A Step-by-Step Guide to Embed PDF on Website


Incorporating diverse content forms is essential for creating an engaging website. Among these, PDFs are a valuable tool for presenting detailed information or printable resources. If you’ve wondered how to embed PDF in website effectively, you’re in the right place. This article breaks down the steps to seamlessly integrate PDFs into your site.

Choose the Right Before

you embed PDF in website, ensure the document is well-optimized for web viewing. This means it should be of a reasonable file size to ensure quick loading and formatted in a way that’s easy to read and navigate.

Upload the PDF to Your Website Server

To embed PDF in website, you must first have the file accessible online. Most website platforms like WordPress or Wix allow you to upload files directly. Navigate to your platform’s media or file section, and upload the PDF.

Choose an Embedding Method

There are multiple ways to embed PDF in website:

  • Use Built-in Features: Many website builders offer built-in tools to embed PDFs. Once your PDF is uploaded, there might be an ’embed’ or ‘insert into post’ option.

  • Use Third-party Plugins: Especially for platforms like WordPress, there are plugins available that offer advanced features when you embed PDF in website. They might provide options like PDF zoom, scroll, and search functionalities.

  • Embed Using HTML: If you’re comfortable with code, you then embed the code using HTML or send to your website team.

  1. Customize the Viewer Experience

After you embed PDF in website:

  1. Ensure you customize the viewer settings.

  2. Adjust the width, height, and other display settings so the PDF fits seamlessly into your web design.

  3. If you’re using a plugin, explore its features to see how you can enhance the viewing experience.

  4. Test the Embedded PDF

Before making your page live, test the embedded content. Ensure the PDF loads correctly, is easily readable, and offers a smooth user experience. This ensures that when you embed PDF in website, it aligns with your audience’s expectations and needs.


To embed PDF in website is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to ensure it’s done correctly for maximum user engagement. Following these steps and continuously optimizing the viewing experience can make your website a valuable visitor resource. For educational materials, product brochures, or any other informational content, embedding PDFs can elevate your website’s content game.


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