A new hope for crypto exchange entrepreneurs


Ready-made cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Exchange clone, with additional features, high-end technical tools, and security can help quickly build your crypto trading business. That’s why it is highly preferred by entrepreneurs, startups who get started in crypto exchanges. Let’s see what other benefits it can bring on. 

What is White label exchange clone?

White label crypto exchange script is a ready-to-use, safe, customisable, and multi-tested clone script software that is an identical imitation a major cryptocurrency exchange. The PHP script programme is created without infringing on the original software’s copyright infringement, and it includes all of crypto exchange main features.

The clone app is fast, reliable, and customisable, and it works on a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems. Take a look at the features that this exchange clone app will provide to keep your traders and investors engaged.

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Multiple Trading Options
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Push up Notifications
  • Multi-lingual Assistance
  • Multiple Device Compatibility
  • Integrated Crypto Wallet
  • Geo-location Identification
  • Encrypted and Secure Withdrawal
  • Additional Security Options

The core structure of the exchange should be equipped with following features to ensure its stability. 

Engine of Trade

Any crypto exchange’s trade engine is its beating heart. Crypto exchanges cannot function without a trading engine. The trading engine is at the heart of every transaction on the crypto exchange. It manages the order book, finds Buy and Sell order matches, approves transactions, and calculates transaction fees and balances.

User-Interface Design

The user interface is the most visible component to users, and it is via it that they engage with any exchange platform. The user interface is the exchange platform’s front end. The user interface should be intuitive and natural. As a result, every Cryptocurrency Exchange platform should provide a pleasant trading experience for its consumers, with no latency on your website. At the same time, your exchange platform should work on a variety of platforms, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and so on. A specialized mobile app for mobile users that allows them to trade using their cell phones might also be a wonderful alternative.

 Crypto Wallet

crypto wallet screenshot

Users engage with blockchain networks for sending and receiving Cryptocurrencies using Crypto Wallets, which are the essential tool for any Crypto Exchange. Users may utilise crypto wallets to store, send, and receive coins on the site. As a result, wallets should be built with the highest level of security possible to avoid being compromised by cyber-attacks. Software, hardware, and paper wallets are the three forms of cryptocurrency wallets. People call this hot or cold wallets.

Order Matching

Because it keeps track of all user order records, order matching is a critical component that carries out the crypto exchange’s basic activity. A matching engine keeps track of bids and requests and matches orders between buyers and sellers automatically. When it finds an order matching, the trading engine conducts the transaction since it possesses information about ask and bid.


Why prefer an exchange clone?

Generally, an exchange clone script is built with cutting-edge stack technologies that you can quickly install on your hosting servers without requiring much technical expertise. The script is a carbon copy of renowned bitcoin exchanges where you flourish. Even business experts can comprehend our bitcoin exchange script since it is simple and straightforward. The crypto exchange script actually saves you a lot of time by eliminating the need to write code line by line and allowing you to bypass the testing step entirely.

Many clone scripts such as Binance clone, remitano clone, paxful clone, localbitcoins clone available in Hivelance.

White label crypto exchange offers flexibility you need to create your own branding. You may purchase the ready-to-use template and create your own market materials. With A-Z customer support, full source code is provided.


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