9 Tips to Build Trust on Your eCommerce Website

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9 Tips to Build Trust on Your eCommerce Website

The increased use of smartphones has allowed users to have easier access to the internet. It has led to exponential growth in the e-commerce industry, and global e-commerce sales could reach a total of US$ 4.2 trillion in 2021. The advent of newer technologies has also helped hackers in their nefarious activities. As a result, hacking attempts at businesses have increased, leading to severe financial consequences.

Businesses are readily sprucing security to prevent data breaches. However, a successful data breach can lead to financial losses, and the average cost of a data breach is around US$ 3.86 million in 2020. E-commerce businesses must use an SSL certificate to ensure customer trust and ward off those with malicious intents such as hackers and scammers. We will discuss the best tips that can build trust for your e-commerce business.

#1. Showing Trust Signs

The website must showcase a sense of trust for visitors. So, ensure that you install an SSL certificate to encrypt the visitor information, including their financial information. Several such certificates come with Trust Seals that can be placed at a prominent position on your site. 

An SSL certificate will also ensure that the security warning is removed when visitors visit your website. This encrypts the in-transit communication that takes place between the web browser and the client-server. Moreover, you must adhere to the PCI-DSS guidelines that require the business to install one compulsorily. SSL certificates come in various kinds and at different validation levels. It is of utmost importance that you choose the best-suited one for your website’s unique requirements. For ecommerce websites, the most recommended SSL certificate is the wildcard SSL certificate.

There is a solid reason behind this. Most ecommerce businesses have expansion on their mind by adding new subdomains with time. If you buy separate single-domain SSL certificates for each new subdomain that you add, it will cost more, and certificate management will also become a hassle. This is where a wildcard SSL certificate comes in. With this single certificate, you can secure the chosen primary domain and an unlimited number of first-level subdomains. 

#2. Showcase Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Do you already have a set of satisfied customers? If yes, why not showcase them to your prospects. Studies show that at least 89% of consumers go through reviews before making their buying decision. Your prospects will use the client testimonials as a trust-building factor before they make their choice.

The testimonials also ensure that your products are of high quality and have been used by several people. It helps send feelers to your audience about the genuineness of the products shown on your online store.

#3. Create Unique Content

Creating unique content that can reach out to the audience is the need of the hour. For example, creating blogs related to your online shop can bring in more visitors and enhance the authenticity of your brand. 

Publishing relevant content can help your audience be more acquainted with your e-commerce brand. It will also showcase your expertise. Moreover, as visitors provide their comments and share your content, the engagement increases too.

#4. It Would Be Best If You Were Reachable

One of the significant trust signs is your contact coordinates. You should insert the contact phone number and email ID at the top right corner. Also, have a dedicated “Contact Us” page that will detail the steps that a customer can take to reach your support team.

The website must also show the timings for the call center and whether the team is available 24X7 or not. Your customer support team must also be trained in the best practices of interacting with callers.

#5. Have A Great Website Design

The online store will be your first point of interaction with your audience. Ensure that you use a unique theme, and the layout should be professional. It is suggested that you use a paid theme, and there are several such websites from which you can choose. 

The website must have high-resolution images that can entice more visitors to the website. In addition, the cart icon must be present at a prominent position on the site so that checkout is easier too.

#6. Detail Your Policies In An Appropriate Position

Visitors must not search the website for details on various policies. Ideally, it would help if you had the Return and Refund, Cancellation, Payment and Shipping at a prominent position on the website. It will show that your brand prioritizes the customer experience.

It will also be beneficial for customers who wish to undertake a specific activity on the website. You can also help them by allowing these policies to be easily accessible. The policies must be enough to solve the customers’ queries. You may have a section on FAQs too.

#7. Be Present On Social Media

Your trustworthiness will also depend on how active you are on social media. You will find most of your audience on social media, and it is an essential channel for your outreach strategy. Your audience will try to reach your social media channels to find more about your business.

Apart from being trustworthy, you can use it as an easier means to reach out to the audience. You can encourage them to interact with your brand that enhances your outreach processes too. Studies show that responding to complaints on social media improves advocacy by 25%. So, you must attend to all queries generated on social media too.

#8. Write A Detailed Product Description

It is essential to collate products into specific categories and use high-resolution images showing the product from all angles. Your prospects will need information about your products before they can make a purchase decision. Therefore, the product descriptions are essential, and they must be as detailed as possible.

You must mention the features in detail, along with the weight and measurements of the item. The materials used and the benefits are also additional draws for the product. Also, include the warranty information, and it is better if you can compare similar products.

#9. Show Empathy

Showing empathy for the website visitors can enthuse trust in them. In addition, educational material about the products, including guidelines on using them and other educational material, can help. It will also help you to create a market that will be useful in the long run.

The UX of the website is also critical. Ensure a simple workflow takes the visitors through the customer’s journey and culminates in checkout and a sale. Also, keep in mind the security aspects and design products that are accessible for all your prospects.


E-commerce websites make it easier for customers to order products online. The increase in the use of smartphones and easier payment options has led to this industry’s growth. However, the risk of a data breach is always fraught in the minds of website visitors. Keep trust issues at bay by installing a premium yet cheap wildcard ssl certificate for your ecommerce business. As explained above, this is the most suitable choice for securing your ecommerce store. 

It is necessary to build brand awareness while you consider the security aspect too. This article discusses some of the ways you can build trust in your e-commerce brand. Missing out on any of them can be risky for your brand.


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