A Complete Guide to Coffee Roasting Levels in Calgary

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Are you a coffee lover? Do you love to watch the coffee roasting in the pot to get the perfect sip? Then this blog is just for you! No matter how many coffee places area exists, there are only a few coffee shops Calgary that have been able to master it. Coffee roasting is a science, art, and skill that requires many years of experience to get it right. But do you understand the difference between different kinds of roast levels? If not, this article is just for you!

Once you start to understand what kind of roast level you will enjoy as a coffee fanatic, the sipping experience will be much more fantastic! Coffee roasters in Calgary specialize in different kinds of roast, but as a consumer, you must know what you are looking for, right? This article is a complete eye-catching guide for all those who have coffee dreams in their sleep and wake up yearning for the perfect cup!

Want to know about the different coffee roasting levels? Keep on reading!

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All About Coffee Roasting Levels

The four main roast levels of coffee are- light, dark, medium, and darker than dark. Don’t worry these names don’t change anywhere in the world, so wherever you are, asking your barista to make you a medium coffee will actually mean a medium coffee! There is another thing you need to know about Calgary coffee roasters- they have different degrees to these roast levels too. Across the coffee industry, these small changes make many roasters create different names and identities of their own. Rachel Maguire, a 25 years old who visited Calgary could not live without Phil & Sebastian coffee roasters dark coffee. “There’s something so unique in their flavor, it makes me want to drink it again and again,” she said! I have compiled all the important roast levels with varying degrees in the next paragraph to make it easy for you to understand the different flavors in the coffee industry.


Light Roast

Light Roast brings out the most authentic flavors of coffee and is the most popular choice for all coffee drinkers. While roasting it preserves the coffee bean’s original textures, flavors, and aromas so if you want to sip the natural coffee, go for this one. Among other coffee shops, Rosso coffee roasters make amazing light roast coffee that all tourists like!

The best coffee roasters Calgary refer to the varying degrees of this roast as Half city, Light city, and cinnamon. Typically they keep roasting these coffee beans at about 300-400 degrees until the first crack.


Medium Roast

Medium Roast keeps the aromas, textures, and flavors of the original bean but the color is starkly different from the light roast. You will notice a sweet caramel color in this coffee without the milk. This is because the beans have been roasted for a longer amount of time.

There’s another catch to this roast. When local coffee roasters Calgary prepare this one, they keep tossing the beans in the heat until the acidity and brightness (found in light roasts) levels reduce. So, if you are someone who suffers from gastrointestinal problems, having a medium coffee to fulfill your cravings will be a good choice.

Typically roasters refer to the variation in the degrees of medium roast as Breakfast, American, and City. You can choose whichever suits your taste.

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Dark Roast

This is for those coffee fanatics who love the roasting flavors instead of the actual bean flavor. The kind of flavors and aromas dark roast releases is bold and heavy sure to the low acidity levels. You will notice that the coffee is a beautiful dark brown shade with an equally beautiful aroma. Calgary based coffee roasters refer to the degrees of this roast as Vienna and Full city.


Darker than Dark Roast

Usually, New Orleans, French or Italian coffee is considered to be darker than dark roast. The coffee beans are roasted to such a level that nothing of the original coffee flavors remains. This coffee has a high oil content and a shiny appearance owing to the extreme roasting levels. Take a look at websites like Roast Love to have a list of coffee roasters who make such extreme dark coffee!

Now that you understand the roast levels of coffee making, it’s time for the process. To explain things in a non-complicated way, the process is divided into two steps. If you go to any of the coffee roasteries you can identify the kind of coffee you want depending upon these two simple processes –


When the coffee gets roasted the texture and color of the coffee change. These visuals will help you understand what kind of coffee the roastery is making. If you don’t understand the name of the roast, look at the brewing pot. You can easily ask your barista to stop when you feel the coffee is good enough for you.

Professional coffee roasters also keep checking and making the coffee by the ‘sight’. It’s easier for them to understand the difference between the roast levels and give the perfect cup to the customer.



Now, during the roasting process, you can hear two audible cracking sounds. The cracks are significant ways to understand the roasting process.

The first crack occurs at 385 degrees, the next can be anywhere after 435 degrees.

With light roasts, you are bound to get a coffee that has been roasted till the first crack. This crack produces a light color and texture in the coffee.

While for medium, dark, and very dark coffees, the crack can be anywhere after 435 degrees. The very dark coffee crack is usually after 440 degrees which produces a rich brown color. In the medium, dark, and very dark coffees the bean oil moves towards the surface of the pot. This results in more concentrated flavors of the coffee.

Now that you know the four major coffee roasting levels and  process, there is supposed to be no confusion in selecting the perfect sip for yourself! If you are a crazy fan of this beverage, try out all the roasts one by one to know which suits you the best.


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