A Guide to Train Your Puppy at Home


Making a four-legged kid puppy familiar with the new things is one of the essential aspects of development. Considering how difficult is communication for them as compared to us, there are ways to cater to which will make their lives easier and stress-free. They can make the best judgement about whatever their human parents are expecting from them.

Relate this with a situation, whenever we see new things, we are ready with our whys, same goes with them and  the only difference is that they cannot ask it the way we do. So, to make things easier for them to understand, opt for the right ways so that they can embed it in their daily life and respond.

The foundation of puppy training must start with the positive reinforcements and should continue in the same way, which means yes to treats which your little one loves and no to scolding and patience is the key. Any other why yet? Positive reinforcement does not mean that you are bribing your pup, take that out from your head and start fresh.

There are different ways of making your little ones understand you and punishment is not one of those. They will not understand its role, and they will end up being confused. So, make sure that you pick the right window because it will help in opening the door for you and your little one. Each successful day at training is equal to a successful bonding day.

So, now that we know how essential puppy training is. Start at an early stage to utilise their curiosity well. These are some of the techniques or ways which if applied correctly will open several doors of wonders for your little one. Here we go!

Call out their name

The first stage of puppy training guide involves making them familiar with their name. Always be sure to initiate a conversation with your pup by calling them with their name clearly and loudly. The regular practice will help them make a grip over their name and during this process, avoid using other made-up names even if how badly you wanted to call them with those.

How does the process work?

It is simple as it appears, but for them, exciting because you are going to involve their favourite and delicious treats. And they are always going to say yes for that. Call them by their name whenever you need them so that they can be familiar with the tone of your voice and always be patient.

Wait for your pups to show up and when they do, they are in for a treat. Feed them with their favourites dog food, there are so many brands available that offers dog food online also so that they can understand that they have done a great job. Now, back a little from your pup and wiggle a treat to them. Call them for the treats and allow them to have it if they listen. Do this for some time and now, put the treat on the ground and tell them to have it.

There will be times when they will not listen, avoid losing your patience. Stop calling them if they are far or ignoring because they will continue doing that. Reach a little closer and see if they respond. Practice this often but avoid making it stressful for them.

Power of Command 

While making them familiar about their name, you can teach them to respond to a few simple commands as well. When you are teaching them to respect a few boundaries, it is essential to understand the meaning of a few commands. Avoid using complex words inside or when in public to flaunt your ways or your furry, yes you can, but avoid using complex commands. Here are a few examples of the simple terms which will decrease your hustle to teach them:

  • Come
  • Here
  • Doggo
  • Play Time
  • Bath Time
  • Dinner Time
  • Treats Time
  • Run
  • Stop/Stay
  • Sit
  • No/Yes
  • Poo/ Pee-Pee
  • Go/ Let’s Go

The count doesn’t end, but these will get you through most of your daily activities.

How does this work?

Introduce them to these commands and relate them with an activity which your little one routinely does. Avoid training them too much in a day, give them time to rest or else they won’t respond to the training time positively. Once they start reacting to the commands in a way you want them to, give them some appreciation. Don’t forget that apart from treats they love to play too, use it as a reward when they complete a task or respond to the commands.

Once you finish training the commands indoor, it is time to take it outside the four walls.

Inhibition to bite

How cute does it look when they try to dig their little teeth in your hands, legs and all over you? But this has to stop because this inhibition will be uncomfortable for others who will be around your little pup. If you are down the road looking for a way to control this behaviour in your cuddly bears, move along with us, we have got you covered.

How does this work?

Puppies have this tendency to bite because of the constant irritation in their mouth during the process of teething. Same happens with human babies. Babies have teething toys which they can use to settle down their itch. For pups, there are specific toys too. You can explore the number of teething toys at online pet store and you can explore among the wide range of puppy toys that help your puppies to get rid of teething problems.

The other way is to submit a response when they bite. Now, if you have noticed or not when they bite their littermate, they are likely to make a high-pitched noise which relates to they are hurt. You can opt this theory and make a similar noise to help them realise that it is hurting, and slowly this becomes better.

Try the commanding theory as well. Tell your pups no treat when they bite. Never scold but try this method as well. As they improve in their inhibition to bite, offer their favourite treat.

Walking with the Leash 

Commanding is always the central part of puppy training which you can blend in with the other activities. Walking in the leash is one such training category which impacts their daily walks. When you are taking them outdoor, make sure to teach them how to walk, not run because they are aware of that already.

When your focus is on a daily walk, try exploring the types of leashes. You will find enormous, but then you have to focus on what soothes their neck.

How does this work?

When attaching a leash, always remember to keep the leash loose because if otherwise, they don’t find walking fascinating and fun. While keeping a loose grip over the leash, tell your pups let’s go, when they start running, stop them and don’t offer the treat. Let them settle down and understand what to do and when they realise, offer their favourites. Try communicating the path where they have to walk, be it the right or left side.

When they are far behind, show them a treat and bring it closer to their mouth, and they will catch up.


It is one of the fascinating things to teach. Commanding is yet another thing which will validate this process because telling them what this behaviour means will add a title to this activity.

How does this work?

Offer to puppy a delicious treat and let puppy have a little patience. Hold the treat in front of them, and they will automatically sit. During this process, you can loudly convey your sit command and help them relate to this activity. Once they sit down, offer a delicious treat.

Another such way is to bring the treat closer to their mouth so that their posture won’t allow them to stand and eat, so, they will choose to sit and when they do, communicate SIT and offer them a treat.

When it’s time to stay they will, but you will have to teach them that. To understand SIT, they have to understand what is stand. And when they are usually in that position, try the sit and stand game with them. Say the word STAND and do it, so that your pup can copy you. When they do, say it out loud STAND and offer your pup a treat.

Follow the same way and teach them to SIT. 

Teaching is the job of patience; losing it may create long term negative impacts. Therefore, make this experience for your little one worthwhile because it will stay with them forever. Bring in the positive side of you while teaching your pup to be ready for the world as stubbornness will impact the speed of their training, and they might not even feel the need to have it. Keep it slow and gradual.


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