A Complete Guide of Fantasy Boxing Game Development [Cost+Features]

Fantasy Boxing Game Development

Everyone around is aware that playing games, be it online or offline, is the best way to have a short escape from stressful daily lives. But these days physically playing games has been replaced by online software. Amazingly now you can play everything online from football to boxing. There are plenty of fantasy apps online that get you to explore and enjoy your free time. As after the pandemic people prefer staying at home, the popularity of these fantasy games is on a sudden rise. In case you are an entrepreneur looking forward to developing a fantasy boxing game, then this article is solely for you. 

What is Fantasy Boxing?

One of the most fantastic sports that is all based upon speculation is boxing. You might indeed have your own favourites but, surely, you will have a soft corner for boxing. Your love for boxing might make your search for it online too. If you are a boxing lover and love to make predictions about it then you must go for fantasy boxing. Fantasy boxing is an online contest where you must use your skills to get a team of boxers and expect that they will play well in the next matches. And luckily if your players perform well you will be awarded great prizes and even cash. 

To play fantasy boxing,  you will have to select an app, create an account and enter the deposit. Fantasy boxing is the best sport to try your hand at and earn while sitting at home. The world has shifted online and so do sports.

How to Play a Fantasy Boxing Game? 

Fantasy boxing gives its viewers a chance to opine their views on the best fighters of their choice. Although you might think that playing fantasy boxing is stuff, you will not believe it but it is easier to do. Yes! It’s that simple. Hence it is ideal for people who are just newbies. 

Here’s how to play fantasy boxing games:

  1. Drafting:

Initially, the player has to draft a team of the best five as per them. After that, the points will be awarded to the players based on how they perform in the match. Know that scoring will purely depend upon the league, website, and players. The end goal is to collect maximum points even in female fantasy boxing

  1. Earn points:

As you know that scoring will completely vary upon your choices and hence you must be smart enough to check it beforehand. If you look for generalisation it is divided into two types:

  • As per action: 

In this type of scoring, the points will be awarded for each action taken by the player. Hence any player could earn upon each strike, takedowns, advances, knockdowns, and reversals/sweeps. And amazingly you can also earn points for side control, back control, mount, and half guard, especially in male fantasy boxing

  • As per conclusion:

In this type of scoring, you will be able to earn points for each time you win or conclude. Also, you will earn points with each round you win. Be aware that if you win in the first round you will earn more points than when you win in later rounds. 

What Makes Fantasy Boxing Games the Next Big thing in Fantasy Sports? 

Fantasy boxing is growing to be the most cherished sport online that people are loving from initial times. And after the pandemic hit the world, its popularity has never seen any downs. The reason behind its popularity is a unique combination of tradition and modernization. Fantasy boxing app development will offer you a true level of excitement and make you feel joyous each time you play. Undeniably boxing is a sport of fighting and predicting its results can be exciting enough to provide you with an adrenaline rush. Forget fantasy cricket or football, the next one to rule the world is fantasy boxing. 

How to Make Money with Fantasy Boxing Applications?

  • By placing advertisement:

The easiest and best way to earn online through fantasy boxing applications is advertising. Once your application has developed plenty of users, you can place the advertisement of several brands on your application. And in return for this, you will get good revenue. 

  • Purchases:

If you are looking to earn an eye-glittering income, then you must turn to in-app purchases. Develop a fantasy boxing game that works excellent and has additional paid features that other apps don’t have. When people like those features they will pay that for subscription and you will generate a decent income. Know that sports fans will always be ready to invest. 

  • Charges for the contest: 

Almost all of those fantasy boxing apps organise interesting contests that are paid for. In these contests, they keep the best and most lucrative prizes. Hence you can organise paid contests with great prizes so that people can participate in huge amounts. 

  • One time model:

Many of the apps to date have developed models in which you have to pay once to enter weekly competitions. They charge users moderate fees and then they can participate in any sport they want to. Hence this will help you get the best revenue in no time. 

Does Building a Fantasy Boxing Game Application Cost a lot?

Different aspects will decide fantasy application costs. Before you approach any company or freelancer for developing a fantasy boxing game application, you will have to be familiar with different features. 

Here are some factors that will decide the cost: 

  • Platform:

The crucial and determining factor that decides the cost of the application is the platform. You will have to decide whether you are making it for Android or iOS. Before approaching any company, be sure about your actions. Developing an application for iOS is slightly more expensive than that for Android. And in case you want to look after the entire audience, build an app that works for both. 

  • Technology stuff: 

After deciding your platform, the next comes tech stuff. Decide which programming language you will prefer to build your app and which is your preferred platform. Also, think of the database that you will employ to store data. All these factors along with the extra tools that you need will decide the cost. Consult specialists for making better decisions. 

  • Features: 

The money that you have to invest in developing an app will also majorly depend on the features you want it to hold. You will have to integrate third-party APIs in boxing app games that might increase or decrease the cost. And it’s for sure that you will have to pay extra for the high-end features. 

How to Find The Best Company for Fantasy Boxing Game Development?

By now fantasy boxing matches are in high demand as its future seems to be bright enough. And if you are looking for a developer to build your application, no one can beat BR Softech. Their team includes qualified, experienced, and dedicated designers and developers that strive hard to give excellent output. They are the best all-around and can develop apps for almost all sorts of sports you can imagine. 

They develop applications that stand out of tons of those available in the market. Be it any feature or service you want, they can do it all for you. Their strong presence and satisfied customers are enough to prove that they have an edge over the competition.  With them, you will surely be able to win the hearts of your players. Just contact them and mention your requirements, and you get your application real quick. 

Innovative features that set our boxing software apart:

  • Easy to use:

Your fantasy boxing development must be extremely easy to use. Also, know that keeping lengthy forms for customers to sign up is not advisable. This will irritate customers and make them quit your application. Make it easier for your customer to sign up too within just a few taps. And it would be best if your users could sign up using famous social media applications. 

  • Attractive landing page:

At the point when your customers visit your application, they must get to see a list of tournaments and plays going on to select. And in order to make it even simpler, you can add an option to search for the stuff you need. Also install various filters like date, type of match, players, etc. You can also include female fantasy boxing options in your application. 

  • Extremely detailed:

A customer will be attracted to play on your fantasy boxing development if you have mentioned all the details. In the section of the app, mention all the details of the sports and make it as informative as possible. Also provide facilities to your customer so that they can filter it according to contest type, winning range, contest size, entry fee, winners count, etc. 

  • Easy payment process:

The only mantra to attract maximum customers to your boxing app game is to make everything easy and secure, especially payments. When you make it easier for your customer to pay, they will be able to cherish their fantasy even easier. And additionally, they will engage and make purchases every now and then with you.


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