A Comprehensive Guide when Writing a Business Proposal

Richard Bishara

A Comprehensive Guide when Writing a Business Proposal

A business proposal may seem to be intimidating. You want the key person to choose you and understand why you are the best fit. When writing a business proposal, you will need to have a complete awareness of the potential problem of your client. You need to know that even the best-crafted solution will be rejected if you have a substandard proposal. In this article, Richard Bishara will teach us how we can write a proposal that will convince your client to say ‘Yes.’

Learning the Structure when Writing a Business Proposal

Developing a well-crafted business proposal is like building a home. Just as how the structure will change depending on the homeowner’s preference, budget, location, etc, the components of the business proposal will differ depending on the company size, industry, and other factors. Here are some of the main structures of your proposal.

  • Information of the Company- You need to tell the clients who you are and the things that made you qualify as the best choice. You need to highlight why the potential clients will pick you up over your business rivals.
  • Expertise on the Problem-You have to demonstrate your expertise to your client. You need to show them that you have done the necessary research. You need to tell them that you are attentive to their needs.
  • Methodology and Pricing- You must show them how precisely you will solve the problem of the client and the cost that it entails.

What Are Some Elements of Your Business Proposal?

According to Richard Bishara, here are some elements that should be included when writing a business proposal.

  • Title Page- This part will include all the basic elements about your company. The name of the company, contact information, name of the client, logo, etc. It will make your proposal appear more professional.
  • Cover Letter- You will not simply approach your client and present your proposal; you will need to introduce yourself first through a well-written cover letter. It includes a short overview of the history of the company and why you are the better choice.
  • Table of Contents- It helps the client know what to expect to find on your business proposal.
  • Executive Summary- This part will set the mood; it should include information that will encourage the client to read the proposal. it should be engaging and relatable.
  • Proposal- It shows the suggested solution to the problem of the client.
  • Methodology/Service- This section presents the overview of your personalized solution for the client.
  • About Us- The cover letter is just like saying hello to the potential customer. With the About Us section, you are showing off the best features of your business proposal. You will include all your recognitions, awards, social proof, and past success.
  • Pricing- You should not disregard the pricing design. The table will show all your products and services as well as the corresponding cost. When estimating the cost, you don’t want to under or overestimate it.
  • Terms and Condition- It is a chance for you to specify the different matters related to your agreement like the completion of the project, duration, payment types, dates, etc.


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