9 Summer Safety Tips For Kids Or Toddlers

Summer safety Tips

The summer months are a popular time of the year for many kids for good reasons. The long summer days are a long-awaited break from school and are typically filled with cookouts, swimming, travel, and outdoor activities. But it can also pose a risk for toddlers and newborns. In addition, the scorching sun can put children at risk of sunburn, dehydration, and illnesses caused by heat; hence adhering to summer safety tips is important. 

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Here are some excellent summer safety tips to ensure your kids’ safety. Put this safety checklist on your refrigerator or bulletin board to remind you of how you can keep your children safe and stop accidents or injuries from disrupting your summertime fun with your family.

Practice Sun Safety

In terms of protecting your children from the sun, sunscreen plays an essential part. But it’s only one way to protect your kids from the sun’s harmful rays. Since the sun’s rays reflect off of water, sand, and other reflective materials, caps, and sunglasses also be a significant factor in protecting against UV damage. Make sure that you apply sunscreen to your kids for at least 30 minutes before heading outside.

Prevent Dehydration

It is one of the most important summer safety tips to follow. Whether your kid is playing with his friends or running around the park with siblings, it’s crucial to remember that regular water breaks are essential to avoid dehydration.

Kids should drink water before exercise and also during breaks. Breaks should happen approximately every 15 to 20 minutes. When it’s particularly humid and hot, it’s recommended for parents to spray some water on their kids with spray bottles.

Make Sure That Infants Are Kept Out Of The Sunlight

Babies younger than 6 months should avoid direct light exposure and need to be dressed in comfortable and cool clothing. It is recommended that children wear hats with brims. Child health experts suggest sunscreen be applied to babies younger than 6 months. 

Apply sunscreen on skin parts such as the infant’s face or the palms’ back when appropriate clothing and shade are not readily available. It takes about 30 minutes to make it effective.

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Don’t Forget About Safety From Insects

Bugs are known to be in full force during the summer months. They are not just nuisances that can result in painful, itchy bites but also could be carriers of illnesses. The most frequent carriers of the disease are mosquitoes and ticks. Ticks may transmit Lyme Disease, and mosquitoes can carry West Nile Virus, Zika, and other infections. This is one of the must-follow summer safety tips. 

Make Use Of Insect Repellent Or Spray For Bugs

Be sure that there isn’t any standing water in your backyard or your home. In the case of stagnant water, pools in pots, buckets, or other containers can be the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

If possible, dress your child in long-sleeved pants and shirts when out in areas with large numbers of mosquitoes or other insects. Lightweight clothing that has SPF rating doubles as insect and sun protection.

Be Safe During Playtime

The kids enjoy summer because they get the opportunity to play for longer than they can in the academic year. If your child is playing from sunup to sundown, ensure that they follow the following summer safety tips for playing.

Be sure that your kids wear helmets while riding bikes or skating Skateboarding, or any other wheeled vehicle. A properly-fitted helmet can protect a person from serious head injuries and is a vital safety measure.

Other knee pads or wrists can help stop cuts, scrapes, and fractures during falls.  Along with following summer safety tips, be sure that the play equipment you have in your backyard or park is secure.

Inform children that it’s not safe to play in or hide in enclosed spaces such as old refrigerators, old appliances, or even car trunks.

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Be Aware Of Water Safety

Children who are younger than 5 years are the most at risk of drowning accidents. Research has shown that most drowning deaths of kids occur when parents are not paying attention. A parent should be in charge whenever they are near water. Don’t let children go unsupervised in the water for even only a few minutes. It’s smart to assign a person as the pool’s supervisor. You shouldn’t think that anyone is keeping watch on kids. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t depend on the flotation device of your child or other toys to help keep them safe. But, it is important to ensure that you have rescue equipment available and readily accessible within the swimming pool.

Create A First Aid Summer Kit Is Among Crucial Summer Safety Tips

In summer, you should be prepared for increased splinters, scrapes, sunburns, and other minor injuries. You can do this by filling the medicine cabinets with a few additional items. 

For example, additional BAND-AIDS, ointments, sunscreen, pain relief aloe, pain reliever, etc. It’s even better to put the entire kit in a container that you can take on all your summer excursions.

Learn About Staying Safe in the Heat

The temperatures rise during the summer months. To ensure your children’s safety during the summer heat, you must be aware of the warning symptoms of heat-related illness. If you notice these symptoms in yourself or your child, take immediate medical assistance. The best ways to prevent heat impact and  heat-related illness are:

Dress your kids and yourself in cool, lightweight clothes. Light colors can help keep you cool and draw less heat.

Relax through swimming (using these safety guidelines listed above) or by taking cool showers or baths.

Plan outdoor activities for the mornings or in the evenings when the temperature is at its lowest.

Do not leave your children, infants, or pets unattended in cars that are not parked. Even when you leave the windows open, your car could quickly reach dangerous temperatures or even fatal ones.


Follow these summer safety tips to ensure the good health of your kids on hot days. Adults can also follow these tips to avoid illnesses in the summer months. If you have any queries in your mind, comment below in the comment section. 

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