Room service and a 24-hour front desk. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi, parking facilities, and business services.

Location: Huts Manali

Price: from Rs. 664 onwards


Manali with its pure scenic grandeur is popular among the tourists, for a prolific show of natural scenery. Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh and the part of the Kullu district. The prime reason being, Manali is one of the wonderful fusion of secluded valleys, icy wind, warm springs, and treacherous passages. Get charmed with the bliss as well as the charisma instilled in the air on your honeymoon in Manali since it is one of the best places with awesomeness and never moves out of it! Best wishes for your honeymoon trip in Manali.

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