A complete travel guide to Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley

After passing through the gorgeous headquarters that is The Ghizer district within Gilgit Baltistan via Ghizer Chitral road, you’ll enter Gupis valley. Gupis valley. It is the river for around 45 minutes, and will end at the point that the road is divided into two. When you take the straight road, you be heading towards the Chitral valley. When you turn to the right side by passing through the suspension bridge you’ll arrive at the entrance point of Yaseen valley. The suspension bridge marks the starting location of Yaseen Valley.

Following that, you will find the Police checkpoint, which is located in a small town called “Chali harang,”” the village that was first discovered in Yaseen Valley.Next to it, we have Gindai, Nooh, Bijayoot and finally central yasin.From the point of entry to central Yasin it is just 30 minutes. Central Yaseen reaches an overpass and from there , taus starts and on the other of it is the stunning beauty of the village of Gojalti. Taus is the main commercial hub for Yaseen Valley, where the are hospitals, shops and banks, schools, colleges and hotels. We also have Sutanabad along with Silgan-thoi and just in the direction of Sultanabd, there is Sandi.

The best time to go to Yasin Valley

The months of April through October are the best time to trip to Yasin Valley. But, outside of this period there is a chance of severe weather and cold temperatures as well. I was there in the middle of May, and the valley was lush with mountains covered in snow. However, it was cold at night, however the daytime temperature was great. So, I would recommend that July and August are the best season to go to Yasin valley.Because you can also take advantage of the fruit and fishing at this season. A disadvantage: during these days there is a massive flow of locals from all over Pakistan.

How to get to Yasin Valley

Yaseen Valley is the origion of the Gilgit Chitral River.

From Gilgit to Yasin

Local Hiece services is your most suitable alternative. You must book tickets from the nearby Gahdi bagh under the bridge called Shajee Ada on river view road. There are buses that leave every hour between 10 am and 5 pm. Tickets are only 500 rupees. When you board Hiace’s Hiace Van, it will take two hours to get to Gahkuch where you can rest and have tea before the journey begins again with a wait of 2 hours before you’ll arrive at Yasin Valley(central Yasin). Thus, it takes 4 and a half hours to arrive at Yasin via local transportation. However, when you returning to Gilgit the buses depart early around 5 am. Also, you need to ensure that you returning.

Where can you stay where to stay Yasin Valley

The city of Yasin Taus, there are numerous Guesthouses and hotels where which you can easily locate accommodations in the area. However, all of these guesthouses and hotels have limited resources, but are cost-effective and the food they’re offering is all natural. The cost of food can vary according to the demands of tourists.

The cost of hotels in Yasin

Yasin View Hotel & Restaurant

It’s located on the main road of taus Chowk, which has a gorgeous building. I stayed at the hotel. The hotel is clean and clean. an extremely comfortable bed. The the bathroom is available for 1500 rupees (without eating).

Ali the hotel’s owner has taken care of our needs, provided organic food at dinner, and also spoke fluent English. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t provide wifi. There are hotels similar to them nearby with the same charges.



Fort hotel Yasin

In the heart of Yasin the hotel is a luxurious and spacious hotel. Double and single rooms with bathroom attached. It costs $3000 RS/night(without meals). Food is charged up to Rs 500-1000 based on the food. However, the food is of good quality.

Rock n River hotel

It is located near the Noh newspaperat side of the river, which has the fishing water pond. The hotel is spotless and nicely decorated and the staff are extremely helpful. The owner is a bit sluggish and speaks very little English. The price is 2000 RS per night.

Things to do in Yaseen Ghizer

There are many spots close to the nature of Yaseen Valley. For instance, sitting next to the Yaseen river, and inhaling pure air.

Go to Moudori Fort

Moudori Fort is a historical area located in Dalsandi There is an old fort that is located from the apex of Yasin is seen from a bird’s-eye view. Find out more about the historical background that is the Fort from the locals and capture some amazing photos. From there, it only takes about 30 minutes to get there riding a bicycle. We took the bicycle. From here, you can see the lush greenery that is Yasin Valley. Qurqolty and Phander can also be seen from the vantage point. The view is simply stunning.

Village walks and short hikes

Take a stroll through a village’s streets. You will chat with farmers in fields, who will offer you the chance to join them and enjoy a bit of fun. There are trails to walk through the mountains of Gojalti, sand that is taus, and where shepherds bring their sheep and goats to grassing.

Day excursion to Darkut

Darkut is the final village in the valley. From the town of taus the journey takes 1.30 hours to get to it. It is a huge green area However, the majority of the area is destroyed by floods. There are a lot of large bib stones. However, there are a few tiny lakes as you walk the slope of Darkut. It is a plan of that is lush and popular for its river and its lakes. From the point of taus to Darkut you will come across gorgeous spots. It is suggested to ride a motorbike as the road between Umalsat through Darkut is in bad condition.

Sangum Point Barandass

This was a beautiful spot in the whole Yasin. It is one of my favorites. It is the place at which the Thoi river and the Darkut River meet. There is a tiny cabin to relax, and the pen and book are set up by the local artist.Sit on the shores of Thoi river and listen to the sounds from the stream. The place was occupied for about four hours. I really enjoyed the tea and it was only 40 rupees per cup. biscuits are also sold.



Chai at a friend’s house

People are extremely welcoming. It is their custom to serve the tea and food in their home. The eggs boiled with hot tea taste amazing.Sit with the women of the area and laugh with them, and the little girls will play the role as translators.

Culture, language as well as religions in Yasin

The people living there are mostly Burushaski speakers of Khowar. Ismaili Muslims, followers of the His Highness Prince Aga Khan. There are also Sunni Muslims in the center of Yasin taus and Sandi. They are clean and tranquil and educated. There are women and girls in the streets and on roads in openness that isn’t the norm in other areas of Pakistan. There are co-shools. the literacy rate for this generation is close to 100%. There is no child who has not gone to school. They make a great transition the majority of their parents are either illiterate or less educated.

The people are a part of Islamic religion and women don’t take photographs and are shy.

Internet and mobile services in Yasin

Zong, Scom and Telenor operate at Yasin valley, however SCO is the sole network that offers data services at high costs. The data services provided by Scom are extremely slow and are only available in taus as well as Thoi and Hunder close to the tower. It is a mobile sim that comes from Gilgit there aren’t many mobile stores in Yasin.

Local guides from Yasin Ghizer

If you want to discover Yaseen valley, plan to spend at least ten days there. You can then trek in the valley with local guides. I have met the most knowledgeable guide who can help you discover the entire valley. Shah Raheem is a university graduate who holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications that is related to tourism. He is also an activist for social change. He is the top guide who understands all frontiers and has at times been on different routes and, in the past seven years working in the tourism industry sector, he has guided numerous tourists from both countries and has a great track history. You can contact him via his Facebook profile here. Provide the name of Alex one of the girls from USA Then he’ll know where you received his number and his profile.


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